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Oh goody, another week is starting

The color of this blog post is Shipwreck Gray

Molly woke us up, right on time, at 4:30 am. I was rudely awakened from a dream about the Blathering. I'd brought two real-life not-blogger friends with me and was SUPER ANNOYED with them the whole time, for being extra clingy and shy and I was all, "THESE ARE MY PEOPLE, I SEE THEM ONCE A YEAR, BUZZ OFF." I think I am much nicer than that in person. (Oh, AND we brought our kids, which, NO.) (AND AB Chao was there. I don't know. I'm a dork.)

And then, when I was really and truly good and awake, I couldn't go back to sleep because I was obsessing over these houses I found last night. Big, beautiful, new construction, affordable. (This is not a dream.) But what would it be like to move pretty far across town? To not randomly get together with friends? To go to a different church? To live in what is pretty much a development (albeit a small one) in an area that is mostly definitely in the process of gentrification? To give up my cutesy stores and trendy cupcake shops and walkability? To have a completely different city experience? It was very stressful and I never went back to sleep. 

I loved your stories. I wish you would write more. The best thing is that my story is rural - or, at least, much more rural than I ever have personally experienced. I am making it up as I go, but it helps to hear the real life stuff. Fortunately I have the drinking in the back of pickup trucks totally down. 

Also, I am super glad to hear I am not the only one who missed out on the party scene. It was a little different in my high school, but I've sort of stopped feeling like missing out was a bad thing. More an "oh thank GOD" thing. 

Last week I randomly applied for a freelance writing job which, judging from several factors I won't explain here, I'm 99.9% sure I didn't get. This is totally bumming me out. Kind of a lot. Ugh. 

It's just been a weird week you guys. Hard and sort of dark around the edges. I can tell I haven't been doing that great, because I want to stay home and crawl into myself the same way the kids want to stay home and inside and smear Play Doh into the carpet. Usually I'm all gung ho to see friends and get out and attack this and do that! But last night I had an opportunity to go play volleyball and I went, even though I didn't really feel like it. And then, when it turned out the gym was closed for some reason and everyone decided to relocate to a park, because THEY are all friends and THEY all want to spend time together, I ditched. I guess so I could go home and obsess about houses I won't buy on the internet. 

I need my routine back, I really do. Sometimes I think I need that schedule more than the kids. I want to get all jazzed up for my weekend and get back on track and ready for next week which includes TWO BIRTHDAY PARTIES. But I kind of feel like next week will be just like this week and before I know it Phillip will be back in school and that will just be... it. 

I tried to catch up on Mad Men last night. Maybe that's why I'm all doom and gloom. 

In other news, I bought Molly some underpants. I thought this would be a fun thing, you know. Letting her pick out her own? But OH THE DRAMA. Because she wanted MICKEY Mouse not MINNIE. And then she wanted Thomas. Get these Disney princesses away from her! And I was standing in the middle of Target trying to talk myself into buying my little girl BOY underwear (THERE IS A DIFFERENCE) but then (THANK GOD) we saw Ni Hao Kai Lan underpants on the opposite side of the aisle and peace was found. She's still verrrry interested in the Potty Process, but it finally dawned on me that I can't just ask her if she needs to go. I have to stick her on every twenty minutes, regardless of what she says. I know this is common sense for most of you, but see: six months to train Jack. Sigh. I'm getting bummed out again.

Anyway. Go find something cheerier to read. Off you go!


Life of a Doctor's Wife

Sorry to hear you are having a dark day. I hope things get cheerier!


When my oldest was potty training he had it big for Dora, NOT DIEGO (I don't even think Diego was out yet but if he was he was new) and I stood in the aisle for a long time holding those Dora girl underpants. (He also really liked Thomas, which the store we were at didn't have (maybe they were out of them? I don't know) but we went to a different Target and Thomas underwear was purchased and all was well). He did the same thing with sandals, I think that same year. C'mon people, how hard would it be to make a more neutral pair of sandals (not pink/purple/sparkley)with Dora on them? Sheesh.


I didn't party in high school either. A few times, people asked me what I DID, if I didn't drink and do drugs. I said the same things as them, I just remembered it. (By the way, my high school was an awful place. It is not recommended.)


Your post makes me remember when my oldest son was three. He wanted the girl underpants. I can't remember if it was snow white or sleeping beauty. One of them has a dragon in the book and he LOVED that book. They should make underpants for kids that size gender neutral. I agree with the Megan about Dora. I have a three year old who really likes dora, but doesn't really care for diego. He wanted dora sandals too. If I could have found him some that weren't pink I would have bought them, but they don't seem to exist. We compromised with sponge bob. I hope your day gets better.


As a local, I can't stand not being able to figure out what neighborhood you are targeting! And what new church? We share a religion.


OMG on the potty drama. I hear you. If you ask Fuss if she is dry/has to go potty/whatever else the answer is ALWAYS no. No matter what the reality is.


You're all doom and gloom because you just read Mockingjay! It will wear off. Hopefully.

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