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I know this should probably go on the Catholic blog but whatever. PEEVED.

Just a typical Saturday morning

"Molly, what's wrong?"

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"Don't like this, Mommy."

"Don't like what?"

"Don't want to wear this."

"How come? What's wrong?"

"I want to wear a dress."

"But that's a skirt! A cute skirt!" 

"It's not cute, Mommy."



"What dress do you want to wear?"

"This one."

"That's a fancy dress for church. What about this one?"

"No. Want this one."

"That is ALSO a fancy dress for church. We're not wearing that today."

"Want to wear my Easter dress."

"NO, MOLLY. What about this one?"



"So how come you don't like your butterfly shirt? And your little skirt? It's cute! You look cute!"

"It's not a cute DRESS, Mommy. Want to wear a cute DRESS."

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She is not even three, people. NOT EVEN THREE. 



She is CUTE. Elizabeth has been into the fancy dresses lately too. She calls them princess dresses.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Oh my gosh SO CUTE. Even with the Look of Utter Desolation.


Well, the second dress is REALLY cute. Also, if it makes you feel better, any time Katherine finds any my shoes, she INSISTS that I put them on her. This morning I found her wearing the fairy princess that she picked out from the closet (by pointing and SCREAMING), my gold target shoes, and a hat that she had found somewhere and put on. She is ONE. I am terrified.


Fuss goes through this, too. it MUST be a dress.


I've almost completely stopped buying separates. The girls are almost five and still insist on wearing dresses. I can sometimes harangue them into skirts, but pants? Never. It's insane. Welcome to the madness.


Love that look in the first picture! Kalena calls all skirts (and even long shirts over leggings) "pretty dresses" so I guess I got lucky there.


Yep- got that here too with my 2 year old. I can't even buy clothes without her in tow because if she doesn't approve them, she WILL NOT EVER wear them. It's exhausting and makes me terrified of Vivian as a 12-year-old :)


I try to hide the fancy dresses in the way back dark corners of the closet...funny thing is Jo recently bailed on the dresses-only routine in favor of tank tops and skirts/shorts (under influence from 7 yr old neighbor girl). Now CoCo is happily scooping up all of Jo's discards and refuses to wear anything but dresses, the only exception being her Ariel swim suit.


My daughter is the same way. I finally realized that the fancy dresses only get worn once or twice before they're outgrown, so I let her wear them whenever she wants. Looks a little odd when she's wearing ruffles or tafetta to Outback or playing soccer in the front yard, but so be it. She's happy, I'm buying fewer clothes, and that's what matters. Childhood should be fun, right? When else can you get away with dressing like that?

Jen @ The Short Years

My daughters (especially my littlest) are that way ALL the time. I have found myself saying to them, on multiple occasions, "Don't you know the meaning of play clothes??"

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