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I was okay with Phillip being out of town until I realized there's a mosquito in my bedroom

I was talking to my mom tonight and she said something like, "You are decorating your bedroom in lieu of a nursery." And fine. I SUPPOSE SHE'S RIGHT. Here I am thinking I am on my way to AB Chao greatness, but really, it's just nesting. After this baby is born I'll never touch a paintbrush again. PROBABLY.

Speaking of baby, I had an appointment today. That is how I know I am 31 weeks and UM, EXCUSE ME, 31 WEEKS? That seems... soonish. I don't know. I suppose I need to get going on things like the hospital tour, since this hospital is new to me, and turning in my paperwork. Actually I don't really think there's anything else I need to do. I think I have figured out where the baby's stuff will go - we bought this tall wardrobe when Molly was born for HER stuff and I think we have room for it/it will look nice in our bedroom. For now. I can hang stuff in there, plus it has two shelves and a drawer. Not totally ideal for onesie storage, but good enough. So I'm all fixed up, right? 

Also! I gained seven pounds in 3 weeks! I AM SO GOOD AT THIS! But, like I told my doctor, "I'm eating just as much as I was BEFORE." So I don't know. I even think I've had more exercise in the last three weeks. Then my doctor told me I am up 35 pounds total, which may sound like a lot to you, but to ME it sounded FABULOUS. Let's just not think about the fact that I still have 10 weeks to go and, at this rate, it's entirely possible I will gain another 30. Jack was 50, Molly was 60 (go ahead and gasp why don't you) and 35 just sounds like so much LESS. Even though it's still a ways out. Shut up. It made me feel better. The other thing that made me feel better: when my doctor said, "Well, it just looks like this is what your body DOES." Then I declared I would kiss her on the mouth right then and there. 

Other than that, there is nothing to note. Nothing. This is, possibly, the boringest pregnancy in the world, right up there with Jack's. Other than the usual irritations, I am perfectly fine, perfectly mobile, and not in any real hurry to HAVE the baby. EVEN SO. I am still required to return to the doctor in another two weeks, and after that, EVERY WEEK. Does that seem unreasonable? I honestly don't remember going every week with the other two kids, not until the very very end. And since Jack was right on time and Molly was early, I'm not sure I even made it to those weekly appointments. Am I remembering wrong? Is this just how it's done? Are they just anxious to bill insurance like Cynical Me suspects? Also, one of these appointments promises to be the Invasive Type and I don't see the reason for that either. I miss my family practice doctor who pretty much waved me off each time and never checked me until I was actually IN labor. I know you are going to say, "WHY DIDN'T YOU SEE A MIDWIFE?" but the thing is, did you see how my doctor didn't care about my seven pounds? And the numerous posts that include the words I LOVE MY DR DO YOU THINK SHE WILL BE MY BFF?

So. That is that. Weekly appointments. At least it's a reason to get out of the house? Today, for the first time ever, I swear, my doctor was way behind and they told me it would be a while and I seriously didn't even care. I brought my Kindle with me and, this is true, I fell asleep reading while waiting for her. AND IT WAS LOVELY. 

La la la I really want to tell you about the nifty bedside table lamps I picked up at Target today (I am spending all the money I WOULD have spent on fun summer clothes and fun summer cocktails on Things For My House) but I shall RESTRAIN myself. I really want to post one of those super shocking Before/After photos and I feel as though the shockingness will be less if I show you all the After elements before everything is DONE. And besides, you are not going to be all that shocked anyway, at least not in a good way, so I need to keep everything to my advantage. 

My kids were good! They were nice to their grandparents! Friends came over in the afternoon and stayed for dinner! They didn't wake up at all last night! Everything's good in single parent land! 

I'll now sign off before one of the children realizes I've written a POSITIVE BLOG POST and decides to teach me a lesson. 



My OBs don't start having people come every week until 36 weeks. Also, starting at a certain number of weeks (20, I think?) all visits are included under the delivery fee. So whether you have 10 visits or 12 (pulling numbers out of the air) it costs the same. I wonder if that's the way everyone does it or if it's regional or practice-specific.


I'm 31 weeks too, due the same day. But unlike you, I feel like it's coming SO SOON. Ahhhh. And I feel like there's still so much to get ready, and I start to have mini panic attacks thinking about it. I wish I could be as calm as you. I'm on every other week still, until 36 weeks. Then it's every week for the last month. I love going to my Dr's appt, b/c, as you said, it's a break! A rare time out of the house without my daughter. And I never ever minded the "invasive" appointments because I kept hoping that I would be dilated/effaced, which would show some progress. (Never happened with my daughter, though. Sigh.)

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I love how cheerful and zen you are about this pregnancy! But since I wasn't a reader during the other pregnancies, I will accept that maybe this is just How You Are.

And since I really know NOTHING about pregnancy at ALL, I will say that I am ready to be thoroughly shocked by the before and after photos. Yay, decorating!!!


I think my doctors visits were all included in the one fee too, so it didn't matter how many I had. But I definitely remember all the every week appointments. SO BORING. But in a good way.


Once a week from 36 weeks is standard in Canada, too. And you CAN refuse the internal. There really is no compelling reason for it. I hate disagreeing with the doctor, too, but if that's more agreeable than getting the internal just keep saying no like a broken record. Nicely, of course :)


I had every week starting at 36 weeks too. Though I think I only had one internal check with Baby 2.

I am getting all house decorate-y too! Though I swear it's Pinterest influence, not nesting.


If I am remembering right the every week visits started around 35 weeks during both pregnancies (different practices.) But I think it was suppose to be at 34 or 36 and my appointment weeks had gotten off a week? Or something? (Aren't I helpful?) Also, with baby number one every weekly appointment included a cervix check-- awesome right? But with baby number two I think she did the first one at my 39 week appointment and then I went into labor a few days later, so that was the only one. The only one at the doctor office. Obviously I also had them during labor.


Oooh, I would love to see a link to the lamps you bought at Target. I'm looking for some side table lamps too. Congrats on being 31 weeks!!

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