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It's Barfsgiving!

Oh wait. Do I have to update this thing tonight? It TOTALLY feels like a Friday. I think maybe because Phillip worked from home today? And we're driving to my parents' house tomorrow morning? We'll stay at their house tomorrow night and road trip it (can you call it a road trip if it's just barely more than two hours?) to my brother's house in the PA for Thanksgiving. 

I don't write about my brother on this website because 1) I think he'd prefer if I didn't and 2) he's a big fat meanie about my website (back when I had ads: "You get MONEY for that?!?!" Then I kicked him in the shins, which is about all I can do because he could squash me with his pinkie finger.) (I have another brother, but he lives in Colorado and probably thinks the same thing about my website but would never SAY so. Well, maybe he would. But he would find a funnier, cuter way to say it, which would make me think he was just joking and teasing me, but deep down I would know that he really thinks my website is the awesomest.) (All right, now you know entirely too much about my brothers, neither of whom are interested in making an appearance on the blog. SHUT UP, ME.) 

BUT ANYWAY. My brother! Who lives in the PA! Got married! I know! And in a huge shocking twist he's become all domestic-like (although I rather suspect he's always been this way, it's just that NOW he has the opportunity to let it shine) and he and his wife are hosting Thanksgiving. And we are staying at THEIR house Thanksgiving night. THIS IS A LOT OF TRAVELING FOR ME. 

I am not a HUGE fan of the PA, as it is... WAIT. It occurs to me that you, my beloved readers, do not know what "The PA" is. !!! And honestly, a snotty Seattleite such as myself has no business calling it that either, it's just that my cousins also live there and they always call it The PA and I think it's cute... anyway, it's PORT ANGELES. Which you know and care nothing about unless (DUM DUM DUM) you have read and are deeply devoted to the Twilight series. 

So the ENTIRE POINT of this post, if you are wondering, is to ask you if you think I can get away with a Twilight-themed Thanksgiving post for Parenting. I COULD skip it, it being a holiday and all, and Parenting being super flexible with the blog schedule (also blog writers - they have, after all, kept ME around for inexplicable reasons). I don't even quite know how I would WRITE a Twilight-themed Thanksgiving post. What would it be ABOUT? Vampires don't EAT. (Right? Am now worried about my vampire lore deficiency.) But something about it sounds very funny to me. And I would probably piss off the hordes of Twihards somehow and that would be good for the pageview business. 

Sadly for my blog post, Port Angeles is not the STAR of the Twilight set, that would be Forks, but I have been to Forks (I even wrote about going to Forks back when this website was a teeny tiny baby website) and I will never go again. Really, why does anyone live anywhere besides Seattle? SNOTTY CITY GIRL ALERT! OOPS!

Anyway, I have to finish packing for EVERYONE and also eat a WW-approved dinner (DID YOU KNOW THEY CHANGED UP THE WHOLE POINTS SYSTEM SO ANNOYING) and then I guess I'll have to feed a baby again. 

OH WAIT! You know what this post should have been about? The fact that I did not get barfed on today. I DID NOT GET BARFED ON TODAY! Today is BARFSGIVING! 



Yeah, I almost never write about my brothers either.

Also, I did know WW changed their points system and even though I'm not doing it right now it annoys me because now I'm going to have to learn a whole new system when I join again after this baby. (I'm just assuming that will happen. I'm no good at losing weight without weight watchers.)


I just started WW as well (I tweeted at you about it over the weekend b/c we are both crazy) and I've never done it before. Everyone I know says that it's more complicated now and a PitA with the new points, but coming in fresh is fine for me. I'm trying to be pretty good so I can save ALL my weekly points or whatever for tomorrow's dinner.



Heck, I'll write it for you. As someone who grew up in PA, and is now marooned in the Midwest having to explain to my students where I'm from and why I say pop instead of soda, I HATE THE TWILIGHT BOOKS WITH A VICIOUS BURNING PASSION. (I also hate them because I think that they send a horrible message to teen girls -- you know, wait until marriage for sex, but when you wake up with horrible bruises, tell your husband that you know it was your fault for being so attractive. But that is a rant in and of itself).

Anyway, if you wanted to do something to cash in on the Twilight-hysteria, and you didn't want to take sides, exactly, you could list things that you're thankful for that don't involve food.

Also, that Emma was born without any c-sections, toothy or otherwise. And that her birth only turned you into a sleep-deprived zombie, not a vampire.

(And now to stop ventriloquizing blog posts for people I only know from what I read. Yup).


Yes, definitely a Twilight themed Thanksgiving post. I haven't read the books (I know, I know) and I don't really know much about them. But I'm thinking being a vampire who doesn't eat on Thanksgiving might be similar to being Jewish on Christmas?


Barfsgiving! Hahahaha!

Have a happy one out there in the PA.

Ursula, otherwise known as the neighbor

oh, oh-- I got it! You need to play up the vampire baby theme... you know: nursing baby = vampire baby? (I'm actually only guessing about the vampire baby based on the trailers on TV-- I actually only got through the first book.)

Kate P

"PA" totally means something different to those of us in, you know, Pennsylvania. :) Happy travels and happy Thanksgiving! Hope it's barf free!


Twilight makes me want to barf. Gives a new meaning to the word "Barfsgiving," no?

On your Twitter feed you were asking about baby acne. All my babies (the ones that were late, anyway) had horrible baby acne. With this last one, I found that Aquaphor, of all things, really helped. Smeared it on his face at night and naptimes. The drier his skin got, and if he was overheated, the worse the acne was.

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