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This post needs a giant brownie and a big glass of wine

Thirty cupcakes

We were driving home from the in-laws' tonight when my sister, the FPC, texted to say that she had extra cupcakes, did we want some? Now I should tell you that the FPC is now an official PC and works at a Froofy Local Cupcake Shop. Like, where the cupcakes are something like $3 and they sell cupcake flags and overpriced stationery and you can't decide if the decor is more super trendy or super twee or just flat out Martha Stewart... ANYWAY. If I had to pick a cupcake in Seattle I would pick one of the Froofy Local Cupcake Shop's cupcakes so obvs the response to her text went something like: UM, YES?

TANGENT: I have a TEXT MESSAGING PLAN! This means if I text you the fee is built into my charges and I will not get the bill in a few weeks and go all catatonic at the amount of extra money I have to send AT&T's way because texting is the only way I communicate with my siblings. 

ANYWAY! So then the FPC texts back to ask what kind and how many. FOR REALZ. And because we think we are funny, we texted back: THIRTY! Thirty cupcakes! But not for us, don't worry. See, Phillip was telling me all about some Customer Service Appreciation Week thing that's going on? Do you know about this? (OMG IT IS A REAL THING!) And he is part of the tech support department (which is hilarious because he himself has absolutely nothing to do with tech support, YAY CORPORATE ORGANIZATION!) and the tech support department is getting all kinds of fun stuff this week, like breakfast and balloons and a parade. Well maybe not a parade. But he was all, "wouldn't it be fun to bring in Froofy Local Cupcake Shop cupcakes?" and I was all "DUDE! Think of the brownie cupcake points you would score!" so that is how we came up with thirty. THIRTY. CUPCAKES.

Oh, and then he asked for vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and do you want this post to veer off into My Husband Cannot Be Trusted When It Comes To Baked Goods, VANILLA VANILLA ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? 

But anyway, the FPC texted back to say she could 1) totally do thirty cupcakes but 2) she only had 12 vanilla. SHE WAS TAKING US SERIOUSLY. 

Can I mention here that today was Day One of South Beach Phase One? And getting a text offering me free unlimited cupcakes was like the devil himself attempting to disrupt my already lackadaisical dieting approach? 

It turned out okay, because the kids fell asleep in the car, went immediately to their beds, and Phillip drove out to the Froofy Local Cupcake Shop where he will pick up his cupcakes and take them to work. Because how is he going to carry 30 cupcakes on the bus tomorrow morning? Good point! And I won't have to look at them and/or swipe excess frosting off the tops. 

And I'm not entirely sure how the subject came up, but as we were driving into our neighborhood I told my husband how much I appreciate the fact that I can stay home with the kids. I know it's not for everyone, but I know it's for me, and I'm so thankful I get to do it. I really really am. And then he told ME how thankful he is that I stay home with the kids, because he knows it can be difficult for working-parent families to find childcare and manage pick ups and drop offs and he never has to think about who's taking care of the kids. Which was nice of him to say, right? Especially when I'd just told him that I totally feel like not having to go to a Job makes me feel like I'm getting away with MURDER. But then I said, "Except YOU are the one funding MY lifestyle, not the other way around, so I still have to owe you." 


Phillip is out cupcake-ferrying and I am itching to watch TV. Would you believe I STILL haven't seen Brittany do Britney? Bah. 

I do want to tell you, though, that I spent three hours in a library today and I spent at least ONE of those hours writing actual words. AND I didn't delete them. There is hope for me yet. 



Oh FPC, or PC, what a wonderful person.


I'm impressed with your self control! Diet or no I'd have taken at least one cupcake for me. Probably several. But that's why YOU were hot by thirty and I likely won't be.


I wanted to click "Like" next to your one hour of writing without deleting. That is a serious accomplishment. And I should know because I spend at least an hour a day sitting in front of my computer saying to myself "write something! Anything! C'mon alredy!!" Note: I'm not so very good at the personal pep talks.


Good job on the writing and the self-control with the cupcakes, because I totally would have caved.

I haven't even opened the file on my book in over a month (granted, I have a 32 day old baby in my house, but...)


I wish I liked Glee.


Glad to hear that I'm not the only one who still hasn't squeezed in last week's Glee! Very intrigued to see Brittany/Britney.


I have two sisters who recently went back to school, neither one to be a pastry chef. I feel so cheated.


So my sister currently works with retirement accounts. How do I get her to quit that job, go to pastry school, move near me, get a job at a fancy cupcake store, and bring ME thirty cupcakes?

Jen @ The Short Years

The paragraph where you talk about how grateful you are to stay home with the kids and how you feel like you are getting away with murder? That's exactly how I feel too.

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