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Staycation weekend

Just came home from small plates and the most amazing chocolate gelato EVAH (AND I USED TO LIVE IN ITALY) with my local blogger ladies. I highly recommend getting yourself a few of these. With Carrie I can sit down and say, "I just came home from dinner at a mainland Chinese restaurant with my Cantonese father-in-law" and she will just KNOW. Liz stopped being a "blog friend" forever and ever ago. And dudes, Mona needs her own HBO show about dating guys with AARP memberships. Anyway, if you do get your blogger ladies together and you're worried that the conversation might not flow (JUST IN CASE) may I suggest picking a restaurant in the rainbow-flagged part of town on Pride Weekend? I'm sure that whatever reaction the heavily tattooed woman with her boobs hanging out of the car window hoped to incite, it wasn't a conversation about Post-Breastfeeding Body Image. 

Most of what I want to write about tonight will be on the Catholic blog. (SEGUE!) So if you're interested in that sort of thing, pop over there

Otherwise I had a pretty fabulous weekend. Phillip's parents had the kids and we did a whole lot of nothing. Well, I suppose that's not entirely true. After stuffing 3 car seats into the Mazda and not feeling QUITE convinced, we went car shopping. Where the prices convinced us that yes, 3 car seats will do. THEN we did nothing. We sat on the couch, ate too much, and started Game of Thrones. Which... oh I don't know. I do love my episodic dramas, but this one might be a bit TOO much. Also I have to cover my eyes a lot. I'll give my official opinion at the end. 

That said, 'Bridesmaids' is one of my new favorite movies. I know I know. It's the "girl" Judd Apatow movie. And aren't I supposed to like things like Downton Abbey and British mystery shows? BUT YOU GUYS. I laughed so hard. The entire theater was in tears. It's been FOREVER since I've laughed along with a movie theater. And there was just something different about it than the average boy raunchfest. It was funny even when it wasn't being gross. It didn't have to be gross to be hilarious. I loved it. Also: Jon Hamm. 'Nuff said. 

Okay. Off to pretend I am holy on the Catholic blog. 


Life of a Doctor's Wife

I really want to see Bridesmaids. Glad to hear it is as hilarious as it looks!


Picture me with a big giant pout on my face. ALL the cool bloggers around here live an hour and a half (OR MORE) away from me. Obviously we chose a house on the wrong side of town.

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