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Portlandia: Conquered


My kids are going to stay with my parents for the weekend. Three nights. I THINK they've done three nights before... I think when we went to the wedding in LA last summer. But it still feels long-ish and bad parent-ish. Not that I am not SO looking forward to my mini break. 

(I love that term: mini break. I think this is because I just finished reading 'One Day'. How very British of me.)

Anyway, so I am packing and I overpack for the kids. I just have to. The weather is SUPPOSED to be nice, but WHO KNOWS and certain people are often soiling themselves and I just want to stuff their entire dresser into a duffel bag. And packing means laundry. I'm on my fifth load. 

I think I tried to make up for the we're-ditching-you-all-weekend by taking them to see Winnie The Pooh this morning (FAIL) and to the wading pool this afternoon (WIN). My small niece was with us the entire time, which means I got a nap in between those two events, but I'm beat. Did I mention I'm on my fifth load of laundry? Also waiting for the polycrylic to dry on my new white desk?

I am also catching up on a lot of Blathering-related emails and tweets and website business and feeling mopey. I thought I was At Peace with the whole not-going thing this year, but it turns out it really sucks to be involved in planning something you can't attend. Not that I'm terribly involved in the planning this year (sorry fellow planners) but you know. I guess I DON'T have an opinion on Saturday night's menu because I DON'T GET TO EAT IT. 

I'm really lucky I got to see some of my Blathering ladies earlier this year when they crashed that Nintendo promotional thing. Maybe they'll come back. I am not above inviting myself to their houses either. Wah. 

But I have my mini break! My parents are picking up the kids tomorrow morning and dropping us at the train station. You have no idea how excited I am about the train, people. I love the train. I think it is a most lovely way of getting places, even though I have, at various points, taken the train to the wrong town, taken the train in the wrong direction, taken the train that doesn't stop in my town, and slept overnight in a Questionable Train Station that I often read about in my Italian murder mysteries as being a truly Criminal Venue. 

However! I am fairly confident in my ability to ride THIS train correctly and I shall be packing my bag full of Train Treats and perhaps a neck pillow for narcolepsy purposes, and I have plans to fill the Kindle tonight. Plus the weather is supposed to be downright glorious (SORRY, TEXAS) and it just feels exciting to get away. I was disappointed about San Francisco and Vancouver, but Portland is filling in quite nicely now. For a while we thought about lodges and resorts and getaways in Washington, but they were all of the outdoorsy type. Lots of hiking or boating or looking at the scenery and while those places are GREAT, they are not great for ME. I have a short attention span. I am a city girl. And I am pregnant. I do not want to sit in a lodge for three days straight. (Well, unless I am trying everything on the spa menu.)

So anyway. Obvs we will be bringing the internet with us (AS IF) but I am actually going to try and stay away. I'm finding that's good for me every so often. The biggest plan is to move into Powell's. In the meantime you can go read my newest post at Parenting, about breastfeeding, since that's always good to write about in a public forum. Also, you may gaze adoringly at my kids. They'll protect my website while I'm gone!

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Maggie, that is just such a cute pic. I cannot believe how perfectly happy little kid like they look. Very good looking fam you've got growing over there.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Have a great mini break! And you are being a good parent, arranging all this so that your children can bond with their grandparents. Really, it is quite selfless of you.

Sarah in Ottawa

So huge! They're so huge, Maggie. And gorgeous.

Have an amazing time in Portland, you crazy kids. And while I am not one of your Blathering friends per se since we've yet to attend the same one, I'd love to come visit. Maybe in the New Year? After all, Lauren is planning to come and I've invited myself along!

Christy M

Jack looks like such a little man! And Molly is so cute. That picture with the arms around each other is one for the ages.

I'm interested to hear what you thought of One Day. Someone else rec'd it to me recently and I always like to hear opinions!

Melissa T.

Here I am again randomly reading your blog. I even went over to the parenting post to read your post on breastfeeding. You are such a talented writer and I love your wit, humor, honesty etc. I too wish I had a card that told me my kiddo's likes and dislikes upon arrival. I sure would have beaten myself up a little less? :)


Portland is fabulous, love the picture of the kids and have fun on the train. I loved my train trips to Portland- the drive gets so dull and it's nice to be able to walk around and get up and get a coffee and see a different view. Have a great trip!


The train ride from Seattle to Portland is lovely. My husband and I did it a few years back when we realized we could fly into Seattle, take the train to Portland to visit my brother and his wife, then fly home for cheaper than a round trip to either city. It was awesome...3-1/2 hours of bliss, a funny movie, and pleasant scenery. Then again, I'm not used to mountains and SO much green (we have a lot in the northeast, but not like that). I drooled as we passed through Tacoma and I saw the glass museum full of Chihuly pieces (LOVE him) and swore we had to come back again. Portland is great. My brother lives in the Pearl district, and it's very hipsterish but fun. Had great Chinese there, too...though you guys may beg to differ ;-) It's called Sungari Pearl. Have fun!


I still can't wait to know the name of baby #3. I skim every post in hopeful anticipation, and then go back and actually comprehend the rest.

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