General State of Blah-ness
The Anniversary of Hot By Thirty post, about a month late

Seven Bursts of Random

1. Our beloved Liz and Lucy came over to play this morning, which is pretty much the only thing that I can put in the Win column for today. I tried to talk Liz into renting the house across the street, which has brand new landscaping and appliances and three bedrooms and a beautiful kitchen and why wasn't it available when WE were looking? But seriously, I think this parenthood gig would be improved 1000 percent if Favorite People were within walking distance. And this would be more like SPITTING distance. However I took the kids on a walk this afternoon, the better to stay away from Circus Sign Up Websites, and the sign is down. It appears someone decided to pay the requested rent, which was somewhere in the range of They Must Be Freaking Kidding. BOO.

2. I've spent an embarrassingly long time trying to decide if I should post pictures of my stupid HAIR. But I think no, because 1) it's not washed which means it looks like an oil slick and 2) it's up and if I took it down now it'd be all wrinkly, you know how it gets and 3) I have two enormous zits on my chin, because my body thinks we are still in high school and 4) I sincerely despise posting pictures of myself on my website and asking people to give their opinions. Oh the horror!

3. I would prefer to eat cookies, cakes and brownies in their dough and batter forms. Almost without exception. You?

4. We went to a conveyor belt sushi place tonight, because can YOU make dinner when two small beasties with 400 degree body temperatures are fused to your legs? So we went to the sushi place, which was all my idea, except I don't like sushi. I KNOW. Must I remind you that I have the palate of, uh, Jack? I like FAKE sushi, as in vegetarian sushi or the weird little egg and tofu wrap thingies, oh and the heaping plates of chicken teriyaki and my favorite, vegetable tempura, but not so much with the sushi. But I'm thankful there are so many other things to eat there because the sushi restaurant makes my husband so very happy. 

5. I haven't watched the last episode of Friday Night Lights yet. I don't want to. I'm nervous. My boyfriend Tim Riggins is in jail! JAIL, YOU GUYS. Ugh. It's all stressing me out. Speaking of TV, Liz told me that Christina Hendricks used to look like this. I had no idea. The 1960s have been good to Christina Hendricks, that's what I think. 

6. I am pretty sure Phillip fell asleep while holding Molly (part of her nighttime routine). I know this is totally cliche, but one of the best things about having a girl is watching your husband get wrapped twelve zillion times around her little finger. That and the PIGTAILS. (I'm learning!)

7. When you're picking a place for dinner, like dinner with friends or a date night, something like that, what matters more: the food or the ambiance/type of restaurant? Turn this blog upside down to see my answer! (Oh I am SO FUNNY! Maybe I'll tell you in the comments.)



#3 YES! YES! YES! In fact I recently started making cookie dough with milk instead of eggs, just so that we can eat the entire batch of dough.


My husband is a cookie dough fanatic (we have a running joke around here that is summed up in the phrase "submit, woman! Buy me cookie dough!" and I like a taste, but I can only eat so much before it starts to make me a little ill, so I'm more of a "finished product" sort of person.

Sushi: There's a lot I won't eat and I like the cooked (read: tempura, et al) types, but I do like me some seafood in my sushi. (Ah, sushi. It's been awhile...)

Restaurant w/ friends: depends on the friends, but probably ambiance more than food, though the food has to be good (or at least the drinks) or we don't care how fabulous the ambiance is. :)


2. Oh, come on. We're your friends. We'll be nice!

3. YES. It's funny you would say that, because I just noted that about myself when I made chocolate chip cookies earlier this week. Finished, baked cookies I can totally resist, but I will EAT MY WEIGHT in dough.

4. MMMMMM, sushi.

7. The food. I'm all about the food. The company will be good regardless, so I don't care as much about the atmosphere.


I love pigtails. Sadly, they aren't cute on boys.


Now I'm craving cookie dough. Are you TRYING to make me weigh 300 pounds? And I need to know how Lucy makes it with milk instead of eggs. Although its probably better if I don't. The raw eggs keep me from eating too much.


Fake sushi is the only kind of sushi worth eating. I don't even like fish when it's cooked. Blech.

Now, please tell me how to turn the blog upside down because I cannot figure it out.


I'm in the fake sushi camp too- but Konrad likes all kinds like Phillip. And little girls and their dads, it's such an awesome relationship! Also, if you show us pics of your hair, I promise to never, ever laugh. I will just be completely and totally jealous- even before I got married I gave up on having long hair. Or even shoulder length. My hair is just too thin for that. I sport a pixie cut, it's all my hair can do.

Kate P

Yes, "fake" sushi sounds much more appealing to me, too!

I vote for good food at the restaurant. If I can't hear you, it won't matter because YUM.

P.S. Please slap some Bare Escentuals on your zits and let's see that hair, you cute teaser.


Oh Maggie. I'm so glad to know someone else who doesn't like sushi. I thought I was the only one...


UGH. And if I post on here as HE one more time I might just scream....and then eat all the cookie dough myself. (Which, by the way, on a particularly bad day in between when I made the mix and actually sent it to you? I almost busted into it and just made it for myself. Numerous times. It was a really bad day.) :-)

Jen @ The Short Years

That picture of Christina Hendricks is when she was in an episode of "Firefly," and she's supposed to be playing kind of a country waif, so her hair is supposed to be all ratty like that. She actually is attractive in the role of if you watch the whole thing (and if you like any Joss Whedon stuff at all, you totally should--Firefly was a GREAT show).

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