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The Gospel of the Snack

You guys remember my friend Pancakes, right? Here she is again.

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Let us gaze longingly at her namesake:

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(Okay, so we also ordered this giant plate of FRUIT along with our Palm Springs pancakes, but the pancakes were really the stars of breakfast.) 

Anyway. I met Pancakes long long ago, my first week of college when she invited me to an NDCF event. And now, umpteen years later (let us not dwell on how many years), she's, like, THE BOSS of the NDCF. I know! 19-year-old me is TOTALLY JAZZED. (Wait, do people say 'jazzed'? It just felt right. JAZZED. Yes. Right word.)

So yes, while I am home folding laundry and/or putzing around all day, Pancakes is out Doing Ministry and Making Impacts and Speaking Truth and Organizing Really Amazing Events and OKAY MAYBE I'M A LITTLE JEALOUS. Although Pancakes is gifted in ways I can only dream of, and this was never more real to me than at the NDCF winter retreat we attended this weekend. You guys I am just SO PROUD of her and SO PROUD to know her. 

(Also, the one time she looked at this website happened to be a day when I was (gasp) CRITICAL of the NDCF, but tonight I am feeling very RAH RAH NDCF! and I am going to EMAIL HER and tell her to LOOK AND SEE THAT I WROTE NICE THINGS.) (WOO!)

But what I really wanted to say in this space is that one area where Pancakes particularly excels is picking out snacks. Specifically, Snacks That Are New To Her Friend Maggie. 

I have to say, Internet, I'm not a huge snacker. Wait. Snacking is basically what I do all day long, so that's probably not the best way to say it... I think I'm not big on foods that are marketed and sold as snacks. I'm SUPER big on foods marketed and sold as DESSERT. Which can also be snacks. But, like, my airplane carryon is full of cookies. When I'm feeling snacky in the afternoon I reach for more cookies. (Or peanut butter straight out of the jar. That also works.) 

But Pancakes stopped at Trader Joe's before she made her way to Portland and her room was stocked with the MOST amazing snacks. Little bits of deliciousness that I seriously could not stop cramming into my piehole all weekend long. Saturday, pretty much directly after eating lunch, Pancakes and I went in search of snacks - we bought smoothies at an Orange Julius, and then, because that was not unhealthy enough, sneaked past the meeting going on in her room to retrieve the Coveted-By-All-The-Volunteers Bag O' Snacks, which we brought to a loungey area by the elevator, in full view of whoever got on and off. We proceeded to gorge ourselves (perhaps this love of gorging is why we are such great friends? YUM.) but we ALSO offered our snacks to anyone passing by, which is how the Gospel of the Snack was spread. We were doing holy work, people.

My favorite of all the snacks? Trader Joe's Yogurt Pretzels. OMGGGG. You know how the internet loves Trader Joe's? I myself am sort of: eh! Sometimes I go there for prosciutto that does not cost a college education. I have definitely shopped there for wine. And it's true, their aisle of chocolate-covered-things-in-plastic-tubs is to die for. But the snacky things have never really attracted me. That has all changed, of course, due to my newfound devotion to Trader Joe's Yogurt Pretzels. Somehow this one bag made it to Saturday evening. I have no idea how this is possible, seeing as how I was popping a Yogurt Pretzel at every available minute - I bet it was because we were at an NDCF conference and God just wanted to give us a current day application for the loaves and the fishes. There were more than enough Yogurt Pretzels for everyone. 

But also: chocolate covered potato chips?! HOLY WOW, Trader Joe's! This bag of extra delicious trail mix? (Also populated with chocolate chunks, OBVS.) These little salty puff things? Amazing granola bars? Pretzels with PEANUT BUTTER INSIDE? 

The sad news is 1) guess how much weight I gained this weekend NO REALLY GUESS and 2) guess what I gave up for Lent NO REALLY YOU'LL NEVER GUESS. 

The first one I may or may not write about on the weight loss blog. Probably won't. I think I need to skip this week's weigh in for the benefit of my mental health. But the second thing? I GAVE UP CHOCOLATE, INTERNET. I know. At the last second I was all, "No!" and "How about asparagus! Or salad!" but God was all, "No! It must be sacrificial!" and I was all, "WAAAAHHH." At which point I also decided to give up wine.  Heads up: there will be MUCH pain in suffering in this space for the next fortyish days. 

But the Yogurt Pretzels were on the Approved Lent Foods list and LO, THEY WERE DELICIOUS. 

Do you have a favorite snack? I need to hear about it. I have been in the Snacking Dark these long thirty-odd years. 



Trader Joe's Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter filled pretzels are my favorite! But, we don' thave a trader joes close to us at all, so I have to stock up when I am close to one.
I love chocolate too, and cookies and cake, anything sweet and not good for you could go on my list!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I guess I am like you, in that I don't snack on traditional snack foods. I think my favorite snack is chips and salsa, followed closely by cheese and crackers. Mmmm cheese and crackers.

As a child, though, I used to make salads for snacks. I'd get off the bus, walk up the driveway, and throw some iceberg lettuce, carrots, and onions in a bowl and slather with Italian dressing. THAT is a delicious snack.


Microwave popcorn is my very favorite snack. But I have to be careful because I can easily eat a whole bag.


I love snacks. Actually, I love food of all kinds. And now I want to go to Trader Joes and I have to drive all the way into Atlanta for that.

Jennifer @ Life with the Lieutenant

Wow. You gave up wine AND chocolate? You are my hero. One Lent I gave up peanut butter and thought that I might not be able to physically carry on until Easter. (The Reeses bunny- ok, bunnIES- never tasted so good though.) I can't give up wine this Lent because I'm pregnant. And I can't give up chocolate because that is my crutch for not having the wine. I sacrificed carbonated beverages this year. Will be praying for your sanity over these next 40 days!!!


TJs has these Fruit Jellies (I think that is the official name). Not to be confused with gum drops or gummies. They are these small flat squares of real-fruit flavored jell-type delish. I'm normally not a fan of this kind of thing, but they are yummy and I have my mother in law to thank for it. There are about 5 flavors, including blackberry and mandarin orange. YUM!
My personal favorite though is TJ's dark chocolate covered caramels. Not the sea-salt ones, but the basic ones in the plastic tub. I'm a sucker for caramel and this gets the ratio of big fat square of non-runny caramel to hard dark chocolate shell just right. I can usually only eat one, max 2, in a sitting, so a tub lasts me at least 2 weeks. WIN!


TJs salted chocolate covered almonds....mmmmmm...


I don't know if you like nori, but Trader Joe's has two kinds of nori that is currently the only thing keeping me on my diet. One is a regular roasted/salted nori, and the other is a very hot (for me, anyway) "wasabi" nori. (Er, actually, looking at the package, they are sold as a "seaweed snack," so perhaps they are not officially nori?)

Anyhow! They are filled with things like fiber! and micronutrients! and iodine! and whatnot, and the entire package only has 60 calories. So...I realize, they are not dessert-y at all. But if you ever have salty snack cravings, they are fantastic.


Trader Joe's chocolate-covered peanut butter pretzels. Which I just don't buy anymore because of fear of fatness. I also eat a whole ton of fruit leather, and make wee plates of pretzel thins, hummus, marcona almonds, and grapes. Oh, and Smart Puffs, though they are basically adult Cheetos. I'll basically eat anything that is individually wrapped. Obviously, I very much enjoy the snacks.


I think that picture of you is fabulous x1,000!!!

TJ's chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels ate TO DIE FOR! My favorite snack, though, is hummus and pretzels or an egg with a slice of toast.


Favorite snacks:
kettle corn popcorn (sweet & salty combo), anything with nutella, especially apples + strawberries, fresh veggies or "North End" wheat thins toasted chips dipped in hummus.
Also apricot oatmeal craisin cookies.


I am waiting on the edge of my seat for a Trader Joe's in Colorado so I can fully support my snacking addiction. I love their thumbprint jam butter cookies, the sesame honey cashews, Cheese Crunchies. Rumor has it that they will build on here soon, so I can stop bribing my friends to go for me.

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