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Time for this week's edition of Stellar Moments of Weekend Parenting!

I've made it this far, and I'm feeling pretty good about it

There was a lot of talking today. Hence Thursday's post at Parenting: Talky talky talk talk talk aaaauuuggghhh. (I get to choose my own titles! Bet they regret that!) 

I FEEL like I did a lot today, but clearly nothing to do with my house. It's true that the mess expands to fit the space. It seems as though I can keep one room clean at a time, usually the kitchen (and right now, my bedroom, because I've become Martha Stewart The Dictator about my bedroom) but the living room? Forget it. The top of the stairs? Heh. The kids' room? I'm lucky if I pick the clothes off the floor by the time Phillip gets home. 

But I DID hang a curtain rod today. I DID buy more dish soap in order to keep the kitchen looking decent. I DID do some laundry. I DID clear off the dining room table. I DID feed the kids and fill up the baby pool and take them to the library and a coffee shop for a snack. None of those things, however, resulted in vacuuming the carpet. Which, well, I'd rather not have any of you over until I vacuum the carpet. 

And then when it was time to make dinner, I felt like I couldn't breathe. Not, like, OMG I CAN'T BREATHE WHY DIDN'T I TEACH THE CHILDREN TO DIAL 911, I'm just PREGNANT. This baby is either jammed into my pelvis requiring ninety trips to the bathroom, or jammed up in my rib cage making even STANDING an aerobic exercise. I was standing in the bedroom showing off my curtain rod to Phillip and I found myself out of breath. I had to SIT DOWN. While I was just standing there and TALKING. How many more weeks of this? 

A girl at church whose second baby is about a year old told me I should let her know how the third one goes. She said she's heard the second is the worst (I think she meant pregnancy/birth-wise.) I haven't heard that, but I can definitely get behind it! Have you guys heard that? Or something completely different? Like my mother and my SIL both say that their third babies were ridiculously easy, that the third one just "blends in". But then I have all these OTHER people saying that the third one is when the you know what really hit the fan. I'm sure it all DEPENDS. But in the meantime I'm perfectly happy to think the second pregnancy is the worst and the third baby is the easiest. Works for me!

As for the pregnancy part, so far, YES. I think a lot of my Molly misery had to do with being bat@#*% insane, but I KNOW I was also physically miserable at this point. I know that summer was much warmer - maybe that had something to do with it? But I also remember not being able to sleep on one side for very long because my hips were so sore, and having to sleep with something like eighty-seven pillows. I'm pretty sure I had gained more weight by this point. I'd already made numerous declarations that I was never doing this again. 

And this time feels easier. Not as easy as with Jack (though how much of that was just enjoying the NOVELTY of being pregnant, I wonder) but except for the shortness of breath and sharp pains if I walk too fast, I don't feel too bad. I usually sleep all right (except for the dreams, OMG THE DREAMS, I swear, my subconscious is WACKED OUT), the heartburn has sort of subsided, I'm not swollen, I don't have that sciatica pain so many people mention, I'm not nauseous or anything. I've had it pretty easy so far. Again, I have two months left and the fact that I just wrote positively on the internet means I am pretty much screwed by month 8, but whatever. I'm going to be thankful. 

ALSO. Two and a half pregnancies later I am still stretch mark free. I may have the sort of body that gains weight everywhere and triples in boob size and makes people think I've just eaten too many cheeseburgers (at a point where I feel I am OBVIOUSLY PREGNANT I still had two people who didn't know look totally surprised to find out, GAK) but I am totally going to brag about no stretch marks. GIVE ME THAT, INTERNET!

(Watch. I'll see my first one when I wake up tomorrow morning.) 

I feel like we've got a lot going on still - three more family birthdays, friends staying with us for our couples' weekend, packing in a few more outside-on-the-deck dinners, the start of PRESCHOOL! - and I'm exhausted but thankful at the same time. This third pregnancy went quickly. Again, two more months, but I'm thinking ONLY TWO MORE MONTHS? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? But everything going on will make those two months go quickly too, and that's fine with me. I'm getting awfully tired of looking at all the super cute outfits on Pinterest and not being able to wear them. Of course, all the super cute outfits on Pinterest are for girls with five-inch-circumference thighs and God knows even starving myself won't get me long skinny legs. ALAS. I'll have to settle for no stretch marks, eh? 



I've always heard the second was the hardest, but so far it's been ridiculously easy for us. Paul is only eight weeks old, though, so maybe the hardness is still coming? Anybody have an ETA on it?


I got stretch marks only on my butt. Which I suppose I will accept.


You have one of those super-bodies that refuses to succumb to stretch marks?! What kind of oil are you slathering on yourself???? I got lazy with the Bio Oil in my last pregnancy and one day I walked in the bathroom, and hello! Stretch marks had taken over. They are finally (FINALLY!) fading, but alas, I am pregnant again. I'm willing to do ANYthing to avoid them (although I think once you have them, you're kind predispositioned to continue getting them, right?). Either way, SO JEALOUS.

Glad your pregnancy is going well!


I have stretch marks AND super saggy inelastic skin. After I had lost the weight from my most recent (second) pregnancy I discovered that, if I bend over, my stomach looks like a Shar Pei. Only more so.

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