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House Projects That Would Embarrass A Proper Lifestyle Blog

I keep thinking that I am going to do this grand Before and After post with my bedroom. And my living room. And the room off the kitchen that we don't know what to call, but since I painted it aqua blue we call it The Blue Room. And pretty much every other room in this house. 

But none of these rooms are finished! I am despairing that they ever WILL be finished. (Although, when I think about having a Finished Room I get a little bit anxious because WHAT WILL I DO THEN???) 

So anyway, I decided that I am fooling no one, and it's not like I am taking GOOD pictures anyway, so why not just post some stuff and call it good. ALLRIGHTY THEN!

(Please excuse the INCREDIBLY POOR quality of these phone photos!) 

Here's what I bought today:

Photo (62)
I was looking for something subdued in blues and yellows and grays. I think I found it, don't you?!

I plan to cut this into three pieces and wrap it around:

Photo (63)
Thank you Jo Ann coupons!

Basically I am making Cheapo "Art". My first idea was to put up a bunch of fabric covered frames/canvases on the gigando wall behind my couch. My second idea was to put up two fabric covered frames on the wall next to the TV by the piano where there's a big unhappy blank spot. But when I got home I decided this fabric was a little MUCH in that corner, and I am no longer into the lots-of-fabric-behind-the-couch idea, but I do have another spot that needs something with color:

Photo (67)
We call this space: Where All The Storage Boxes Go To Die.

This is what you see when you climb the stairs to the main floor of our house. A giant blank wall and a giant blank space. My plan for this space keeps changing, but right now I am thinking a skinny console table where I would like to have some sort of trinkety display (which will probably, in reality, end up being a display of keys and wallets and phones.) And I am thinking of hanging my Cheapo "Art" above the table. Bright! Cheery! Not fighting for attention with all the other stuff in our living room! I love it. 

(As for console tables, I like this one, but I am also thinking something from Goodwill or Craigslist painted a mustard yellow or a dark teal or something I couldn't get away with in the main room.)

Then I thought I'd show you my curtain "headboard". (Do you like how all of my decorating choices are in quotes?)

Photo (64)
Phillip hates this, btw. "It's like there's a WINDOW. That's WEIRD."

Whatever. This was CHEAP and EASY and makes a huge difference in blank wallness. When I went to Target to pick up another curtain panel (see pictures below!) they were OUT. And this entire color group was on CLEARANCE. And I PANICKED. But they had a tablecloth! For five dollars! So I bought that and a curtain rod, also on clearance, and drilled that sucker into the wall myself. The tablecloth was turned into a curtain with the magic of an iron and that hem tape stuff. TA-DA. Yes it bows in the middle because it's just one panel and I didn't want to cut it, but I sort of like how it bows? Shut up. 

But see the giant blank wallness?

Photo (65)
Mess courtesy of J. Cheung and "Quiet" Time. More quotes! Am on fire! 

I was not a fan of moving our couch into our bedroom. I spent an entire day rearranging everything and finally came up with this scenario. I still don't love it, but it's so much better than before. I mostly hate that it's CHERRY RED and the other color I wanted for this room was CORAL or PERSIMMON. And I painted my nightstand CORAL or PERSIMMON and had grand plans to find another nightstand to paint CORAL or PERSIMMON but NOW??? I don't know. I also can't find a nightstand to paint and/or buy. So. It's all moot anyway.

Photo (66)
"Oh!" we said when we first saw this house. "A balcony off the bedroom! Think of all the reading we'll do at an adorable patio table!" Because we forgot we live in Seattle where you can't go outside. Ever.

The other end of our bedroom. The couch used to be in front of the window. I know. It was terrible. Oh and in case you were wondering (and do you even have to ask?) 99% of the stuff in this room is from Target. The other 1% is Ikea. Except for the bed, which is from the Phillip Cheung Bachelor Collection circa 2000. Oh, I guess there's also the CORAL or PERSIMMON painted nightstand, which is one of the many trillions of things the previous owners just left hanging out in the house. WHATEVS.

Speaking of things I painted:

Photo (68)
You can't tell, but this is WHITE and AQUA. LIKE EVERYTHING ELSE IN MY HOUSE. 

Here's that giant cabinet I bought on Craigslist a while back and painted white. I have before pictures somewhere. I will post them one day with the after pictures. This is not the after picture. First of all, I need to DECORATE somehow, but I have no idea with WHAT. I bought those little turquoise lamps at Marshall's. Not that you can tell what they look like. And the cabinet actually has these ornate doors to cover up the drawers, but I haven't painted those yet. So this is the Not Yet After picture. Deal? 

Oh WOW these pictures are awful. I'm sorry. Next time I will use my real camera (not that this will improve my photography skills). And I do have before pictures somewhere. LIFESTYLE BLOG FAIL! 





Ha ha ha, I love everything about this. That white/aqua cabinet is looking good! I am thinking about starting my 1930's furniture painting project soon. SIGH. Painting is such WORK.

Mama Bub

I really love the fabric wrapped canvas idea. I started thinking about doing it, and realized that it will be one of the first things I do in my bedroom when I get divorced... because that's what it's going to take for it to stay on the wall as my husband only likes BORING art. I love that man, but I haaaaate the art in our home.


I love the couch in the bedroom! I wish I had a couch in MY bedroom. Although I suppose first I should try to find the floor under all the magazines and clothes.


I like your curtain headboard! I think it would be a great solution in our headboard-less room. I also know that my husband would hate it. SIGH.

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