I'm sorry Future Jack, but this story must be written down
In which my weekend put me in that Let's Sit And Talk For Hours About WHO WE ARE MEANT TO BE! kind of mood

Friday Reads and Recommends

Most of these are kinda churchy. You've been warned.

1. I am loving this song about marriage. The part I like best is: 

Cause the only way to find your life is to lay your own life down 
And I believe it’s an easy price for the life that we have found 

2. The other day I got lost in a Catholic blog wormhole, following all these links about the new Anthony Hopkins movie, 'The Rite'. I read the book the movie is [loosely, apparently] based on, and really liked it. If you're into, you know, Freaky Deaky Church Stuff. But I also have to recommend this post that talks about the movie and the "fundamental strangeness" of what we believe at Inside Catholic. (I found the post via The Anchoress, like so many other Catholic things I read.)

3. And oh dear, this one is Out There, but you guys I SO BELIEVE in the Out There. It's powerful and one day I will get a little smarter and post my reaction to it on the Catholic blog. 

4. I'm supposed to email a friend a list of all the preschool-friendly apps on my phone, and to remind me to do this tomorrow I'll post one here: the game my two-year-old will do the longest, and that she can do by herself (which is THE POINT) is Shape Builder. (The lite version works well enough for us.) 

5. If you are going to Disneyland I highly HIGHLY recommend the Howard Johnson hotel - close enough to walk, awesome kid rooms, and the coolest pool/toddler splash area I have ever seen. I bring this up because if Phillip can get time off during his spring break, we're going to Disneyland in March (AGAIN) (SHUT UP) (IT WAS AWESOME) and I cannot get a room at this hotel and it is KILLING ME. So much that I have created a bookmark JUST to check availability a hundred times a day, but no luck so far. BUMMER.

And I'm going to see Anne Lamott speak on Saturday and I'm so! excited! I shall report back any Tidbits of Writing Wisdom. 



I also like the song you reference in point #1. Which is good, because they play it approximately every 3 seconds on the local Christian music station. I barely exaggerate.

Your mentions of Disneyland lately have lead to much discussion here of whether or not our kids are ready for Disneyland. Maybe not this year, but you're inspiring us to think of doing it soon!

When are you going to come hang out with me? I STILL have not seen the haircut. Pouting.


Okay. That Andrew Peterson song? Has been KILLING me. I LOVE it.

And the Kreeft piece? Yeah. YEAHHHH.

I love you :-D

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I'd never heard that song, but wow! I LOVE it!

Have so much fun at the Anne Lamott presentation! Hopefully you will leave with lots of exciting writing tidbits.


I am going to Disney World one week from today! Whooo! I am seriously excited. But I can't stay in the Howard Johnson. First of all because it is in the wrong state near the wrong Disney. Secondly because I have to stay in my in-laws' house. Blah.


So Freakin Jealous.
1. Disneyland. Though it sucks that you have to go during Spring Break. In my opinion, the only bonus of having very small children is that you can travel without being tied to the school calendar. I have a one, four and a 13 year old, so I'm screwed. We loved the Howard Johnson last time we stayed and I totally recommend it. Did you know you can sometimes get an Entertainment Card rate of $59 a night there? They have a message board area on their website with an area where they post discount days and I tend to haunt it when I'm contemplating a trip.
2. Anne Lamott. Love her. I bet it's wonderful.


Currently dying of jealousy that you get to hear Anne Lamott speak. I adore that woman. I'm so excited for you and I want to hear all about it!

Melissa T.

Thank you for the app recommendation...my almost three year old who refuses to nap is playing it right now! Bliss. Thank you. Send more when you can!

Jen @ The Short Years

Anne Lamott! Awesome!

And also, we recently went to Disneyland (thanks for your tips on it, after your last trip, by the way!) and the Howard Johnson didn't work out, but we really liked the Homewood Suites. It's way further down the road, but they have a very nice shuttle that runs every half hour.

Sarah in Ottawa

That Peter Kreeft article is AWESOME. Arwen linked to it one day and I was gobsmacked by it. I sent the link around to all my church friend after raving about it. So. CRAZY.

Thanks for the app info, too. I bet that Teddy'll love it!

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