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It occurs to me, too late, that this party would be greatly improved by mimosas

Oh goody, another week is starting

Well, it's always uncomfortable when one of your real life besties calls you because she read on the blog that you aren't doing well. I mean, normally I'm the Champion of Blogging and all that, but such a circumstance really does put a socially awkward lonely-girl-in-her-underwear-in-the-dark-with-her-laptop spin on things. Especially when you tell your friend, "Oh, I just write it out and then I feel much better! The end! Or at least until we go out for a restorative cocktail because I haven't seen you in weeks AND I NEED HUMAN INTERACTION." 


How was YOUR weekend? Mine was weird. As I briefly alluded last week I got all bee in my bonnety about a house - new construction in our price range, we must be dreaming. So we drove down there on Saturday, but not before I googled the everloving you know what out of the house, the builder, the area, the amenities. I did my homework, people. And by the time I finished I was convinced that if only the house was the right kind of house, we would be breaking our lease and moving. 

Well, I TOLD myself that that was ridiculous, do not get emotionally invested, you are so bad at these things, YOU KNOW YOU ARE GETTING YOURSELF INTO TROUBLE. So it was probably a good thing that it was not the right kind of house. It was a pretty house, brand new, and prewired for surround sound so that I would never have to argue with Phillip about exposed speaker wire again in my life, but... no. These houses were SO squished together. There was no yard whatsoever. And yes, one of them looked out on a huge park with a huge playground, but even then, NO YARD. Barely enough patio for a tiny table. 

There were other Slightly Wrong things about the house and the neighborhood, so I drove home not so much disappointed as annoyed with myself for wasting so much time. Everyone I've talked to about this says that I'm not wasting time, I'm just doing research so I'll be super informed when we do find The Right House, but whatever. My "research" always comes with a huge helping of "neuroses". ANNOYING. 

Then YESTERDAY we went back to the exact same area and looked at another house, only this one was about three hundred years old. I have to say, if we were the types who liked to flip or work on houses, this one would have been awesome. It was GRAND, you know? But no, we are not those types. AT ALL.

Blah blah blah new house SNORE.

It also just occurred to me that Molly turns two on Wednesday. Her kid party is Tuesday, her family party is on Saturday. That's TWO PARTIES. I am a big fan of party-throwing, but 1) it's going to rain on Kid Party Day and 2) this house has nowhere to eat. We crammed our table into the kitchen and it works for just our family (or two kids visiting for a playdate) but other than that it's a little... tight. I've already warned a few partygoers that I plan to put newspaper down in the playroom, maybe a tarp? I'll put out the pan of mac and cheese, hand out spoons, lock the door and then go upstairs to drink mimosas with the mothers. I THINK this will work. I THINK it could be an excellent way to spend a morning. I THINK.

IN OTHER NEWS. When you start a writing group? You sort of have to WRITE STUFF. And if you are in CHARGE of said writing group and you tell everyone the assignment is due Friday, it looks really bad if you don't turn it in until very late Sunday night. I'm just saying that maybe this wasn't such a great idea. 

Oh, and remember when I bought Molly underpants? It appears that underpants signaled the end of Potty Training Interest. I am trying to care. 



Life of a Doctor's Wife

I personally love hearing about the New House Quest. It's not something my husband and I are ready for yet, but I am terrified that it will be a series of Not-Quite-Perfect-but-Otherwise-Perfectly-Serviceable homes that I will dismiss for stupid reasons all while experiencing a growing panic that we will never find a house.

Which is to say, you are not the only one with house-related neuroses.


Maggie, we did the same thing! Yesterday, we schlepped all the way to the burbs to see five open houses. Like you, I too did COPIOUS amount of research. And like you, we came away terrible disappointed. I do hate this state of uncertainty!

Renata C.

Happy Birthday to Molly! My Tess turns 2 on Friday.


Oh house shopping. I love it and I hate it. Everything always looks so much better online than in real life. I fell so in love with one house that even now, 2+ years after we saw it, saw the flaws and walked away from it, I'm wondering if maybe we made a mistake, because it was SO perfect online! I'm weird like that.

And ahem, about the writing group? I'm ever so thankful for it. Trust me, it WAS a great idea.

Sarah in Ottawa

Dude - write about your research, the house search, the parties. I am in newborn jail and love reading about people leaving the house!


We did house/neighborhood shopping this weekend too! And we eliminated more areas in the Boston 'burbs too, based on everything you did (and price, which is sooooo messed up here). We're down to 3 towns, out of like 20 or so. And I'm still terrified that I am never going to like it here. But in the meantime.... I have to plan a party for my 2 year old too, so please tell! Details please!


I'm w/ Christina - we don't care if you're few days behind on the deadlines.

And I'm amused by your house-hunting search. You inspire me to think about the possibility of moving, eventually, which right now feels like it will never, ever happen because our tax-assessment just came back lower than last year's by 40,000 and we were already upside down in our mortgage. And I just built on a new room. But you give me hope that it might eventually happen.
And seriously, I think the mac'n'cheese on the floor covered in newspaper (or a plastic drop cloth ala painter's tools?) sounds like a perfect way to serve guests under the age of 5. :)


This is probably a very lame question but I'm okay with asking lame questions because you are probably used to it: How does one start a writing group? What do you do? Tell me oh wise one? :) I need something like this in my life for sure..I'm getting to be the laziest writer on the planet. Would love some inspiration!


Honestly, I'd say for a group of two year olds, a pan of macaroni and cheese and a bunch of spoons could be your activity. Elizabeth would find that to be the greatest party of all time.


In my family's price range, affordable new builds always come at the total expense of the yard and outdoor space. We have recently come to accept this, and hope to buy used and now Ijust hope our time to buy arrives before one of us changes our minds again. I seriously hope I am one of those 'buys house and lives in it for 50 yrs' type people because the process is LAME.

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