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Thursday Cop Out

Deep thoughts while watching paint dry

I am sitting here watching paint dry. LITERALLY. I painted four different Martha Stewart grays on my dining room wall and now I am WATCHING. I took pictures of the house today, for YOUR benefit Internet! But I need Phillip to upload them (uploading is now even more complicated as I am on a Foreign Computer and someone is Rearranging All The Files) and he is working late tonight. Where "working late" = "moving the servers to a new server room". I'd rather be watching paint dry. 

Anyway, I'll try to post those later, along with the accompanying angst re: decor. You = SO looking forward to it!

Jack's friend K visited our house this morning - my first time watching a kid I don't know. Which is a LITTLE weird, you must admit. Just something NEW at least. Of course he was a cutie patootie and not a problem in any way. It was MY kid I was anxious about. There was the usual amount of awkward floundering in the beginning, where you're not sure what to play with or what to do or where to go and your little sister is sort of in the way except she's ALWAYS there so you're more or less playing with HER instead of your friend who came to play with YOU... is anyone else stressed about Preschool Play Dynamics? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

The first thing they did was play outside - blowing bubbles, "watering" the plants with old nasty water from the wading pool I never emptied out. And that SEEMED to be going well, even though Jack was doing all the watering and K was doing all the bubble blowing and Molly was complaining that Jack was using HER watering can. I kept saying, "K came to play with YOU!" but maybe I should have just kept out of it. 

I tried! I went inside and obsessed over gray paint on Pinterest, but then Molly started bawling. I went out, hauled her inside and kept her mind off the two older boys via animal crackers and puzzles. I kept going out on the deck to check on the boys and I swear, it took FOREVER until it even APPEARED that they were playing together. But again! I kept out of it! Not my playdate! 

They came inside after a while, though, and that's when I started to pick up on the, shall we say, bossypantsness of my son. I wasn't necessarily SURPRISED. He is, after all, the child of me. He's also the oldest and used to pushing his sister around. And he's moderately bossy around other kids, except for the older, taller ones. (They boss HIM around.) But for some reason he kept telling, no, directing K. And if K wasn't super on board to play with whatever Jack was playing with, Jack just played by himself. Which is when I started up with my, "K came to play with YOU!" again. 

I may be making too much out of this. I mean, it IS Jack's house and maybe he was just showing K what he likes to do. And he's FOUR for goodness' sake. Four is probably not an optimal age for understanding social dynamics. K never seemed bothered by it, and Jack really didn't do it TOO much, and by the last hour or so all three of them were running around the house playing hide and seek and shrieking and generally having a blast. And you should have seen them singing all together while they ate lunch. I swear, soon I shall be captaining the Cheung Family Singers. 

But still. I don't know. It's FINE. It was playdate number TWO. I just... yeah. Maybe what irks me is that Jack busted out some behaviors that recalled stories my mother tells about preschool-aged ME. We all know I am the bossypantsest of us all, right? Sigh. 

I don't know about my gray paint, you guys. I nixed gray paint in the beginning, but the dining room area is MUCH smaller and JUST as light as the other rooms, and seems like it could handle [light] gray paint. And gray, I'm told, goes well with yellow. And I was seriously doubting painting EVERYTHING yellow... I think what surprises me is that the grays that look best are the "warm" grays, not the "cool" bluish ones I lean towards in the store. The bluish ones look purple, or kid room-ish while the warmer ones go better with the yellow (obvs). I know, I know, just post the pictures already. Later! 

P.S. You know what else I bought today? KILZ PRIMER. Kilz Primer is something I have only heard about on the internet. You use it to prime a piece of furniture (or something) you plan to spray paint. Which is also something I've only heard about on the internet. BUT BY GOD I'M GOING TO SPRAY PAINT SOMETHING IF IT KILLS ME. And oh yes, there will be pictures of that as well. 



Oh man what a tease with the pictures Maggie! I thought today was the day! :)

I am up to my ears in houses and houses related talk and today I told Rick I want my brain back, I can't handle HOUSES!!! 24/7. And yet I can't stop myself either. Post whatever you want about houses and paint drying - I'm game.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yes, we must see photos! And vote!

I am SURE I would be the same way about the Playdate Fretting. All you want is for Jack to have friends and be liked, I'm guessing... and that's a totally fret-worthy want.

But it sounds like he kind of kicks ass at playdating. Not that you should (or will) stop fretting. But it's always nice to know that you are fretting out of, um, CHOICE rather than out of necessity. Or something. That made sense in my head.

The Sojourner

I don't want to sound like the kidless preachy person here, but...I would just let Jack figure out the whole "friends" thing by himself (unless he's doing something really bad like slapping the other kid around). I didn't really figure out how to have a social life until college, I think partly because being ALL ALONE forced me to figure out what worked for me. I'm sure I did some appalling things, but people are nice and I managed and now I actually have friends. It's weird.

(Not to blame my mother for my social anxiety or anything, though. If I had gone to private/public high school at 13 (instead of homeschooling) rather than leaving the nest by going to college at 17, I probably wouldn't have been able to deal. It was a combination of maturity and not having anyone around to manage my social life for me, you know?)


Oh yes, the mommy angst. I want my kid to have friends and I have very clear memories of alienating a few playmates because of my 5-yr-old bossyness (I don't have memories of it from before that, but I was a very precocious child and my daughter is a little Mini Me who looks like her daddy). I've seen her running after friends who are playing together and I have so much worry that she'll always feel like an outsider, that she won't have a best friend, that no one will want to be her partner in gym, whatever. And I had friends! I even still am friends with one of my Kindergarten classmates, so I couldn't have ticked everybody off! Ah, mommyhood angst.


Spray painting makes my fingers hurt. I've only done it once and I was not pleased with the results. Of course, I did not consult the internet on how to do it. That is probably where I went wrong.


We are trying to get kiddo into a mainstream preschool so he can start working out friendships and interacting with other mainstream little people. He will probably just sit in a corner and read a book. But your post reminded me of Sundry and her post about her oldest, whom she called "Mr. Loudmouth Dictator-Pants" which made me howl with laughter (and we use it in our house often).

Can't wait to see pictures of the house! Careful with the preggies and Kilz and other painty stuff. They wouldn't let the preggie interior designers be around the paint on "Trading Spaces" so it might be for realz.

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