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There was no possibility of taking a walk that day

Phillip comes home tonight. But I will probably be asleep when he gets here. A combination of Sick, Still Freakishly Tired, and Jane Eyre on the Kindle makes me float off before nine. 

This is not a knock against Jane Eyre, just that reading in bed helps me fall asleep. I downloaded Jane Eyre because it was free and I was tired of looking for books I wanted to read, yet weren't thirteen dollars. Also, I would have told you that of COURSE I've read Jane Eyre before, in high school AND college, but, um, so far it is WILDLY UNFAMILIAR. So much so that I'm very angry I already know about MRS. Rochester, because it's ruining what is a really awesome read. That I do not think I've read before. Oh dear. English major FAIL. 

My least favorite thing that happened this week is when the realtor who told me he was coming at six instead showed up at five-twenty. UNFAIR. I had given MUCH thought to how we'd be out by six and what we would do and when we would eat dinner. I was elbow deep in diapers and dirty laundry, trying to get the place fixed up. And he was all, "Oh! We're early! Don't mind us! We're fine!" Like I was worried about HIS experience. OOOOH I WAS FURIOUS. I think of all the frustrations I've had in the last several weeks, it's the rental house stuff that puts me over the edge. 

I called a moving company for an estimate today. It's been decided: we are too old to make our friends help. So I called, having no idea what to expect for an estimate, and, well, wowsers. That said. It was an overestimate, that much is clear, and also I was on the phone with these guys for nearly 45 minutes. I cannot do that with another set of movers. Yes, I am saying it may be worth hundreds of dollars to me just to not have to get another estimate. GROWN UP BUDGETING FAIL. But seriously, I had to list every piece of furniture in every room, PLUS estimate how many boxes I was going to have, in small, medium, and large. I did my best but dude, that's nigh impossible don't you think? I overestimated (I hope). Then I hung up and realized I didn't mention the outdoor furniture, or the closet full of musical instruments, or all the bikes and trikes. What we're hoping to do is pack everything ourselves and stack all the boxes in the garage to make it easy. They charge by the hour, so whatever we can do to simplify and streamline should trim some cash, yes? 


It turns out Phillip doesn't have to go away for a third week (which would have been the week after next). He is, however, still going on a week long trip the following week. For those of you keeping track. I am in this strange place of being excited/relieved/thrilled that he's going to be home for two weeks! In a row! Er...

I forgot to post something for Parenting this week. Because, and this is true, I forgot what day it was. I always write something on WEDNESDAYS. And on Wednesday I found myself saying, "Oh good, I still have another day to think of something!" Which: not exactly. And you guys, this is the third time I've done this. All in the last three or four months. I am BEYOND MORTIFIED. I keep waiting for them to fire me. Seriously. 

I took the kids to the bank with me to get a cashier's check. For an ungodly amount of money. That I will never see again. I bribed them into behaving with granola bars. It only took 10 minutes. It seemed like it should take longer. And require a background check and calls to my high school teachers and Phillip's former employers. OR SOMETHING. I don't know. 

I also took them to Lowe's AND Home Depot to pick up paint chips. I hate painting (shocker!) and I hate picking out paint almost as much. But while I can hire painters, I can't really hire anyone to pick my paint for me. Well, I suppose I can, but have you met me? Control Freak Extraordinaire! A friend of mine just recently worked with another interior designer friend to repaint and redecorate her entire downstairs. It looks awesome! And the interior designer friend offered to help me out as well. But I just know - I JUST KNOW - that my style will not gel with his and that is how I will end up with taupe walls, because I can't say no. Especially to someone with AUTHORITY. But I do not want taupe walls. I want 'Gravity' from Valspar walls BUT I COULDN'T FIND THE FREAKING PAINT CHIP.

I bought Molly two more Easter dresses. Shut up. Sixty percent off! 

We colored eggs today. 

I've packed up half my dishes. I have a lot of dishes. 

I had Top Ramen for dinner, and woe, Top Ramen is the poor white girl's version of FIL-Approved Can-Only-Buy-It-In-Canada Ramen. Sob. 

We are signing all the papers at nine o'clock tomorrow morning. Kids in tow. Deep breath. 


Sarah in Ottawa

Eee! Good luck! It is crazy how little effort it takes to get a cheque for that much, eh?

As for movers - can you box stuff up, put it in the garage and get friends to help with THAT? And get movers to move the furniture, etc. When we moved here, we did something like that. We inherited a bunch of furniture 2 months before we moved, so we rented storage lockers. We'd pack our stuff, then move it to the lockers. We had a Saturday where we rented a van, had a friend's van and about 8 friends help us clear that out and bring it to the house. Then, for the big stuff, we had movers. We lived in an apartment where the delivery guys barely got our love seats in. The movers had no problem getting the big stuff out, and it didn't cost much. Is that an option?

A blessed Triduum to you, my dear. I thought about you tonight as I was in adoration, thinking "Is anyone going to stay and keep watch". But I had to get home and feed the snotty, teething baby. Maybe one of these years I will stay...


9 am today! YAY! I'm so excited for you guys!

And yes, if you put everything in a box (EVERYTHING) it will all go much faster. We stacked everything up in the same place, thinking it would be easier for them, but I found that those dudes are so efficient that it doesn't matter if they have to run around the house. As long as it is all boxed up and easy to stack in the truck it goes way, way faster.

But, you are a military child. You know this.



Good luck!!

Dr. Maureen

I agree with A'Dell; box up as much as you can. Also, if you do get a second estimate, beware of lowball estimates because that is one way disreputable movers getchya; they lowball the estimate and then hold your stuff hostage while saying, "Whoops, it was $3k more than we thought it would be." It sounds to me like you talked to a reputable moving company, though. And the good movers are THE BEST. They practically RUN from the house to the truck. They are awesome.


I think that moving the boxes to the garage is a good idea and I know that good movers are worth their weight in gold.

I want to see Molly's other Easter dresses. I LOVE the one I got for Fuss, but I'm always looking around at other ones (especially since she's in a phase of loving dresses!)

I like the story of Jany Eyre, but I always had the same problem - sleepy.


Binding not-to-exceed estimate. We got screwed once. And ask them how much it is to add packing. Also, they made you do it over the phone? Whenever I've gotten estimates, men with serious faces and clipboards have come to my house and opened all my closets.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yay! Good luck!

I want you to know that I had an empathetic blood pressure elevation when I read about the realtor coming 40 MINUTES EARLY. Even five minutes early I personally would have gotten testy about... But 40 MINUTES? Argh. And then making it seem like HE was okay with YOU not being ready? When HE was in the wrong? ARGH. Also, this thinks I spelled realtor wrong which I really don't think I did! Stop underlining realtor!

I would love to see photos of Molly modeling the Easter dresses. I LOVE Easter dresses and secretly wish I could still get away with wearing them.

Also, I have never read Jane Eyre. OR Wuthering Heights. OR Chaucer. OR Moby Dick. Someone should be by shortly to yank my English degree.


Jane Eyre is STILL my favorite novel of all time. And there's a new movie version out at the moment. In limited release, but still! Yay! I'm ridiculously excited about this, I realize.


I bought Karolina a second Easter dress today (the one she will actually wear because it has sleeves) and I also had Top Ramen for lunch!

We are moving tomorrow, and oh how I wish we had movers. Last years' move we had them, and it was so so so much easier. Last year I did nothing. This time I am doing 85% of the packing. Ugh.


Good luck with all the packing! I think that is why, though we talk about it much, we may never, ever move from this house. THE STUFF. And we don't even have kids yet! (one on the way, so we're about to be even more doomed with THE STUFF!) But sheesh - just the idea of packing it all up overwhelms me into thinking I could love another blistering Texas summer just fine.

The Sojourner

I read the Eyre Affair by Jasper Fforde (highly recommend) before I read Jane Eyre. Now THAT was confusing.

I have no moving stories of my own; somehow even though I was 14 the last time we moved I missed out on all the stress. (Hey, I got to eat McDonalds every other day. Moving was awesome!) But my dad's commentary on our last move was that next time he goes anywhere it'll be in a pine box. So apparently it was more stressful for the over-18s.


We had people come to the house and give us estimates...quick and easy. Once we had a couple or three through, we could compare rates and estimate how long it would take based on their estimates...if everyone said it would take 3-4 hours, then probably about 3-1/2, right? And even then, it took less time. You can always have them do all the furniture first, then the boxes, and if time gets short (or you're not done packing, like me), they can take everything else and you can worry about the remaining boxes. Just make sure the big stuff is done and disassembled and ready to go. And if anything is too special for them to take, set it waaay aside, because I got busy and distracted and suddenly my antique-ish china (Noritake from "Occupied Japan") was on the truck. But our movers did a great job and it wasn't super expensive...worth the less stress, I swear. They wrap the furniture, they know how to pack, and they're paid to put their bodies at risk of injury. But still, friends are good for the last few boxes and helping clean, if you're worried about that. I was on my last legs when we went back to get the last HUGE batch of stuff (darn last little annoying crap), and everyone was telling me to take a break. But NO, I needed to finish. And they all helped me. And I survived. You will too. :)

Kate P

Oh, moving can be such an ordeal, can't it? I am thinking positively and praying that it all goes well for you. You will not regret using the movers. I did it last time (managed to get a great referral), and other than the slightly strange guy who meowed as he was moving my cat's scratching post, they did a great job and even finished early. That's what I'm hoping for you. And Happy Easter!!!

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