And what did YOU do today?!
The lengths I will go to to not clean my house

This is MUCH whinier than I intended. Oops.

Since the kids stayed with my in-laws last night and we weren't going to pick them up until the late afternoon, I had Big Plans. Sort of. They involved straightening up the house so I sort of knew off the bat that I wasn't going to get ALL of my Big Plans accomplished. 

But I got out of bed and drove Phillip to work, I drove to the dealership to drop off the money we did not pay them for the car yesterday (I KNOW), I went to the grocery store, I came home and paid some bills, I folded some laundry, and then I was, well, out. Next thing I knew it was time to pick up Phillip. 

(Perhaps I ate an entire personal size watermelon in there, at some point.) 

Anyway, you know how I was all, "Oh, this pregnancy is so BORING and EASY and BLAH BLAH BLAH." Okay, so the boring still holds true, but I am 34 weeksish and beginning to feel like I need a Hoyer lift to get me off the couch. 

(This is a Hoyer Lift. I know what a Hoyer Lift is because I once worked in an adult family home in which a Hoyer Lift was required for some residents and OH if only I'd had a blog during those eight or nine months of working, without any CPR or First Aid or nursing credentials whatsoever, in an adult family home owned by The Craziest Most Passive Aggressive Most Delusional Woman I Have Ever Met In My Life, Hands Down. THAT would have been a good blog.) 

I was sitting on my in-laws couch tonight wondering if what I'm feeling lately are Braxton Hicks. I THOUGHT I had BH with Molly, probably a few weeks later than I am right now, and they were painful. And everyone says BH are not painful (though I try not to listen to Everyone). I think the contractions I felt were probably real (if completely USELESS) at that point, as they lasted about the two or three weeks before I had Molly (and she was 9 days early.) 

These are more... well, honestly, I've just been assuming the baby is moving around making things temporarily awful. I can tell where her butt and feet are and sometimes, I don't know, she bends farther to scratch her toe or something and BOOM, my belly juts out even farther and everything is tight and hard and I'm all DUDE, GO BACK TO SLEEP. It seems to coincide with movement, is what I'm saying. 

NOT THAT IT MATTERS. I mean, there's really no point in talking about any of it because either way, it's NORMAL and there's nothing you can DO except sit around until you have the baby. 

I got out all the baby clothes. I scrounged a book shelf from another room and stacked all the clothes and diapers on that. Sainted Blog Reader Renata sent me a pump, so I'm all set to submit myself to THAT particular brand of humiliation. (THANK YOU, RENATA. P.S. I SUCK AT EMAIL.) I've set up my Jack & Molly Watchers for when I have to go the hospital. I have to wash the bedding, take a tour of the hospital so my husband knows where to steer my hunched over shouting-for-the-epidural self, decide where we want the baby car seat in the new car, and find/wash all the bottles and their miserable little pieces. I know it's still early, but I keep looking at my calendar and Freaking The Heck Out over what all we've got coming up in the next several weeks. I am even thinking about hiring a babysitter for Friday, WHILE I AM AT HOME, because we are having guests all weekend and WHEN AM I GOING TO MAKE BEDS? CLEAN TOILETS? FIGURE OUT WHAT WE WILL EAT? 

Speaking of, can you recommend an excellent breakfast casserole? Of the savory or sweet variety? OR BOTH?

And don't say, "Oh, you just have to space all those things out over the course of the week and then you'll be all set for Friday," BECAAAAAAAUSE: 1) That's totally going to intrude on my nap schedule and 2) whatever I clean up/set up today is guaranteed to be filthy/destroyed by the following day. THEREFORE. It is best to do it all at once, hours before the guests arrive. Even if I won't get to see them until the NEXT day on account of being completely wiped out from the cleaning/setting up. GAH.



I am due same day as you, and i'm washing clothes, sheets, etc this weekend. Plus packing bags for myself and my daughter for when I go into the hospital and she stays at my moms. I feel like it's better to be prepared for that stuff early because you never know when these little ones will make their appearance!

My mom always used to make this delicious french-toast casserole. You get it all put together the night before, and bake it in the morning. Do you want the recipe, and if so where do you want me to send it?

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I pretty much never make breakfast, but I have several amazing-sounding recipes bookmarked that may appeal to you. They are all from Annie's Eats, and I've made half a dozen recipes from her site and they are ALL amazing.

YUM! Hope the rest of the week goes great!

Christy M

This is a totally easy breakfast casserole:

Brown a pound of sausage. Take a can of croissant rolls and just roll the whole thing out in a 9x13 pan. Wisk up 4 eggs, 1 cup of milk, and a bag of cheddar cheese. Mix in the sausage and pour over the croissant dough. Bake the whole mess for 30-40 minutes at 350 until the house smells amazing.


Paula Deen's french toast casserole is ridiculously delicious and of the make-the-night-before variety.


Simple Breakfast Casserole
*Make this a day ahead of time and just pop it into the oven
The next morning. Serves about 6.

6 eggs
1 cup milk
6 oz. cheddar cheese, grated
1-lb sausage or bacon, crumbled (Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage is best)
Layer bottom of pan with 1-2" of hash browns
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon dry mustard

Line a 9 x 13 baking dish with frozen hash browns. Sprinkle
hash browns with crumbled sausage. Mix together eggs, milk, salt, pepper,
and dry mustard. Pour over meat and hash browns. Top with grated cheddar

Refrigerate over night. Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to 1 hour.
Serve hot.
*can use tator tots instead of hash browns.

The Sojourner

My aunt (Dad's sister) makes sausage do like what Christy describes above but with raw sausage, and then you roll it up and slice it like cinnamon rolls and then cook it.

My mom ate some back in the early years of my parents' marriage and thought they were awesome but way too much work. So she made a recipe that involved taking Bisquick, sausage, and cheddar cheese and just smooshing them all together and then making drop biscuits. They're awesome, but I don't know off the top of my head how long to cook them or anything.

Kate P

You have guests coming? Bless your heart. Have you looked at any Pampered Chef recipes? They try to set them up so they're easy.


I just made this super easy potato-cheese frittata tonight using Havarti cheese because the grocery store I went to didn't have the fancy gruyere variety - you could use swiss or whatever you want. I made a double batch and the two men in the house devoured half of the 9x13 pan plus 6 strips of bacon each. I thought it was pretty good myself, but I think it could use some kind of veggie add-in like mushrooms or peppers.
Here's the recipe

Marie Green

SO, since I consider myself a Contraction Expert at this point (hey, may as well come in handy SOMEWHERE), I figure I should SHARE my wealth of knowledge. And I'd say that yes, what you are having are Braxton Hicks. They can be caused by a lot of things, and baby's movements is definitely one of them. They sometimes hurt, or are at least a little uncomfortable (breathing methods are not usually need, but gasping or wincing is totally normal), or sometimes they just feel like a general tightness.

It can be hard to tell if you're actually having a contrax or if the baby is just pushing weird. Try feeling your belly on the sides when you know you're NOT having one: notice how easy it is to push in the sides? Then, then next time you're having one try pushing in the sides. You'll notice that especially on the sides of your belly it's much harder/firmer.

Finally, BH contrax are basically ANY contraction you're having that's not causing your cervix to dilate/efface. They aren't "real" and it's not "labor" until dilating/effacing is happening. HOWEVER, especially towards the end, all those "fake" contractions ARE softening the cervix, moving the cervix from pointing toward your back to pointing more forward, and helping baby find an ideal position for birth. So not totally "fake"; just not leading to Imminent Baby.

WHEW. Thank you for letting me share my wealth of knowledge!

Marie Green

Oh, and one more thing: you should not be having more than 4/hour of the Braxton Hicks, especially before 37 weeks, unless you have a confirmed case of Irritable Uterus (AHEM). So if they seem more frequent than that, drink a big glass of water, get off your feet, and call your provider.

(I'm sorry, you probably already know all of this. But since I teach the classes, I can't NOT tell you... it's been ingrained in me to make sure people know this stuff!)

I'm done now, really!


Forget the Hoyer lift, you just need one of those recliner lift chairs for old people that just lift up until they practically dump you on the floor. My grandma had one when she lived with my parents, and they're great for getting up while you're pregnant.

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