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The Snowbound Edition

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Master Bedroom

Curtain Headboard

  • black curtain rod, at least 70" long (cheap at Target)
  • coral/white fabric (chevron? paisley-ish?)


End of Bed Bench

  • the door the sellers left wedged between the fridge and the pantry cupboard
  • foam
  • table legs
  • coordinating fabric (same as curtain headboard? same as window curtains?)

Some sort of small console table for my jewelry box

Living Room

Wall O' Bookshelves (And Television)

  • Built in Billys? Have not decided where this falls on the scale of One to Bat$%&# Crazy.
  • Ask our friend the contractor PM if he thinks we could pull this off.
  • Include fireplace? Does that move it farther up the scale?

Seating That Is Not A Couch

Finish painting doors for the white Craigslist cabinet

Decide on floor lamp or table lamps

  • If table lamps, I need another small console table to wedge behind the couch
  • Perhaps someone will buy this for me

Phillip wants curtains. These would have to be GIGANDO. A print in blues/grays/yellows.

Something to put on the blank wall. WHO KNOWS WHAT THIS WILL BE.

Emma's Room


  • currently a sagey green that looks half decent with pink and white
  • could repaint turquoise and haul in a ton of yellow?

Dresser/Changing Table

  • get a new one? (because the drawers are starting to stick)
  • spray paint white until we get a new one?


  • Probably plain white (or plain yellow?)


  • Stupid pergo floor is 1) cold and 2) hard on my feet. What is not super expensive?

Something to put on the blank walls. AGAIN. WHO KNOWS WHAT THIS WILL BE. 





Have you looked at IKEA for a reasonably priced area rug for Emma's room? And also for the blank walls...wall decals (try Dali wall decals to start, although there are a ton of places out there) bring a lot of bang for the buck. And you can change it later! And for the sticking drawers, how about WD-40 for now? :) I applaud your list. I just keep staring at my house finding things I'm getting sort of "eh" about after nearly two years...and yet have zero motivation/time/desire to spend money to do a darn thing about it.


Oh my goodness, I love that built in bookcase thing with the power of a thousand books.


I think a bar of soap will also work for sticking drawers . . . worth a shot to save a buck. :-)

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