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I think we're getting one day of summer tomorrow, then back to sixty-two and raining. Of course.

Oh &@$%. Here I am sitting down to write the Evening Blog Post and I just remembered that we [ME] totally spaced on the Last Day Of Preschool Teacher Present. Blast! Not that we were going to do anything Fahncy, I was just going to have Jack make cards. But Phillip is putting him to bed now... Okay, what if I get out my collection of nice, blank notecards, write my own little note and transcribe a Jackson note over breakfast? And if there's time have him draw a picture? Is that okay? I think the teacher presents get sort of ridiculous... and I, personally, would prefer a note over a Starbucks card... AFFIRM MY DECISION, INTERNET.

So Jack's last day is tomorrow and I realize this seems to be much later than everyone else's last day of preschool. My top theory is that, due to the preschool renting space from a synagogue and therefore taking off all the Jewish holidays, they make them up towards the end. Yes? 

And now we are facing a preschool-less summer and I won't lie. I'm a little intimidated. I've counted on two mornings a week of just Molly and me, which isn't always necessarily a breeze, but at least there is no FIGHTING. And there are two mornings a week where I definitely know what the plans are. You know? And now... Phillip REALLY wants to get them into swimming lessons, but I'm thinking that will be a Saturday thing because I? Am not doing swimming lessons. I am 1) pregnant 2) would rather die than be pregnant and swimsuited and 3) I don't know how to swim. Perhaps that last reason is a good one for me to GO? But no, my Biggest Fear is drowning (actually, drowning because my PLANE crashed into the OCEAN) and, well, I am an adult and I have made my peace with not knowing how to swim. But I WOULD like my kids to be a little more normal than me and yay for their dad taking the initiative. That still doesn't help me figure out my summer weeks. 

I've been perusing the local community center summer brochure and there are all manner of weird little classes to take. I might sign them up for one or two of those, here and there. I don't know. We also have a lot going ON this summer, so maybe it won't seem too empty. A friend of mine also passed on some info for a girl whose nanny job fell through at the last minute and is looking for childcare hours. I can see things working in my favor. 

One thing that is LAME and that I sort of forgot about is Phillip's class next week. In order not to kill ourselves with work, school and travel this winter, Phillip put off a single class for the summer. And he picked a class that is only one week long, but EVERY DAY all week long, with a lot of homework and group work hours afterwards. So yeah. It's one week and if I can survive a week-long business trip I can certainly survive a week-long class. BUT STILL. WAH. 

What are you doing with your preschoolers this summer? 

I had an OB appointment today. It's been... a while. I scheduled my ultrasound sort of late-ish, and then I kept putting off this appointment. I swear, every single one of these appointments has been pointless. They take five minutes. Listen to the heartbeat, then off I go. Not that I'm complaining about things being so NORMAL, HARDLY, but I wish I could SKIP all this stuff and head directly to Labor and Delivery. What would they do to me? Make me give birth in the parking lot? 

(Also, yes, totally looking Gift Horse in the Mouth, etc. etc.) 

The thing is, I adore my doctor. She is just... ADORABLE. She's cute and WAY friendly and remembers everything about me and my family and actually she's so chatty and remembery that I get sort of stuttery and weird around her, because, uh, AREN'T YOU JUST MY DOCTOR? WAIT, ARE WE FRIENDS? I need my boundaries clearly defined. Anyway, she doesn't hassle me about a single thing and when I told her that I did NOT want to see the Original Nurse Who Gasped At My Previous Pregnancy Weight Gain for a refresher on breastfeeding (OMG CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?) she waved her hand all, "TOTALLY."

Overbearing super doctory doctors seem to be the exception rather than the norm amongst my Seattle friends, and I always feel lucky when I compare my situation to stories I read about on the internet. My experience has been that the medical professionals are a lot less interventiony (how many nouns can I turn into adjectives in this post?!) than others in other parts of the country. As you know, I am not the type to have my baby in a tub and I am a big fan of pain meds, but I prefer to be poked and prodded as little as possible, and that's the sort of doctor I have. At least, she has ALWAYS given me the choice, when available, and when I ALWAYS opt out, she never makes me feel stupid or bad. 

But I stil have to show up to [Mostly] Pointless Appointments. Alas. Of course, today I was handed my vial of Revolting Orange Drink for my NEXT appointment, so I suppose there was that. 

Today I also started to think about actually HAVING the baby. I had conveniently blocked this part out. WAH.

Well. That was pretty tangenty, wasn't it (AGAIN! WITH THE ADJECTIVES! AM ON A ROLL!) I need to be writing these NOTECARDS, people. Stop distracting me! 




I love my doctor and actually want to be her friend. I just think it would be a little weird to ask her out to coffee during an exam.


I, too, like my OB a whole lot. Totally could see us going out for coffee. Alas, boundaries. Which got me thinking... Where does one have to hang out in order to have doctors as friends? They are quite busy.


Yes, sweet notecards are better than Starbucks giftcards. Teacher gifts ARE getting out of hand. We all need to stop the craziness.


Oooh, sorry, but I say go with the $5 Starbucks giftcard. (And the notecard). While the notecard itself would of course be appreciated, preschool teachers are horribly underpaid and overworked, and just that one day of free coffe they'd get from the GC makes a world of difference! (I was a preschool teacher before being a mommy, so I speak from experience.)


Your kids should be abl to take swimming lessons without you having to get in the water. Check with your local community pool or with the red cross. Where I live moms only get in the water with infants. They have one teacher with 4 or 5 pre-school aged kids with a life guard watching in case any little ones have trouble.


We aren't doing much of anything this summer. Certainly nothing scheduled that I have to be on time for or anything like that.


I felt oddly guilty about not having my kids write sweet notes to their teachers for their last day. It was odd because we just did "teacher appreciation week" last month AND I chipped in $15 for each teacher's "end of year" gift card from the whole class. (Zeeb's room mom pooled the money - over $400! - and got a spa gift card for the teacher. Isn't $400 a rather lot to blow at a spa? But then, who am I to complain when I certainly have no desire to be the room mom...)
In summary: yes, have him draw a cute picture in the morning.

Re: Swimming lessons. I've never gotten in the pool with my kids. However I also had a kid who refused to get in the pool himself. Which was (a) not fun and (b) a huge waste of lesson money. Really hoping not to see a repeat of that when the younger two take lessons next month.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I love adjectivizing and verbifying nouns. It's fun.

And I really have nothing helpful WHATSOEVER to add here.


TOTAL affirmation on teacher gift. a note and drawing is my standard protocal for christmas/end of year. extravagant teacher gifts/birthday treats/birthday parties just isn't my style.

Jo did Saftey Town last week and both sets of grandparents (separately) have offered to take the girls camping for a week or so.
Jo doesn't make the cut for the swim lessons (she doesn't turn 5 until the end of Aug.) thru the Rec. Dept. BUT - our neighbor across the street (and Jo's new best friend) has an in-ground pool in their backyard and an aunt who is a certified lifeguard. which means we may do impromptu swim lessons at the neighbors. CoCo is a little fish and will of course want to join in the fun, too. Good thing I found a cute and comfy maternity swim suit at a re-sale shop.

Other than that our summer is WIDE OPEN.

p.s. THRILLED to hear you had such a successful weekend with Phillip/buying furniture at Ikea. Bring on the minivan!

p.p.s.IF it makes you feel any better I'm flying solo with the kiddos for the entire summer. Its Matt's CRAZY INSANELY busy time. Monday-Saturday, he leaves the house at 7am and doesn't get home until after dark, trying to fit in all the painting jobs. He started painting the outside of our house one weekend in early April and now its June and its still half-way-ish done. ugh


I like my practice a lot, too. And I remember thinking "hmmm, I wonder if I could skip some of those more pointless appointments?" but I never did. It helped that I usually got a babysitter and it gave me 2-3 hours of "free" time and I got to read a book while waiting... so there was that.

No idea on the teacher gifts/cards.

Hoping I can pass my little monsters off on aunts and make some extra playdates because this summer is already starting to overwhelm me.


Ummm...have we seen any belly pictures so far for Third Baby? I feel like we might be lacking in that department so far. Can you help us out? :)


My OB is really good friends with my MOPS leader, so she comes to a lot of the moms' night outs. I still don't know her all that well, though, so it makes me feel rather awkward at pants-off appointments.

I think being in the pool is the best thing ever when pregnant. It takes all the pressure off my belly (pressure I usually don't even know is there).

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