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Another string in my Cooking Bow*

I had friends over for dinner tonight and GUESS WHAT! I MADE GOOD FOOD!

All the props go to A'Dell, who quick-as-a-flash answered my OMG WHAT DO I FEED THESE PEOPLE email with "Enchiladas, DUH."

See, I LOVE having people over and I LOVE doing stupid stuff like setting the table and setting out the good wine glasses (don't you have GOOD wine glasses?) but I am paralyzed by the cooking. I mean, I have improved over the married years and I now have a [short] repertoire of tasty-ish things I can make without totally screwing up. I think the fact that I don't particluarly ENJOY cooking makes me feel like my dinners aren't very good. I think I could devote an entire blog post to that theory, but I won't bore you (TODAY, anyway! HEH!) SO ANYWAY. The point is: I made food and people liked it! And I feel so proud of me!

A'Dell recommended green enchiladas, a version of which I make every so often myself, so that was no biggie. But then she gave me this recipe for enchiladas with red sauce and this recipe for fajitas AND I MADE THOSE THINGS TOO. I KNOW. 

So I didn't eat the red sauce one because 1) I am low carbing it and 2) I am not a fan of Red Sauce With Things In It. Because I am four. I know. Shameful! And I didn't even put onions in it because one of our guests is allergic to onions! While I just don't LIKE onions! But then he didn't even come! So! But everyone told me those were yummy so YAY. The green enchiladas I made with low carb tortillas and those were yummier than the ones I usually make. And the fajitas, which I ate tortilla-less, were REALLY yummy. That marinade is awesome. And there weren't any leftovers! I KNOW! 

Is this blog post totally obnoxious? It just occurs to me that I sound super obnoxious. But PEOPLE. THIS IS HOW INSECURE I AM ABOUT MY COOKING!!!

Also, people didn't leave till, like, NINE, so we are pretty much screwed for waking up in time for preschool tomorrow. Which isn't to say I was upset about people staying late. Oh no. I love it! People staying late is a sign that you have delivered a good time... oh, I am just adding to the obnoxiousness. 

Okay, all I really wanted to do is give you those recipes. AS YOU WERE. 

*Did anyone ever read those books with the dog named Zero? WHAT ARE THEY CALLED? I have to look it up. Just a second. THE BAGTHORPES!!! (Oh, that was a LOT of behind-the-scenes Googling, people. Yeesh.) I don't really remember anything about those books (besides the dog named Zero) except for where the kids are constantly adding "strings" to their "bows" and I use that expression ALL THE TIME. And only now does it occur to me that maybe other people do NOT use that expression. Hmm. 


ray bans

But then she gave me this recipe for enchiladas with red sauce and this recipe for fajitas AND I MADE THOSE THINGS TOO. I KNOW.

Erin Marie

I just have to say that you and I are so alike. I love reading your blog because it makes me feel like I'm less of a weirdo. Not in a "you're totally weird like me" way, but in a "I'm not the only one!!" kind of way.


I made enchiladas the other day too and they were really good. I will need to try these recipes now. I also put the leftover cream sauce from the pasta we had the night before in mine and it was such a good idea. But then again, what isn't good with the addition of cream?


I hate cooking too. It's so haaard. And I'm naturally terrible at it. Thanks for the recipes!

Sonya aka Glam-O-Mommy

Maggie-I'm like this too. I don't enjoy cooking, and I'm kind of a picky eater anyway, so I'm totally insecure about anything I cook, even when people tell me they like it!


I secretly LOVE cooking when its for my own family - which means just my husband and me because you know the preschoolers only eat mac n cheese or grilled cheese or just plain hunks of cheese.
In theory I would really like to have people over for dinner parties but then I panic that I would completely fail at the cooking part...

Which is all to say: Maggie, you are my hero.

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