The Anniversary of Hot By Thirty post, about a month late
Is there a medicine for the whining?

It's hot and I have a splinter in my finger.

It is so hot. It is ALMOST too hot to blog. 

All these things that I've been super good about lately - exercising, cooking real dinner, keeping up on the laundry - I totally shoved to the side this weekend because: SO HOT. The kids fell asleep in the car on the way home from church today, which hasn't happened in forever, and they spent the entire afternoon downstairs in their skivvies building trains. Our downstairs is a daylight basement so it's bearable down there, at least. Last year we had a stretch of 90+ degree days, but we were sleeping on the third floor and it was dreadful. This year: much better. Anyway, then we went out to dinner for the trillionth day in a row, even though I've been SO GOOD on the budget thing lately, seriously, GOLD STARS FOR ME, but DUDES. It is TOO HOT. Our kitchen is the hottest place in the house too, on account of the windows on three sides and getting extreme afternoon sun. I love it, but it kind of feels like being the ant under the microscope. 

Anyway. I wouldn't necessarily recommend dim sum on a 90 degree day, but Tara, who I've been reading longer than almost everyone else, is in town and Tara wanted honey walnut prawns. And my streak of Bloggers Turning Out To Be As Awesome In Real Life If Not Awesomer continues. Also, have you seen Tara's pictures of her kids? It's hard to tell if she's an amazing photographer or her kids are just that gorgeous (both, obvs) but I talked her into taking a picture of ME. Phillip is always whining about the snapshot I use for my posts at Parenting - apparently HE is not interested in having HIS mug plastered about the internet - but even when I crop just my head out of a snapshot it looks terrible. Tara has promised to Photoshop the everloving crap out of these pictures, so hopefully there is something I won't be too mortified to post. Which - do YOU guys like posing for pictures? I felt like a total idiot. (No thanks to Liz laughing at me from peanut gallery, HARRUMPH.) I mean, it is safe to say I have no inner Heidi Klum. WOE.

Have I mentioned it is too hot to blog? The things I do for you people. 

Actually, the things you do for ME. Those were some really nice comments you left me yesterday. Thanks. 

In my quest for Dirt Cheap To Free books on the Kindle I picked up a ninety-five cent Hercule Poirot mystery (oh how I love Hastings!) and I was desperate to get back to it last night when the kids when to bed, but Phillip has been wanting to watch this documentary called No Impact Man for, like, EVER and I decided to humor him. Have you seen this thing? HRRMMM.

No Impact Man is going to be speaking at Phillip's work thing (which amuses me, since you can only relate No Impact Man's crusade to Phillip's work by the barest of threads) and he wanted to check him out. Basically he tried to have no impact on the environment for a year. From sensible and laudable things, like reducing waste, to somewhat, ah, nuttier things, like going without electricity. Apparently he caused quite a stir (when I wasn't looking, I guess, I hadn't heard of him) and of course he had a BLOG and he got lots of haters and trolls and he was crazy in that admirably idealistic sort of way. But the most interesting thing about it was his wife, who is Normal with a capital N, except for the fact that she is so head-over-heels for her husband that she's willing to live without electricity for six months. She's the one you relate to, she's the one who's super honest about everything, and when they start talking about Whether Or Not To Have Another Baby you can't help but feel a TINY bit emotionally invested. 

I didn't really like it, if you must know, because there was no ending. When the year was over, so was the documentary. And I'm sitting there all, "WAIT! Did he think no electricity was WORTH IT? I MUST KNOW!"

Anyway, I live in a very Green Conscious City, if you will, and we try to pay attention to what we're using and doing. But now I really do have to get some sort of compost bin, I can't really keep on throwing corn cobs away when I have a perfectly huge yard waste bin five steps away from my door. However! I can't help thinking that the advent of electricity was a major win for the world as we know it. (To be fair, I feel safe in assuming No Impact Man comes to the same conclusion, although I won't know for SURE, because the movie HAD NO ENDING.) 

Ugh. I am trying really hard not to get angry with Jack for whining when he should be sleeping, because it's HOT and I feel like whining TOO, but yeah. NOT SUCCEEDING.



Have you read Better Off: Flipping the Switch on Technology by Eric Brende? He and his wife went without electricity (and other technology) for a year and he thoroughly explains his conclusions on the experiment in the book. I personally don't agree with a lot of his conclusions (I'm SPOILED and I'm not giving up my technology) but it was fascinating to read.


(Thanks to Petroni for recommending this book in the comments on one of Arwen's Faith and Family posts)


Oh dear. I hate when documentaries don't sum it all up. Of course, I have a problem doing that with my blog posts fairly often, so... I can't cast stones. But yeah, an ending of "okay, this is what I learned" would be nice. I have to tell you that I think electricity is very important. I would be very unhappy without my AC in the summer, for one. And then there is my computer, etc. :) I'm all for not wasting, though. The construction workers were using my great room lights through the plastic curtain yesterday, and I kept wanting to turn them off because "no one was in the room" but they needed the light. It was DRIVING ME CRAZY in a mildly amusing way. :)


Our kitchen faces east. This is not something I considered when purchasing the house, but now that you're talking about the afternoon sun thing, I'm suddenly really glad about where our kitchen is located in our house.


Phillip just found this article that "sums it all up":


I'm all about the middle ground on environmental issues. I'm working on it, but I am keeping my washing machine.


I file hardcore env ironmentalism under "things that only work if both spouses are onboard" so its interesting that you say his wife waS normal. Also, I always love herewegoajens comments.

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