Adventures with Miralax
The 'Mighty' now refers to 'Not Sick! Yet!'

Miralax will now sue me for defamation

Upon hearing that Molly's Intense Intestinal Distress was on its fourth day, the doctor frowned and said, "Nah, that's something viral. Something viral and bad timing with the Miralax."

So now my guilt over making my baby sick has been replaced with guilt over how many OTHER babies I've made sick, because I thought Molly was just reacting to the Miralax and not ACTUALLY sick.

Today was marginally better. Even though she woke up at five and had to take a morning nap for the first time in forever, she woke up from her super long afternoon nap a mostly different girl. Cheery, interested in toys, interested in food, interested in her grandparents who came to visit. Still kind of clingy, but we stayed away from The Facilities and I felt like the worst was over.

We were going to meet some family friends for dinner (YAY for Big Chinese Celebratory Dinners!) and the kids and I went to pick up Phillip on our way downtown. Then, right as I was parking the car behind Phillip's building, Jack said, "My tummy hurts!" And you never really know with him. He's a bit of a whiny baby at times, and I thought maybe he was just tired (he was) and tired of his sister getting all the love (that too) but THEN he barfed all over himself.

I wasn't able to haul him out of the car until the third wave of barf, and by that time he was covered, the car seat was soaked, and I was not smelling so great myself. Phillip arrived with towels and plastic bags and brand new company t-shirts and we mopped things up the best we could, cancelled on the grandparents and drove back home. I put everything in the laundry, Jack in the tub and left the car to Phillip.

And Jack barfed a few more times. So. Apparently it is something viral.

My kids don't get sick very often, and when they do it doesn't REALLY faze me. I mean, it sucks and it's hard work and no sleep and your babies are sad pathetic little blobs for a few days, but whatever, people get sick, life goes on. THIS TIME, however, I am TERRIFIED of when it will be my turn. I just... I cannot deal with that. I can't. Not on top of everything else. Not when my house is still a moving-in-disaster, when there are potato chips ground into the carpet, when I still have loads of preschool and moving paperwork to take care of, when Phillip has all his end-of-the-program school stuff going, when I've JUST NOW reentered Life and made plans with all of my people. I can't get sick. WHAT WILL I DO???

Phillip says he'll stay home, but... UGH. I'm sitting here praying that the cramping I feel in my own stomach is simply from being pregnant, or the smell of barf that still lingers. I can't do that. I cannot take three or four days off from everything. Even if I DO get to lay in bed that whole time.

So anyway, there ends the Mystery Miralax Episode. LAME, huh? SUPER bad timing. I'm supposed to wait a few days until I feel sure about Molly being past this stomach bug, then start again with a half dose, or even a fourth. I hope that this becomes routine eventually, because I'm really hoping for her to be trained in time for preschool in the fall. And right now that seems impossible.

Right now Jack and Molly and Phillip are on the couch watching (what else) Busytown Mysteries. Jack holds a bowl in his lap, Molly munches on a peanut butter sandwich and Phillip had to give up his fancy Chinese dinner for my leftover omelette from yesterday's brunch. We're shooting for an early bedtime and then draping the kids' room in plastic, the better to quarantine whatever it is that threatens our desperately needed productivity.

In the meantime, my laptop is the only internet-accessing-device that is not accessing the internet. Something ELSE to cry about. SEE YOU TOMORROW.

ETA: I forgot to mention that the "best" part of the barfing is Molly flapping her hands, looking grossed out/worried and going "oh! oh! oh!". And then turning away. Because "I don't like that noise."



With all the my-kid-puked-all-over-the-car stories I've read lately I'm starting to get worried we'll catch it through the computer...


Getting sick myself is ALWAYS my concern when the kids get sick. I don't like cleaning up the barf, or dealing with whiney kids, but it would be WAY easier if I knew I weren't going to catch whatever they have.

Also, I'm with Jessica, totally worried that somehow we'll catch it through the internet.

Sarah in Ottawa

Gah!! Vomit is my least favourite substance to deal with. Give me poopy diapers and a diaper sprayers ANY DAY over barf. I am so, so sorry.

Praying that you feel back to normal tomorrow. xo


Poor Molly and Jack! I hope they're feeling much better soon and that the germs keep far far away from you.


I really hope you don't get it too. Maybe it is a virus that only affects the under five crowd? I didn't catch Elizabeth's last one, so hopefully you'll have the same experience.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Awww Maggie - that sounds awful! I hope this is a kids-only type of virus that skips right over you.

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