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You KNOW I'd rather be watching the Royal Wedding

I don't remember the last time I had a cold this bad. The kids were with my in-laws all day, and I spent my free time packing a box, then lying down, then packing a box, then lying down. 

I kind of freaked out when the movers called to say they were bumping up our move from Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning. I emailed Phillip to inform him he'd be taking tomorrow off. And then I emailed the friend who told me her daycare lady was taking drop ins. I wasn't going to do this. The kids are already so mixed up and out of it and getting shuffled off to various family members this week. But I still have so much to pack and there's nothing for the kids to do here and and and GO AWAY GUILT! The plan is to drop them off in the morning and... I don't know, do the daycare thing. I had to be schooled on lunches and naps and changes of clothes. This will be super new for all of us. 

Of course, Molly seemed to have a fever tonight and Jack was coughing. So maybe tomorrow we will just all sit around watching Phillip box up the rest of the house. That actually doesn't sound half bad. 

Wish me luck, Internet! Or, at the very least, the ability to breathe out of my nose. 



I feel so bad because I gave you that cold and it is the PITS. I still have it. And the only thing that helps is Advil. And you can't take Advil. ARGH.


I just realized that with the time change, you might read this before Jack and Molly had off- if there is a chance that they will be outside in the yard for an extended amount of time, send at least 2 pairs of socks and extra shoes (if you can find them!). Also- naps go down well if they can bring a lovey. But no matter what happens they will have a blast- there will be new toys!

Also- lunches, my advice is finger foods all the way.

ccr in MA

Oh, yikes! Good luck, good luck, good luck! Just keeping telling yourself, you're almost there.


They will have a blast at daycare for the day.

I hope you feel better. Being sick and moving is like one of the most unfair things ever.

Christy M

Oh, I'll send you a hug. It'll go easier than you think, simply because you're expecting it to be bad. It's when you're like, 'Oh, everything will go lovely!' that things go wrong. I like to think that all that energy fretting goes somewhere, and this is it. :)

It was a lovely wedding, too.


Ugh, I saw your tweet the kids are too sick for daycare. That really sucks. Hope the tv hasn't been disconnected.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Awwww! Hope you ALL feel better. Moving sucks. But you'll get through it!


Hope you feel better soon! Good luck with the move!

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