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I spent one out of my three free preschool hours waiting for paint at Home Depot. I know. I KNOW. 

Preschool pick up and drop off is still Fraught With Social Anxiety, but hey, it hasn't been that long, right? 

I also made dinner, am within spitting distance of finishing The Likeness, and did not take a nap. Therefore, no post for you! If you'd like, you can head over to Parenting where I'm participating in the Mom Congress blogathon. Yeah, I'm not entirely sure what that is either, but it's headed up by Kathryn, who I have met IN THE FLESH, and who is super duper friendly and funny and altogether more interesting than I am BY FAR. Anyway. I participated! In an open letter to my children about how I hope to help them get a great education this year! ISN'T THAT HYSTERICAL? I mean: preschool! Yet you should read it anyway, because HEY, the Cheungs are PROUD SUPPORTERS OF SCHOOL and one of these days I am going to shed the majority of my neuroses and GET INVOLVED! 



Life of a Doctor's Wife

Oooh what are you thinking of The Likeness? It is my favorite of the three Tana French books.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I read your Parenting post and I LOVED it - your kids are in such good hands! And how wonderful that they are loving school already!


I loved the Likeness too! In the Woods was excellent as well. Have you read all of Tana French books?

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