Actual Real Life Dilemma That I Do Not Think I Am Blowing Out Of Proportion For Once
I am the boss of me


Things That Are Going Well-Ish:

1. Potty training. There are still accidents, some traumatic moments, and I don't trust her to tell her teachers at preschool, but over the last handful of weeks, things seemed signficantly easier. I kept hoping for a generally positive trend and I think we're on one at last. 

2. Pregnancy weight gain. When I tell you I have *only* gained 44 pounds you will not be impressed, but this is a whole 18 pounds less than I gained with Molly. So I say: HURRAY FOR ME. I mean, I still have three weeks to go, but even I am doubtful of my ability to gain 18 pounds in three weeks. 

3. Preschool for the kids. So far so good. Everyone's happy. No one appears to like the snacks/lunches I pack, but for some reason it's a lot less antagonizing to open a lunch box and see that someone hasn't eaten, as opposed to sitting there watching them not eat. I still think Jack's preschool last year is way cooler than either of the preschools we're in now, but C'EST LA VIE. 

4. No more grad school. I am trying really really hard to NOTICE the not-grad-school-ness of our life right now. I want to appreciate it as long as I can! Every once in a while I remind myself that Phillip was never home on Saturdays, just so I can appreciate it MORE. 

5. Family stuff. My brother got engaged! Is it okay to be totally jealous of my SIL-to-be's ring? Because I am. Well done, Brother Of Mine. I still don't get what this awesome chick sees in you, but eh! We all win!

Things That Are Going Not So Well-Ish:

1. Tired. I am still SO TIRED. I am guessing I am still anemic. I am also 37 weeks. At this point I just feel entitled to naps and turning on a movie for the kids when I can't deal and entire mornings when I cannot get going. 

2. Preschool for ME. Speaking of tired, these preschool mornings are murder. We aren't waking up any earlier, but I have to get everyone MOVING a lot earlier and every preschool morning we just barely make it out of the house in time. And I thought we would be walking to school! HA! I'm pretty much a basic training instructor until we drop off Jack, but then I have 45 minutes until I have to drop off Molly. So we've been going to coffee shops, which sounds nice, but I am SO TIRED. And then I have three hours which also sounds nice, but I've been running errands in those three hours and then I have to pick up Jack at noon, eat lunch with him, and pick up Molly at one. Today I was all, "WHY DID I NOT PUT THEM IN THE SAME CLASS???" And I had to tell myself, "1) because you wanted to separate them and 2) you wanted to check out the Catholic school" but MAN do those reasons sound REALLY STUPID right now. Then I'm going to have a third baby and I will NEVER SHOWER AGAIN.

3. The Internet. I have nothing to say here that isn't whiny and/or repetitive (SORRY). Twitter is full of Blathering tweets that make me mopey. Parenting switched commenting systems so now everything must be done via Facebook and I'm sure you know how I feel about THAT. 

4. Making decisions about schools. I have SOME time but not a LOT of time. I think the solution to this is to stop hanging out with other moms of preschoolers because this is ALL WE TALK ABOUT. Catholic school, public school, switching parishes, proximity, buses, class sizes, INSTA-HIVES.

Things That Have Made Me Feel Better About Life In General:

1. I got a haircut. It's short again. Maybe too short. Also I have Pregnant Face and Pregnant Neck and perhaps it was not so wise to go super short. HOWEVER. I can leave the house without feeling like I require the use of a flat iron, volumizer, and pins for my godawful bangs. 

2. Thanks to friends who give gift certificates, I got a pedicure at the fancy pedicure place. It was lovely.

3. My car. I don't care what you say, I AM IN LOVE WITH MY VAAAAAANNNNNN.

4. The pair of maternity leggings I bought six months ago that I can still wear without wanting to die. Someone on Project Runway said leggings were over. I DON'T CARE.

5. When Jack told me that God lived on Mars and all the planets go around the sun, except the sun goes around Mars, because that's where God lives, and God WOULD live on the sun, but it's too hot and he'd get burned. And you KNOW I didn't correct him. 


Ji Campbell

You are just so funny. What Jack said is straight up cuteness, I adore that boy. Sorry about the preschool logistics, it sounds challenging to me, but you are Maggie! You sure can handle it.

One of many things bother me at this moment is that the pain I have on my toe. Last night I spent quite a time to trim my toe nails (you can picture it!) and while I was doing that, I cut some skin(because the position was so challenging) and dang! It hurts. I have swollen feet and swollen toes now.

We can do this! Two to three more weeks!


Leggings are over?? Someone needs to tell the ladies here in Tokyo. They are EVERYWHERE. They wear them with EVERYTHING. Even in 95 degree weather. I haven't embraced them yet myself but I get it, they're cute. Enjoy em !!!

The end is near huh? Exciting :)


I am glad that the good outweighs the bad on these lists. :)

Tell Parenting that they suck, I do not comment using Facebook.


Preschool is going really well for us over here too! And I'm not even on F@cebook, so I will just have to comment on all your posts here. :)


Hurray for you and 18 lbs less! Also, as excited as I am for you guys and third baby, I am sad that you aren't coming to the blathering this year since I am FINALLY going.


Leggings are never over when you're pregnant. :)

Hair - sometimes the lack-of-effort is better than loving the way you look all the time. Seriously. I just got a new haircut that I LOVE, except it takes some serious effort to do it right and... ish. I miss my wash-and-go style, even if it's the same haircut I've had since the age of 4.

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