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The day lies ahead

We're headed to Phillip's parents' house today and I have big plans. Big! Plans! Mostly involving an Attitude Adjustment re: my posts over the weekend. There's an awesome new library near their house and I intend to take full advantage. If I can't write without having two sets of able and willing grandparents around, I'll never write anything. 

Speaking of, I keep entertaining this idea of Molly going to preschool. INSANE. But there's a twos program at the exact same time Jack is in school and I keep thinking: TWO HOURS TO MYSELF TWO HOURS TO MYSELF. And the library is steps away from the preschool! I could get so! much! shopping! writing! done! 

And then sometimes I think about next year, and if we are still near this preschool (which I love) and how they could BOTH go on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and suddenly my world busts out of it's crib-sized cage and WOW. One day my kids will be in school. ALL DAY. Whatever will I do with myself? 

Right now we can't exactly afford to put two kids in preschool (do you get preschool breaks? Buy one year, get the other year half off? Something like that?) and I make jokes about how we'll have to choose one kid to educate. And I am JOKING but also: dude. Preschool is not free. How are we ever going to swing Catholic school? IF we decide on Catholic school, which is a huge OTHER conversation. 

Thoughts for another day, I think. 

Today I am going to write and try not to hate everything that comes out of my brain. And then I am thinking about going to buy an immersion blender. I bought one last year during Fall Soup Season and it was a piece of junk. It never got anything smooth and the handle got so hot I couldn't even hold it. I'm thinking I should not buy the cheapest immersion blender this time. 

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day, which means I should really spend some time outside and dismantle my aphid-infested, powdery-mildewed garden and figuring out what to do over the winter so that the weeds don't take over the entire yard. But I am going to be There not Here and what's yet another day of aphids and powdery mildew?

And I need to do other Administrative things, like figure out when we can get a babysitter this monthand who is going to watch the kids when I go to the Blathering and update the budget spreadsheet and obsess over Redfin and update Google calendar with all the minutiae of our days. And I enjoy doing those things - getting them all finished makes me feel accomplished in a way that doing all the dishes and making sure the kids are clean and fed doesn't. 

I guess this entire post is to say: thank God for grandparents. 



um, so, it's not cheap, but if you want a good immersion blender, Cuisinart's stainless steel one is awesome...I got it for Christmas from my husband last year (I know, not romantic, but that's the only thing I asked for!)


I love my Cuisinart immersion blender - I have this one: which I also got for Christmas, and I also only asked for that specifically so I could get it. (If I give my husband choices he'll go completely off list, so I start talking about only one thing about a month before and ramp it up days before a holiday because he doesn't shop until the day before).

Also, my in-laws take my older son every Tuesday for a few hours and it's wonderful. But then, he's also in daycare 3 days a week. I need the break. I'm okay with a newborn, but I'd never get anything done with the toddler around all the time.


I love our Braun immersion blender, which I think is not particularly pricey (though I don't know for sure, as I inherited it from my grandfather).


KitchenAid immersion blender= good. But it is the only one I have, so I can't compare it to others.

They usually do give some discounts for more than one kid in preschool. I don't think it is usually buy one get one free though. ;) Although, in my summer camp, it was for teacher's kids. And the one mom/teacher was screaming at me in the hallway, shouting that her kid paid for camp just like all the other kids, and my thought was "um, no he didn't, besides the fact that it is irrelevant to me who paid and who didn't as I see none of that money myself, I was sitting in the office when you were told he was free because you paid for his younger sister. Oh, this is where your child learned to lie." I did not get along with that woman. Why are you getting all my weird school-teaching stories all of a sudden?


I would think there's some kind of discount when it comes to siblings in preschool, right? I know for our parish school, starting at Kindergarten (NEXT YEAR OMG) the tuition goes down with each sibling that you add. Which, can I say, THANK GOD FOR THAT! Honestly, Maggie. if it didn't once all three boys are there we'd be looking at 21k PER YEAR. FOR GRADESCHOOL. We've been talking about putting Jake in preschool next year too, and while part of me thinks it's a great idea, the other part of me just thinks that now that we know what it's like to have a child in school we're just rushing everyone else into the system. But if I keep him home next year will we be dealing with the same amount of Shy once he starts the following year as we have with Chris for this year? Oh I DON'T KNOW.

Right now I can't think too far past the fact that Chris seems to be starting in with a cold and that cold BETTER NOT progress tonight because he's supposed to be in school tomorrow and the little boys are going to the in-laws, meaning I have THREE HOURS TO MYSELF tomorrow. And if that nose starts running and those three hours to myself turn into three hours with a boy who PANICS every single time he needs a tissue? OMG Maggie I might just implode.

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