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Resolutions Day Five!

Soooo for THIS resolution I planned to have a certain PROJECT all FINISHED so I could post PICTURES but, er, YEAH, that is not going to happen. See previous posts re: baby who does not sleep during the day. 

Resolution: I want to do more DIY stuff! Inspired by Pinterest, Elizabeth Nebraska, and spray paint, I am now more interested in what I can fix up from craigslist than I am in the newest West Elm catalog. I KNOW! TIS CRAZINESS!

I bought that giant buffet thing and I spent most of last weekend deglossing, priming, and painting. Unfortunately I still have a long way to go. I have the frame and drawers 95% finished, but I think the doors are going to take me another weekend or two. This is okay. I did not underestimate how long it would take me to do this. In fact, I may have even OVERestimated. I was thinking I might finish this thing in, you know, JULY. But now I am thinking March. February even! WHO KNOWS!

Something about having a new house that is mine all mine and knowing that I am never going to move again in my entire life so help me God makes things totally different. It's really fun and kind of exciting to think of all the ways to fix up the house and decorate. What was I reading the other day - I think the Caitlin Flanagan article about Oprah in the Atlantic? Something about men never understanding what a house MEANS to their wives. If it were a Reads and Recommends Friday I would find this for you, but today I am lazy. You lose. 

I picked a pretty big and not-so-easy project for my first real Redoing A Piece Of Furniture project. I'm ashamed to say I have drips, and not on the trim or fancy doors, I have it on the SIDE OF THE CABINET, a nice flat surface where there should not be any drips. But that side is at a weird angle in the garage and it's harder to reach than the other side and blah blah blah IT'S GOOD ENOUGH. (This will be the reason I will never, for example, go into a Furniture Refinishing Business. Drips! I do not care so much!)

Pictures, obvs, at some further date. 

Phillip and I are watching Portlandia, by the way. I'm not sure if I get it or not. Actually, the very beginning, where Fred Armisen is telling Carrie Brownstein about this alternate universe called Portland and it's all chock full of Northwest stereotype one-liners - THAT was funny. The rest of it is funny or I don't get it and think it's weird. POSSIBLY LIKE PORTLAND ITSELF!

Portland seems to be more "authentic" than Seattle, although I'm not really sure what "authentic" means in that sentence (or in many sentences, to be honest.) I think we have too many rich people up here. Maybe they cancel out the feminist bookstore owners. 

Speaking of rich people (NICE SEGUE) (HELLO STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS!) I went to a Catholic school open house this morning and DEAR GOD the stuff the parents asked the principal... I guess "pompous" doesn't necessarily equate with "rich" but dudes, one guy busted out the the word "pedagogy" in his question. AND I AM PRETTY SURE HE DID NOT KNOW WHAT THAT WORD MEANS. It was ridiculous, is what I'm saying. EYE ROLLY at the very least. 

Right here I could segue into a blog post about how I know entirely too much about the back end of teaching to go to school open houses and not FREAK OUT about how I may be missing some piece of back end information that will clue me into the way things REALLY go down. BLARGH! But I won't go there! Not right now, anyway. I have another Portlandia and a Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bar staring at me. 

Happy Resolutions Week! THE END!



Matt and I started watching Portlandia last night. I felt the same way about it. We almost moved to Portland and Matt says it was exactly like that. (The almost part of the move got far enough along that Matt went there to check it out but not me. Not that close to almost.)

I like this resolution. Mine is to finish decorating the house ALREADY.


K and I are watching Portlandia on DVD because she has a love for Portland. Loved the first song thing. Okay with the skits. Click "skip" on the skits where they cross dress and pretend to have s*x. Just EW.
And btw... Seattle had a "Portlandia" - it was called "Almost Live" and it was often very funny. It lives on Youtube now. :)

Kate P

Oh man, I am required to be there for my school's open house this weekend--if anybody attempts to bust out "pedagogy," I probably will crack up. Thanks for the warning!

"Portlandia" makes more sense to me than "30 Rock," so it's interesting to hear what a Seattle-ite thinks about it!

Can't wait to see the giant buffet thing, transformed!

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Seattle had a "Portlandia" - it was called "Almost Live" and it was often very funny. It lives on Youtube now. :)

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