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The last day of the busyness

Hello Internet Friends! I am home from my very last birthday extravaganza, which involved drinks on a deck overlooking Puget Sound, and possibly a sunset (I'm not sure, I was doing all the drinking) and WOW has this month been killer. Like I was telling my friends tonight: TOO MUCH FUN!

So much fun that when I come home I hold my face in my hands and wail over the filthy bathrooms and crumby carpets and toys - OH THE TOYS! You guys, the other day I spent the entire afternoon putting all the tiny toy parts back with the corresponding bigger toy parts and reorganizing bins and boxes and stacking the play dishes and getting the baby dolls all cozy in their baskets and then I was all, "Now. NOW I can be happy." I sat on my couch and surveyed my kingdom and all was well in the world. 

Then the kids came downstairs and started playing with their toys and my life is ruined. Again. 

There's also the laundry, which never ends, even though I am doing it every single day. The kitchen, which I spick and spanned before SIL came over, that went back to looking Disastrous the minute I started making lunch. My bedroom, which has never looked nice. Jack's room, which he insists on using. Molly's room, where the furniture still doesn't look right. And the living room, which will never please me since it is half living room and half office. And I have boxes of my grandmother's things stacked up on the washer and dryer, since they are the only available surfaces left. Which means every time I do the laundry (which is seventeen times a day) I have to move boxes of crystal (!) and cookie sheets and a big box of papers, including my parents' wedding invitation with a handwritten note inside: a list of things like flowers and food and dress materials and how much everything cost. I can't throw THAT away! (Mom, do you even know I have this? Do you want it?!) But I have no idea what to DO with it either. So there it sits, on my washer and dryer. 


I don't think Phillip sees these things. If he does, he certainly doesn't seem bothered by them. I was telling a friend about this tonight and she said, "ME TOO! And here I was, thinking I had OCD or something." And I wanted to say, "Oh GOD no, Friend Of Mine, let me introduce you to the internet!"

So anyway. We are very busy. Very very very. And I hardly have time to keep my house half decent when we AREN'T busy. 

I haven't had time to write. I haven't had time to garden (which appears to be a lost cause anyway, if the number and scope of the weeds means anything. I'm pretty sure this place hasn't been weeded in fifty years.) I haven't had time to box up the too-small clothes, or take anything to Goodwill, or figure out what to do with all my scarves and extra bags that are piled up in a corner of my bedroom. I haven't even had time to watch television, so you KNOW things are bad.

This reminds me that the last minute of Mad Men is showing as I type. I would despair over this except for the lemon drop and gin and tonic in my system. That and the fact that I know my husband will hunt it down for me tomorrow. SHHH!

What I have had time to do is read my beloved Kindle. Did I say beloved? OH YES. I was one of those people who didn't believe the hype, who got all snotty nosed about HOLDING books and TURNING PAGES and PAPER and HEFT and looking at them on SHELVES, but, um, WHATEVER, OLD ME! The new me is in love with her Kindle, AKA The Money Pit. I've only bought cheaper books so far (The Book Thief: $5.99! And is TERRIFIC thus far!) but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. I already put about ten books on my wish list. And you can read it in direct sunlight! Which means I can read it while lounging in my MIL's beach chair in her ginormous sunny backyard! 

Phillip understands that if Amazon.com causes us to go broke it will be all his fault. 

I'm tired. Did I tell you how busy we are? But I think things calm down starting tomorrow. The summer is not yet over. There is still time for sitting around in my backyard. 


Dr. Maureen

See? SEE? THAT is why I can't buy a Kindle. Sure, yes, $250 or $150 or whatever the heck the Kindles costs. And then $10,000 per year in BOOKS. I will get a Kindle when libraries figure out a way to lend e-books.


I'm one of those people. I snub the e-readers. A room of our house is "the library." I don't know if I could make the switch.


You are really tempting me in the Kindle dept now... I like Maureen's idea of lending e-books.

You would cry and shudder to see my house right now. It's a construction zone. There is not one single room in my 1000 sq ft house that is in order. Some are worse than unordered. I don't even want to be here. But I cannot stand being out in the heat, even to travel by car to some other place w/ air conditioning. So here I am. Maybe I should just sleep the next 5 weeks away and it won't be so bad?


Matt doesn't see those things either. He just doesn't see that the mess even exists. Drives me crazy.

It also drives me crazy that a house can never be "done." You always have to fight back the mess.

Ellen W

The Book Thief is a great book - may have to go back and reread it. I hear you on the clutter - sometimes between 2 boys and a dog with stuffed toys I think I could do continous loops through my house.

Jenny Ryan

Oh, the Kindle snobbery-such familiar ground. Until I melted into a puddle of good over the iTouch and downloaded the Kindle app. and now digital books are my boyfriend.

And now, the amount of willpower needed to resist buying the e-version of every new book I hear about=SUPERHUMAN. Because really, (at least according to Jenny-math), they're really "practically free".


Let me know if P can't find the MM link. I just found it. Now I need to bribe my kids to nap so that I can watch it...

Spin Mama

Thank you, thank you for your clutter confessions -- down to the detail of what is on your W/D. You are brave! And now, when I have to shove aside similar sundry piles of things in order to accomplish a task, I won't feel so alone. I've been busy too!


If iTunes can let you rent movies, I can't see why you can't rent books.

GET ON IT, STEVE JOBS. And maybe I, too, will buy a Kindle... or an iPad or something.


Konrad can't see the mess either.... I just don't get it. But now I know that he's not the only husband out there like this, so maybe I won't kill him. :)

Busy here too- MA is an interesting place. Still not sure if I like it completely (there is no Kraft Mayo here!!!), but we just started the paperwork to buy a house so I guess I'm stuck here. Good times!

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