Friday Reads & Recommends: The Good Friday Edition
Notes For My Sister On Having A Baby: Formula Is Just Food

Jesus is Risen. Also: snacks.

Here are the Cheung Kiddos, post-sugar crash. 


Chapped Upper Lip, Super Tired, and Needs Her Bangs Cut OMG

Jack is on Spring Break this week. What am I going to do with us? I look forward to a week of, "I want to do an ACTIVITY, Mommy" and "What project are we going to do TODAY, Mommy?" and "Can I have another snack? What about now? Can I have another snack NOW?"


Perhaps now is a good time for a snack?

Also, I worked my much-larger-after-three-children derriere off this last week and lost a few pounds and I am ENTIRELY CERTAIN I gained them all back today, thanks to my diet of Chocolate and More Chocolate. It was delicious and I do not regret it. But I still have heaps and piles and mountains of chocolate in my house and if it STAYS here I am going to eat ALL OF IT. A few days ago people on Twitter were talking about discount Easter candy on Amazon and how they like to stock up their candy drawers and GOOD LORD a candy drawer around here lasts all of a MORNING. I am seriously for reals no kidding when I say that I have absolutely no self control around chocolate, and I can eat a lot of chocolate. Either Phillip is taking this stuff to work or I am throwing it away. I know. It's terrible. BUT MEASURES MUST BE TAKEN. 


WHAT? You're going to throw away OUR candy?


Try to throw away our candy NOW.

We had a really lovely Easter. I continue to think my family is awesome. I cannot wait for Baby FPC to make her appearance (late May!) I AM VERY TIRED NOW. GOOD NIGHT.


THIS will be my snack, thankyouverymuch.



Annnd, I'm off to Amazon to check out this candy. Why did no one tell me about this sooner??

(I LOVE the matching Easter outfits!)

Ji Campbell

Maggie, your babies are so beautiful! They look like they have grown so much since last time I saw them(I mean the last picture). Mama here is going to bed early tonight, I always say that, though. ;)

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Your kids are BEAUTIFUL. And congrats on all the hard work, weight-loss wise, last week!!!


what lovely kiddos! Oh my goodness what a nice dose of cute for this morning!


Cutest frogs I've ever seen - cuter even than those tiny dwarf frogs.


Love the pictures!

Let me know if you guys want to do something this week. We're mostly free. Ethan's spring break is still a week away.


Cannot believe how Emma is already one-of-the-gang! Perhaps because she is so tall/long?

Wish there was a place I could easily unload the chocolate so I wasn't tempted to eat it all every time I walked into the pantry....maybe we'll drop off a bag at the nursing home down the street.


My boys dive into the candy every time I turn my head. I haven't had a chance to raid it yet. I've been too busy eating leftover cake from 3 parties in 3 days. I've got to just throw it away. Your kids look so cute in their Easter outfits. We didn't even get photos of our boys, my 11 year old couldn't wait to change after Mass.
Have fun during Spring break. I'm lining up things to do for the rest of the week too.


The frog outfits are SO CUTE!

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