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Strawberries, shrimp, movies and Colorado

It's Thursday night and I'm at the dinner table, sitting here while the kids slurp all the whipped cream off their strawberries and whipped cream dessert. And now Jack is telling me he's going to throw up ("in the sink, Mommy") and I'm feeling less than sympathetic since he's been telling me that all day and 1) it has yet to happen and 2) it usually occurs when he doesn't want to eat something I want him to eat. Like the strawberries from his strawberries and cream. THESE KIDS. 

Anyway, I just wrote a big long post about Online Identity, Crisis Of and DEAR GOD, Internet. I can't believe you let me near this laptop. I saved it to draft. You are welcome. Well, if you're REALLY interested it came down to really hoping I'm as close to the Real Me online as I can be and also, thanks for the page views, sucka. 

(That last part came from my editor at Parenting, who I think I want to marry.)

It's been kind of a long icky day, due mainly in part to waking at three thirty in the morning. I don't know. She was up, she wouldn't go back to sleep, we couldn't sleep WITH her and that was that. She did take a long nap, but Jack didn't, which means I didn't, and yes, my eyeballs feel like they might fall out of my skull at any moment. Phillip is out with school friends tonight and normally I encourage him to go out and have his fun (because honestly? I go out and have my fun ALL THE TIME) but dude, if a Capitol Hill pub and a giant stein of beer doesn't sound positively perfect at this moment. The jealousy is brewing. 

Seriously, both kids ate ALL the whipped cream and NONE of the strawberries. SO ANNOYING. 

Phillip is also going golfing this weekend which is only exciting for me in that the golfers and their wives are coming over for dinner afterwards and I get to have a dinner party! Outside (thank goodness it will be warm) since there's absolutely nowhere to have a dinner party INSIDE. I think a trip to World Market might be in order tomorrow. I hear they have outdoor furniture on sale for 75% off. Not that I can cart home outdoor furniture on a morning outing with the kids, not that I have ROOM for more outdoor furniture, BUT I CAN LOOK. 

Of course, I don't know what to make. Ideas? The other night Phillip's parents grilled veggies and scallops and shrimp on skewers and it was delicious. Maybe I should do that. Except shrimp kind of freak me out. I mean, not cooked shrimp, especially when found in dim sum treats, but RAW shrimp and their little TAILS and what am I supposed to do with THOSE. (Yes, I am totally the person who shudders when cutting up raw chicken. SORRY.) 

We're going on an actual DATE tomorrow (Friday) night and I hath decreed there will be a movie. Should we go see Inception or Toy Story? Or something else? VOTE! 

And what is up with this house across from me, Internet? I swear, ninety-seven different people live there. We've been here several months now and I still can't figure out which adults go with which kids and which of those even LIVE in the house. Today I decided that two or three of the women I see over there must be nannies or babysitters or something. It's a big house, but not THAT big. Also, they are loud and never say hello. Harrumph.

Oh Internet, it's been a long day and I'm just going to say it: EMOTIONALLY TAXING. I think it's time for me to clean up the kitchen, turn on some Ni Hao Kai Lan and eat the strawberries. I hope you have a lovely weekend. In addition to watching movies in movie theaters and shuddering over raw shrimp, I will be sending a package to my newest little nephew, born tonight. And perhaps planning a visit to Colorado because MAN is it lame to have the most adorable nephews on earth, only to have their part of the earth exist super far away from yours. 


Angela Noelle

I'm the worst Cajun ever. I refuse to cook with sea creatures that I have to remove from their homes or exoskeletons. I love to eat them, but I just don't want to put that much effort into cooking. Anyhow, I feel ya on the emotionally taxing bit. I ate two eclairs, a piece of cake, pizza and drank some of my Cupcake Cabernet Sauvignon. It helped.


You SHOULD visit Colorado. In fact, you should go next weekend and take the kids to water world in Denver on Saturday because that's where *I* will be!

What do you mean that's short notice?

Also, I totally shudder when cutting up raw chicken. Yuck.


My vote is for Ramona and Beezuz. But then, I couldn't pay or bribe my husband to go see it with me, so good luck! And raw chicken, or any other raw meat, barf!


Hmm, I vote for Inception. Both movies were good, though.

Boooo to crappy days. I hope tomorrow treats you better!

Sarah in Ottawa

I don't think that you can go wrong with either movie. Have fun. Also - congratulations to your family on the newest addition. The XY numbers in your family continue to grow, huh?


Raw chicken is nasty but these are worth it. I promise promise promise and they're AWESOME for an outdoor party. We served them with rice.


Do grocery stores near you not sell frozen, cleaned, previously cooked shrimp? Because I kinda love them. I basically refuse to clean them anymore. I can usually even find them not cooked, but cleaned (they have their tails, but not their shells or legs, so you could easily skewer them and make the eater take off the tails themselves.) I do have issues with people/restaurants who leave the tails on when the shrimp are in a pasta or dish you would otherwise not use your fingers for, but...

I've heard both movies are great. I haven't seen a movie in awhile.


YES. COME TO COLORADO. And if you come to Colorado and do not come see me while you're there, I will never forgive you. So work that into your trip planning now!


My grocery store has fresh, peeled and devined, uncooked shrimp at the meat counter. Take it out of the package, put it right on the skewer.
I vote for Inception. I like to see grown up movies on dates. you can rent Toy Story and watch it with the kids when it comes out on video.


Congratulations on the new kid! As for movies, I haven't seen Toy Story but Inception was very good.

Jen @ The Short Years

See, when I heard that your kids didn't eat the strawberries, I just thought: what's the problem? More berries for mommy!

Toy Story was fantastic. I have heard good things about Inception, too. You should try to take the kids (or at least Jack) to Toy Story though. My kids loved it. Even the 2-year-old made it all the way through, though she did get a little wiggly.


I JUST LOST MY WHOLE COMMENT. And it was the best comment I have ever written too. (No, it wasn't.)

But I said that you should go see Toy Story because it was fantastic, both Matt and I agreed. But Matt saw Inception and also thought it was great, so you can't lose.

And I get the shrimp that are already ready to be eaten. Or at least just need heated up. I do not like shrimp so I am not doing all that work for them.


You had me at Colorado. Oh, how I loved living there. I spent 16 glorious years of my life living there. I hope you have the best time ever!

Sonya in San Antonio

Hi Maggie...I just wanted to let you know I gave you a blog award! Check it out here:

I always enjoy reading about your adventures in motherhood! Have a great day!


Jen beat me to my comment. I consider the kids not eating their strawberries as gift. All the more for you!!!

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