Borrowing Baby B
Friday Reads and Recommends, the I Love You Guys Edition

Babies, but also online grocery delivery. WHAT.

Thanks you guys. You are all so awesome. Kisses for everyone. Although my favorite Blog Pregnancy Announcement Anecdote comes courtesy of Phillip, who told me he got an email from an old coworker today. Said coworker was talking with someone whose wife blogs, and he remembered someone else's wife who blogs (ME) and then looked me up and then was all, "DUDE! Must send random yet congratulatory email!" And of course all I really wanted to know from this story was who the other blogger is! (No one felt this was important information, alas.)

I put up another "announcement" at Parenting. If you like that sort of thing. 

I should tell you that I've felt SO much better the last two days, which would be worrisome if I weren't firmly against acknowledging worrisome things at this stage. I've had 24/7 nausea and I fall asleep while a kid is shouting at me to pour another drink of water, but the worst part is the anxiety. My happily happy pill-controlled mental instability shot through the roof about a week ago and I'm back in that Experimentation With Fixing It stage. Which sucks, if you must know. It's super super clear to me that it's hormones, but that doesn't make me feel less crazy, just more resolved to do something about it. I don't know how much I talked about this or if you remember or whatever, but I was BAT@*%& CRAZY when I was pregnant with Molly and I promised all and sundry I would not do that to us again. So I'm working on it, I am, but it will take some time and the waiting game sucks. Also well meaning and blameless medical personnel who generalize your eight or nine years of expert investigation into The Crazy into "everyone's a little anxious when they find out they're pregnant!" Gah. I think I need to get over that.

ANYWAY. La la la!

I have a million new blog topics (obvs) but I don't particularly feel like getting into all that right now. I don't want to be INTROSPECTIVE. I don't want THOUGHTFULNESS. I want to talk about Amazon Fresh. 

That's right! I don't do the review thing! I'm bad at writing about Stuff! But I must spread the Groceries Via Internet Gospel!

It now occurs to me that Amazon Fresh is just a local thing. Hmm. WHATEVS. It all started when I really really really needed to go grocery shopping but could not BEAR the idea of actually putting on clothes and getting in the car and going to the store, let alone hauling all the groceries from my car into the house. (This would also be the day I begged my inlaws to come over so I could sleep away the entire afternoon. Oh yes.) 

But! Before I fell asleep I logged onto Amazon and ordered my groceries. I'd tried this before. I compared my shopping list with Amazon Fresh and Safeway online delivery and ended up choosing Safeway - SO much cheaper. (I'm too lazy to find the link.) I haven't done it since because I'm picky and I LIKE shopping and after your first time, Safeway delivery costs $15. 

But this time I just didn't care. I didn't CARE if I could only order fancy, name-brand, organic, cage-free, produce that slept in bassinets food from Amazon: it would show up at my house without me having to LEAVE my house. That itself was worth all the extra money. 

However! I think a few things have changed because I didn't spend any more on my Amazon order than I usually do. AND I ordered meat. AND a lot of fresh produce. AND it only took me ten minutes. THEN I went to sleep. HUZZAH!

Delivery was free (I think it's free over $75, I forget) and I scheduled it to arrive on my doorstep before 6am. It was all there, as promised, packed somewhat inefficiently in six or seven giant plastic bins that I have the pleasure of storing until my next order. They probably could have packed my order in three, maybe four bins, but I have to say, hauling the bins inside and opening them up was possibly the best part. For the kids anyway. CHRISTMAS! With BANANAS! And GROUND BEEF!

The produce was seriously so good. The grapes were crisp and juicy. The bananas were brown spot-free. I AM SO DOING THIS AGAIN. And that from a committed grocery store lover. Phillip happened to run into (another!) old coworker today and found out she's working at Amazon... packing Amazon Fresh orders. Even she said the produce was awesome. 

Anyway. SOLD. I love shopping, but I rarely get to go by myself AND have help carrying it to the house and up the stairs. POOR ME. Now that I'm In A Condition AND ordering from Amazon costs me as much as the grocery store with the free playroom, why not? HMMM?


Now I have to clean up my kitchen and stick my kids in their pajamas. Unfortunately I haven't figured out how to order anything off the internet to do THAT. 

And thanks again. It's really warm-fuzzy amazing having friends in the computer. 


Dr. Maureen

Dammit, it IS only in Seattle.

Life of a Doctor's Wife


While I enjoy grocery shopping (and am especially finicky when it comes to picking out bell peppers), I do NOT enjoy Other People In Grocery Stores. Nor do I enjoy Checking Out.

Alas. I do not live in Seattle.

Congrats again!!!! Because of you I have been thinking of babies all day.


First off, managed to miss your last post, so: congrats!

Second: the pregnancy-crazy is like no other. For my first pregnancy, I was actually less crazy than usual, but with my second, my anxiety shot right through the roof. (Which was a double-whammy, since I had been thinking that pregnancy-for-me = less crazy.) Anyway, I hope you find something that works for you.


Just read your parenting piece and very much enjoyed it. I'm already excited for 3rd baby, and it seems so far away but then I think about Liz's Bidou being born soon and I get all excited about THAT.


I swear, Amazon is going to take over the world because they are awesome at EVERYTHING. And I welcome it! Take over the world, please, and deliver everything I want to my doorstep with free 2-day shipping.


Yeah, only is Seattle. Bummer. Yet another reason for me to move across the entire country and live in Seattle.

Melissa T.

So you tried out Amazon?! It is pretty awesome although I've only used it once. I still have my two empty boxes on the front porch. But since I'm always in need of diapers, that's a quick and easy way to help me get to the $75 free delivery min. Maybe you'll inspire me to give it a try again.


Grocery delivery sounds like a wonderous thing! I haven't needed it yet, since the grocery store is just a few blocks away. Oh, and the people at the grocery store are the only adults I talk to most days, so giving up on that would be bad for me. But if I ever move away from the store, I will so be having groceries delivered.

Big hugs for the anxiety thing. I hope the hormones calm down and you feel lots better soon.


I await the day that grocery delivery comes to my area.


I have never tried the online grocery shopping although it sounds great. Just the thought of never having to maneuver that giant "race car" or "fire engine" shopping cart around...bliss! Congrats again. I am so excited for you!


I. Am. So. Jealous of you right now. I am 22 weeks pregnant with our fourth and envisioning what it's going to be like grocery shopping when I'm 39 weeks, even with my lovely husband's help. UGH.


Good night moon! I neglect checking blogs for one week while nursing a sick kid back to health, and this is what I miss! Many congrats, in the day-late fashion.

Tamara M.

Congratulations!! Being a mom of 3 who are 2 year
and 9 months apart (between the 3 of them) I love when another mom of young kids is going to join the ranks of CRAZY with me. It is awesome, insane, never a dull moment, insane and INSANE but so GREAT!!!!

Jen @ The Short Years

I was crazy during my third pregnancy, and I am normally a very stable-to-the-point-of-boring person. Feeling like my emotions were out of control, knowing I was saying things and over-reacting to things and yet not being able to stop myself...was a scary feeling. It went away after the first trimester, and I found myself much more sympathetic to the way that hormone swings and imbalances truly do affect behavior in ways you can't just will yourself to get over. Good luck getting it figured out.


I'm away for a few days and you are preggers? WTH?! Congratulations, Maggie!

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