Time for this week's edition of Stellar Moments of Weekend Parenting!
When I DO listen to the talking, this is what I hear

All my babies

I was an attentive, cheerful, doting mother today, as evidenced by the four - FOUR - puzzles still in their put-together glory crowding up my living room floor. I thank God for puzzles, people, as my kids love them and they are pretty much the one kind of kid activity that I can do without wanting to stab myself in the eyes. 

Speaking of, what do your kids like to do? Out of curiosity? Jack right now is super into glue sticks and scissors and markers and entire forests' worth of paper. He writes random letters and asks me what they say (and gets mad when, nine times out of ten, they don't say anything. Sorry kid.) He draws rainbows and planets and family and he LOVES cutting all of his little creations into small pieces. Occasionally he glues them onto another sheet of paper, but usually he leaves them on the floor for me to grumble over later. He's still into his Trio blocks and whines at me to help him build the marble run. Other than that he is making up games with his willing assistant, Mollymoo, and running around the house in costume or building houses or setting up picnics or putting the stuffed animals and babies to bed. He will also sit and read his human body books (SNORE) or play Plants vs. Zombies on the iPad. And THANK THE LORD ALMIGHTY we have moved on from Busytown Mysteries. The preferred shows are now Fishtronaut (?) and Blue's Clues, both of which were found through unfettered iPad Netflix access. Sue me. 

Molly does whatever Jack does. Mostly. She also plays with the iPad but she's more likely to play one of the gazillion kid apps we downloaded. She's more into puzzles than her brother, but she prefers an adoring audience while she does them. She colors and cuts too, but mostly she's either doing whatever Jack is doing (therefore making it hard to tell what SHE especially likes to do) or hanging out with me. She likes to help unload the dishwasher and fold wash cloths and help me make the beds. She picks out clothes and watches me do my hair and loves getting the mail. I'm looking forward to seeing what a few hours of preschool separation does for Molly. Not that I think it's bad all this copycatting of her brother, but it will be fun to see what kinds of things she latches onto. It's super fun watching them play "airplane" or "haircut" or "mommy and daddy" but these are almost always Jack's ideas and Molly is second in command. Her one talent at these games seems to be starting a fight, alas. 

ANYWAY. I think my nice mommyness was largely due to the fact that Nai Nai and Ye Ye came over around lunchtime and watched the kids while I went to yet another doctor appointment. (Where I LOST two pounds! Ha! But I think that has more to do with sketchy weights than anything else. I mean, my rule during Hot By Thirty was Naked Morning Weight Is The Only One That Counts. Right?) And I "extended" my appointment hanging out at the library for a good hour. Refreshing! As for the appointment, it was, yet again, a thoroughly boring and pointless and I flat out said, "Do I REALLY have to come back so soon?" And my doctor, because she is awesome, cancelled my next appointment. Because REALLY. NOTHING IS HAPPENING. I don't have to go back until the 12th. I plan to gain lots of weight in the meantime, OBVS. 

I know that must sound so snobby and/or obnoxious to many of you, but there is honestly nothing much to talk about with my doctor. There's no reason to go over any of my complaints because I know they are all NORMAL and there's really nothing you can DO about having baby feet jammed in your ribcage except HAVE THE BABY. Right? I don't have anything serious to mention and all she does is measure me and tell me everything sounds great, so, yeah. That's that. I acknowledge my luckiness! But I am also going to complain about the baby feet. And the fact that I can no longer breathe. 

Actually, I had to sort of sit down and tell myself today, "Self? No more projects. Do not even think about painting your entry way. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH." I mean, perhaps I will get around to organizing the pantry and I really do have to find a place for new baby's stuff, but no more of these grand home improvement projects. (Well, grand for ME, anyway.) When walking up my one rinky dink flight of stairs is enough to wind me (see: baby feet in ribs) it's clear that I need to, you know, stop some stuff. I've been feeling bad about being tired or napping or even things like dreading helping the kids maneuver on the playground and making lunch, because all I want to do is SIT. But I'm trying to remind myself that even though I am a lazy lazy girl, I am not by nature a SITTER, this is not the real ME, I am 7.5 months pregnant and if there is any time when I should do more sitting it's the next several weeks. I think this is okay. 

I got to skype with my college bff today and her brand new baby boy and OH he was SO SWEET. It was making me very moony-eyed. He's beautiful. WANT. 

ANYWAY. We're just sort of stuck in these next couple weeks of Summer and Nothing Much To Do, which I've been disliking more and more lately. But then there will be Labor Day and after that, PRESCHOOL (OMG, must discuss preschool tomorrow, I have the shakes), and then the baby comes and maybe I should just APPRECIATE my days of nothingness right now? You think? I will try. 



My daughter does almost all of the same things as Jack - so funny to read! The imagination games are a blast to listen to, and her little brother (like Molly) is more than willing to follow along. I mean, how he can even know what the heck she's talking about I have no idea but he loves playing along with it all!

My doctor visits were equally as uneventful as well. A true blessing but I hear you on how it feels to be so pointless. And really it's not a free visit (insurance is paying) so in a way you're being a conscientious patient :)


I never had anything to talk to the doctor about either. I wonder if that is because we know the internet and know that things like baby feet in lungs are normal and maybe other people don't?

Elizabeth plays with her toys and sometimes looks at her books. She likes to play with a big box of junk that I am collecting for her. Sometimes she asks for things like markers or crayons.


Kalena likes to color, play dress up, play outside (which I think mostly consists of digging in the dirt. At least, judging by how dirty she is when she comes inside that's what she does.) But the big thing these days is READING. Oh my heavens my kids want to be read to CONSTANTLY. Like I limit them to an HOUR AT A TIME. Because they would just sit there all day and listen if I would read. Will pretty much does whatever Kalena does, but I think that's the nature of an 18 month old.

Oh, also they really like play doh, but they pretty much only get to play with that in the nursery at church because I'm too lazy to deal with it.

Now my question is-- where are the belly pictures?! That's what you should be doing in your days of nothingness-- taking belly pictures.


By the end of the day, my living room floor is covered in Th@mas tracks, l@gos, 2 different sets of wooden blocks, and books- Karolina's 4 favorite things to do. We go outside every afternoon (unless it is raining), mostly because there is no empty floor space left by 3 pm. :)


To answer the question of what do my kids like to do, Ren loves to play trains and superheros. He'll do other stuff from time to time but 95% of the time he plays with his trains or pretends to be Iron Man or Captain America. Ree likes to chew on things and try to lick shoes. I cannot wait until she is old enough to play with Ren, and I pray that they will love playing together so that I do not always have to play trains or be the robot that fights Iron Man/Captain America.


Ethan does trains, but his main activity is finding new and inventive ways to torture his sister. They also like Moon Sand and playdo on occasion, but mostly they seem to just run around and fight or pick on the cat.

We're on our second round of watching Fishtronaut now. We made it through the episodes available on Netflix in short order and now we're starting again. I do not love it, but it's better than some. Weird though- flying fish with girl and monkey running around solving mysteries? It confuses me.

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