So we bought a house
When my friends in the computer came to stay

Before I drop them off at the orphanage

Today has not been one to win me any honors in parenting. My in-laws showed up ten minutes ago, their weekly Monday afternoon visit, and I am hiding out in my bedroom. I am "folding laundry". I am actually trying to scrape what's left of a Pleasant Demeanor out of the Pit of Furious that is my current state. I am thinking this will take me at least until we meet Phillip for dinner. 

I understand that it's my fault. I ignored them all morning to pick up my house. Landlord sent his realtor over for picture taking and because I am 1) a decent tenant and 2) exceptionally prideful, I had a lot of work to do. I did most of it over the weekend, but certain things you have to do last minute, like hiding of bathroom essentials and sweeping of kitchen floors. I'd also saved my bedroom, aka The Place Where Everything Place-Less Goes To Die, for last. So as soon as the kids woke up they were parked in front of PBSKids and I was marching up and down the stairs putting things away, wiping down, hiding in closets, all that good stuff. 

I finished 45 minutes before the photographer came, which angered me because that was 45 minutes I had to keep everything clean. The TV was still on. 

The photography itself was relatively painless. And I didn't have to use my Grown Up Voice with the realtor, since he immediately and cheerfully acquiesced to my when-he-gets-to-show-the-house demands. (No one gets to visit while Molly (and, preferably myself) are napping. The end.) 

But Phillip took the car this morning - it is becoming more and more and MORE apparent that we are not long for the one car family world - and the weather was icky and OH GOD WE HAVE TO ENTERTAIN OURSELVES. AND IT'S NOT TIME FOR LUNCH YET. 

I kept Jack happy with computer games, graham crackers, more television and puzzles until Molly woke up, but by then I was Beyond Exhausted and just wanted them to play with each other, away from me. But no, there had to be giggling/whining (Jack is gleefully taunting his sister) or tattling (both of them accusing the other of some egregious invasion of personal space) or out of control roughhousing (that will end in tears) or SPITTING and SO YEAH I LOST IT. 

Hence the hiding in my bedroom. I am so tired. I thought I was supposed to be getting over The Tired by now, but I still want to take a three-hour nap every afternoon. And even though I have grandparents here to keep the kids away from me, I'm STILL furious with them! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH.

Tomorrow morning we have the house inspection, which is half exciting and half a giant pain in the rear since the preschool and one car situations are making the logistics pretty tricky. On the other hand, my brother-in-law (MY BROTHER-IN-LAW!) is going to watch the kids for an hour tomorrow afternoon so I can do something about the shaggy animal currently atop my head. 

GAH. I just feel so bad because everything is going WELL but it's still a lot of WORK and I am totally putting the mom stuff on the back burner (hello PBSKids!) and WOW I SUCK AT THIS RIGHT NOW. 

Aaaand right now the kids are ordering their Ye Ye to go sit in the corner. OMG. I'm going to shut the door and dive under the covers. 


Ji Campbell

Maggie, wow you've been busy for sure. I am amazed about all the things you are doing right now. My kids did not nap either today. I just ignored the situation for my mental health. Are you about 13 weeks? I am. Still tired in the afternoon. I hope the house inspection goes smooth and all the logistics work out. We have only one car as well and are trying to figure out how we can magically bring 2nd car into our life.


We moved when I was 3 mo preg with my first and I was MISERABLE. Nauseous and tired. But it worked out really well for me: people brought me food, encouraged me to rest, and let me direct everything without helping much. Of course, I didn't have existing children to take care of (or pack for).


Mine get to watch cartoons for a bit each day, probably more than they should but sometimes a Mom needs a break. Good luck on your inspection.


I have had a few days like that lately. You have a lot on your plate and it will get better. Last weekend it was so bad with my kids, I drove around for 45 minutes on the way home until I knew my husband would have them ready for bed.
Hang in there and good luck with the inspection.


Giggling, whining, taunting, tattling, personal space invading, roughhousing, spitting. Wow, are you sure you didn't spend the day with *my* kids yesterday? It all sounds so familiar...

Except I'm not pregnant or in the middle of a stressy house situation, so you have my sympathies!


You are pregnant! AND moving! AND have two little ones with many needs! Please don't worry about the PBSkids. Thank goodness for quality children's television for times like this, I say!


My mom always asks us if we remember her yelling too much or being too busy, b/c she feels like that happened a lot. But I honestly don't remember any of that. I remember the fun stuff.

That's the little story repeat to myself when I've been yelling at the kids for an hour and they've been watching Dino Dan (God save me please) for 2 hours. Kids won't remember these days. Give yourself a break, you've got A LOT going on!


I am also having one of those weeks. I've contemplated booking a last minute, wallet draining trip to get away from my kids for a spell. Too much crazy! Hang in there! Things will settle down at some point... Right?! I'm forcing myself to believe this.


I confess that VERY often PBS Kids or Disney channel or the assortment of animated movies we own baby sit my toddler. So honestly, that your kids were parked in front of the TV for one day really doesn't seem like anything to me. (this started as a pattern when I was pregnant with my son and has continued. I like to pat myself on the back on the days when she watches NO TV, but those days usually involve us being out of the house most of the morning.) I realize that this makes me an awful mother and I admit it, but OMG, sometimes life with an incredibly talkative and opinionated 3 year old threatens to drive me to drink. At 11 am.)

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