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It was a Care Bears kind of day

The Easier Debate

Yesterday I talked to my mom and it was discovered that SHE called any bunch of hair in an elastic a PONYtail and SHE thought pigtails were also braids and therefore we all get to blame HER. 

(And I have to say, I was sincerely agitated about the whole thing until the explanation popped up that pigtails are SHORT and ponytails are LONG and this made way more sense to me. I am now only a LITTLE bit agitated because see: entire life, saying it wrong.)

I woke up early (thanks, Molly) and I feel funny and I'm remembering that I've felt funny for a month now and my hypochondriac tendencies have activated. I'm sitting here trying to think of something not-lame to blog about, and all I can think is, "I wonder if it's CANCER!"

Don't tell me you don't do that too. 

Oh here she is, the Princess. How did Molly turn into the Difficult One? And I shouldn't say that, you know, since I think I have two of the easiest kids I'VE ever met. They rarely get sick, they mostly sleep, they're cheerful, they're cute, they don't have allergies, blah blah blah. Just so you know to take all mentions of "difficult one" with a grain of salt. 

But did I tell you Jack started napping again? I know. I don't get it. And sometimes I almost wish he'd stop with this whole napping business because he turns into SUCH a prima donna when he wakes up. He's never been good at Transitioning Back To Being Awake - seriously, he could stay in bed a full hour after he wakes up in the morning or after a nap - and now it's worse. The WHINING. The WHIMPERING. The "Hold me! Hold me! Hold me!" Gah. 

Of course, if he doesn't take a nap, we can't go anywhere in the afternoons lest he take a cat nap in the car and wake up to, say, dinner with his cousins or a friend's birthday party in the most wretched of moods. That's not terribly pleasant either. 

ANYWAY. HOWEVER. Jack started napping and since Molly never stopped, I'm back to having hours in the afternoon to myself. Sometimes. Sometimes I put Molly down at 12:30 and Jack doesn't fall asleep until 2 (I let him play his computer for a while, then he drives a city full of cars on his car rug or lines up all his toy bins on his bed or plays hopscotch on his books until I yell at him and THEN he crawls into his bed and falls asleep with his butt in the air). Things aren't very coordinated then, but it's still a bit of quiet time. Which is good, because the Princess is dealing with molars (it HAS to be molars, right?) and requires every ounce of attention and Hold Me! and compassion for whining that I have. Which is not a lot, as you know. 

Sometimes I sort of want to line up my two kids at the same age. Like, take a one-year-old Jack and a one-year-old Molly and decide which one was easier. I don't know why I find it worth thinking about. Like every time I start talking about Molly being the easier one, I remember the frat boy sleeping schedule, the crying (Jack never cried!), the extreme willful stubbornness that makes us all tremble at the thought of The Teenage Years. So then I decide Jack was easier, until I remember how hard it was to feed him (and still is) and how I rocked him to sleep until weeks before Molly was born, his whole attitude problem if he hasn't had enough sleep, so then MOLLY is obviously easier, right? 

Again, why do I find this important? 

Either way, they're both vying for the spot right now, just at different times of day. At least they're not being awful at the same time. At least when Jack is going through his afternoon whiny wittle babyness, Molly has usually taken a nice long nap and won't drive me crazy until it's time to put her to bed and she starts saying, "NOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOO!"

And despite all of that, we're having a lovely time. The days are Unplanned, yet we always find something to do. Today, for example, we are going to walk to the drugstore to buy contact solution and Kleenex! Now, you might think this is a horribly boring thing to do, lonely, dull, short. But no, you are not Three and Almost Two and an Easily Amused Thirty-One-Year-Old. Because the walk to the drugstore is a very nice one, and full of interesting things to shout about, like dandelions and airplanes and bicycles and wooden foot bridges and then there are SO many interesting things IN the drugstore that we must point ALL of them out! And since the walk to the drugstore takes a good 15 to 20 minutes with the double stroller it makes for a nice way to spend a sunny morning. SO THERE. Who says the life of a stay at home mother is not all sunshine and roses! LITERALLY!

Molly has been sitting on my lap this entire time, her hands on my hands feeling them go up and down on the keys. Then she tries to hit her own keys and I swipe her hands away and there are Wounded Noises and Indignant Grunts. WHATEVER, KID. Don't interrupt me while I'm complaining about you. 




What a cutie! And good for you for being able to even get such short hair into pigtails (or ponytails, whatever!).


This made me laugh because years ago I got in a heated argument with a co-worker over the ingredients in thousand island dressing (no idea why) because he insisted there was Pickle Relish in it, and I had never seen my mom make it that way and we had that dressing quite a bit growing up, so I totally shut him down and then he basically told me I was an idiot because what did I think the "Thousand Islands" were? Obvs, we agreed to disagree. Anyway, when I finally told my mom about the argument I had with my idiot co-worker, she just nonchalantly said, "Oh yeah, there is totally relish in it. What do you think the thousand islands are? I just never added it because we rarely ever had it on hand" And I was like: YOU SENT ME INTO THE WORLD WITH THIS MISINFORMATION???? HOW COULD YOU?

...So we all have those things, I guess -- that was my very long, tangential point. :)


In my world, pigtails are two, ponytails are one, and braids are just braids no matter how many there are (unless they're cornrows, but that's a different story). Perhaps it's a locational thing?


Okay, first of all, the comment above me cracked me up. HA! I had no idea what Thousand Island meant anyway...
I often have the "which kid was harder/easier argument" with myself a lot, too, but only when Van is doing something totally terrible and I have FORGOTTEN that Charlie used to do that, and was most definitely more destructive and crazy about it. I tell people all the time that I thank God every day that I had Charlie first, because holy cats, what would I have done if I had the angel baby first and them Mr. Destructor came next.
I would have a lot more gray hairs, methinks.

And good grief, is she cute!!! I wish I could squeeze those cheeks.

Kate P

I'm not sure I heard a word you said because THE CUTENESS. That smile. That dimpled elbow. It's too much!

(I swear I was trying to listen. Really.)


After your post, I did look it up (obviously) and discovered that only in America are ponytails one and pigtails two. In lots of other countries, pigtails totally are braids. So there you go.

Mine isn't cancer, it's a brain tumor. Right behind my left eyebrow. It's also where my sinus is apparently located, so it's possible that it could also be a sinus problem. And it's been hurting occasionally since seventh grade.


cutest pic ever!!!!


!!!!!!! yes that many exclamations were required.

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