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June 9

The 'Mighty' now refers to 'Not Sick! Yet!'

The good thing about sick kids is that you (well, perhaps I should just speak for myself) WANT to coddle and spoil and baby and placate them.* They're whiny and miserable, but you know WHY. You UNDERSTAND. When one child begins to wail because the other child is singing the song that HE wanted to sing, at least you can say to yourself, "Well, he's just not himself today." This phrase has the benefit of being true, while also totally ignoring the fact that, actually, this sort of argument IS a daily occurrence, stomach bug or no stomach bug. 

Poor Jack woke up scandalously early, was in a horrible funk all morning - enough for Phillip to apologize before leaving for work. But then he fell asleep on the couch sometime in the morning and basically did not leave that spot all day. And I was content to leave him there, fetching him glasses of water and ordering Netflix to play as many Busytowns as his little heart desired. Jack can be lethargic and spacy and whiny when he wants to Get Me, but otherwise he's a pretty active, giggly, shouty, energetic little kid. So seeing him passed out on the couch all day just turns me into the most permissive mother in the world. TV all day? Cheez Its for lunch? A ride in the car just to RIDE IN THE CAR? Sure! Why not! 

Molly, at least, is herself again. Mostly. I fear the Potty Situation will never right itself, but at least SHE wasn't passed out on the couch all day (although her version of "passed out on the couch" is "glued to my lap". Much MUCH worse.) 

The big disappointment tonight is that we had to skip Jack's preschool open house. I knew they were working on art projects and I love hearing them tell me how awesome he is, so I'm just bummed. I'm bummed that we won't go there next year, I'm bummed I'm missing out on Jack showing off his stuff, grumble grumble grumble. Damn you, Emotional Attachments! I hate that our whole family is on this sort of downward slide towards mid June, when grad school will be officially, though not technically, over (he still has a week long class to finish in July). It seems there are a dozen different special nights and appointments and last days of various things that I, in particular, just have to power through. There are all these things I want to do with the house, but there's no time to do them, not until school is out. So I'm just waiting around, waiting for preschool to be over, waiting for Phillip to have time to talk about Where To Put The Bookshelves, that sort of thing. But then summer is never calm, not when you have twelve zillion people visiting your family (this is a GOOD thing, just a BUSY thing) and all that to say you are never going to see pictures of the inside of my house. I still have a carpet hole in my living room, for pete's sake. 

AAAANYWAY. Today I found some leftover Easter candy, so, score! Also I've discovered, via my equally-fixated-on-British-wartime-mysteries father, a fabulous new detective series (by Charles Todd) (a MOTHER/SON WRITING TEAM) AND I found out that Downton Abbey is on Netflix. There was a time when everyone was referring to Downton Abbey on Twitter and I KNEW it was my kind of show but I didn't have the ability to watch it and NOW? Now I have 1) a comfortable living room and 2) Netflix working on my TV again and I am in Turn Of The Century British Heaven. God bless Netflix and God bless the Kindle. 

*It just occured to me that my HUSBAND will read this and think, "Why doesn't she want to coddle ME when I'M sick?" I'm going to have to think up an answer to that. Something along the lines of, "Well, you aren't FOUR."


Sarah in Ottawa

I'm glad to hear that Maggie is on the mend, and that you've avoided it thus far. I'm sure that Jack will be feeling better in no time.

I also can't believe how quickly (to me) P's school days have drawn to a close. When I was living grad school, it was never ending. But as an uninvolved observer, time sure is flying. Am officially old. WHERE IS MY LAPEL PIN?


I hope Jack is feeling better soon. And I am so glad that you haven't gotten it yet! Eat lots of that Easter candy- for strength.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Ugh on the sickness. I hope Jack feels better today.

And on the waiting? It sucks. But sounds like you have a good plan of Powering Through.


I'm glad that Molly feels better and I hope that Jack feels better soon.

I would just leave potty training alone for now. Let her recover from any incidents that occured and just start over in a month or so. Good luck!

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