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Things I Hate

Business trips. Phillip is going on one next week. Strangely enough I have yet to get bent out of shape about it. I think this is because every time I hear him say "business trip" I think "frequent flier miles" and THEN I think "free ticket to the Blathering". 

Chunky tomato sauce. I HATE chunky tomato sauce. When I was a kid my grandma used to pull some naked spaghetti out of the strainer and soak it in butter and cheese, just for me, so I wouldn't have to let that awful spaghetti sauce pass my lips. I was TERRIFIED of moving to Italy because I thought there would be nothing to eat except chunky tomato sauce. But plain old spaghetti pomodoro is just noodles with dollop of almost-pureed (so maybe food milled?) tomato sauce. AND IT IS DIVINE. So the other day I finally made that tomatoes + butter + half an onion that you eventually toss tomato sauce and WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG? It's the closest I've come to plain old spaghetti pomodoro. 

Buying diapers. Something I hate just as much as buying diapers: stuffing pocket diapers. But A'Dell's clother diaper post lit a fire under my lazy butt and today I busted out my 23 well-used BumGenius one size diapers and got going. I forgot how cute they are! And now I want to buy all the new colors, but that sort of defeats a large part of the purpose. Also, I HAVE TWENTY-THREE DIAPERS. 

Diets. Which is why I ate about half of that Costco tub of animal crackers my in-laws buy for the kids. Don't tell them it was me. 

Forgetting birthdays. I AM SO BAD ABOUT THIS! The birthday reminder thing is honestly the only reason why I still have a Facebook account. My friend Emily even gave me a birthday CALENDAR and I STILL FORGET. So, sorry My Nephew! Your gift will be late, even WITH Amazon Prime. 

When my TV doesn't work. Between the new TV, the constant "updates" to the TiFaux system, the stupid fancypants remote that NEVER WORKS, and Phillip spending several months installing and wiring speakers in the way upper back wall of the living room, my TV is always acting dumb. This is annoying when I want to settle the kids down with a show so I can make dinner and SUPER annoying when I finally get everyone down for quiet time and I want to watch one of MY shows. Pretty much the only time this doesn't suck is when I can't get the DVD player (aka the Xbox) to play the 30 Day Shred. Oh, SNAP!

Blowing kid noses. LEARN TO DO THIS YOURSELF, CHILDREN. See also: wiping kid bottoms. GAH.

Not going on vacation. The Colorado road trip remains up for discussion, but what was decided upon as soon as I saw the text message was tagging along on a business trip (so maybe I don't hate ALL business trips) to Vegas. Do I care that Vegas is cheesy, that Phillip will be busy all day long, that I don't have any money to blow on blackjack or buffets? UM, NO I DO NOT. Now: how to sweet talk my parents into taking care of the big kids AND the baby? (OMG)

When people don't turn the lights on. I don't know if this is because I am Highly Sensitive and need as much light as possible, or if I'm just crabby, but it drives me BONKERS when Phillip and Jack are sitting in the totally dark living room playing some iPad game. Turn on the lights! They're right there! Come on! Of course I also REALLY HATE IT when they turn on the awful AWFUL overhead spotlights in the living room instead of the lovely collection of table and floor lamps I've amassed since moving in. Perhaps I am picky about my lighting. 

When people do not put food in the refrigerator. SOMEONE is always leaving things out because they're "too warm to go in the fridge". Is this some sort of energy saving ploy? I think it's gross. PUT THE FOOD AWAY.

When Phillip does not put the children to bed on time. Perhaps some of these things I hate are all sort of happening right now, in front of me, and I am passive aggressively blogging them instead of complaining out loud. PERHAPS.








I concur. Especially on the chunky tomato sauce.

Also, I want all the new colors of the BG too. And I have no one to put them on. It's insanity.

Marie Green

I don't like chunky tomato sauce either. Nor top lights! AHHH. I HATE THOSE. I inherited that from my dad though, as he has ZERO tolerance for top lights. But I'm sensitive to lighting too. I don't like certain light bulbs, and even as a child I preferred Target to Walmart, telling my mom "the lights are better at Target!"

And welcome to cloth diapering once again. I think, since EJ is possibly your last baby, that a few new fun colors would be absolutely justified. I mean, the velcro on a few of your old ones IS shot right? RIGHT???

And finally, I'm epically bad at birthdays. I'm even too lazy/distracted/HOLDING A BABY WHAT? to get around to facebook-happy-birthday-ing. Putting something in the mail? FORGET ABOUT IT.

Go on that road trip. Colorado will be fun. :)


Your last three items would also totally be near the top of my "Things I hate" list, too. (But replace "Phillip" with "Patrick" in that last one:). And can we add when kids and (ahem) spouses leave their dirty socks/pants/UNDERWEAR right in the living room floor? HATE!


Yay!! updated "Your Hosts" picture! :)


Cute...and I totally totally get the light thing...you captured my thoughts exactly..how I despise those overheads.


RE: the food thing. My husband used to work in a restaurant and had to take a food safety class. In that class he learned that you cannot put hot food directly into the refrigerator. I don't know exactly why but something causes bacteria to grow exponentially in the food if it is put away while too warm. So, sorry to say it, but Phillip is right to leave the food out until it cools.


I do not think 23 diapers is too many! But, I probably have more than that...In my defense I work for a cloth diaper company, so it's all for "research" or something.

I hate dark rooms! Chris and Jacob both want to hang out with no lights or complain when I turn them on. I cannot handle the dark!

I don't like jarred spaghetti sauce but I will happily eat the homemade (by me) kind.


So here's the thing. If you come to Colorado there needs to be some sort of Colorado-blogger-meet-up thing.

I also hate diets, which is why I'm currently eating poptarts like twice a day. Because one of these days people are going to start expecting me to lose the pregnancy weight. And by that I mean I don't want anyone thinking I'm pregnant when I'm not.


I almost exclusively buy belated birthday cards, because I am always late for every birthday. It's my thing now, apparently.

The Sojourner

I hate almost all of these things as well, but chunky tomato sauce is definitely at the top. I also hate chunks of onion. Since I moved out, my mom has told me a couple of different times about how she now chucks huge pieces of onion into everything because I'm not around to complain about it.


We just got back from a Vegas trip ourselves-husband had an IT conference there and I got to tag along. First time we've been away together since our middle one was born...six years ago. I always have fun in Vegas, and I'm always ready to come home after 3 days or so. It was super expensive, even with the conference picking up the hotel room and D's airfare-food, etc, on the strip is so over the top. Did a lot of research on Chowhound for best happy hours, which paid off. The private party the conference hosted at the Wynn was fabulous-open bar, where normally a Red Bull and vodka costs.....TWENTY DOLLARS.

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