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I'm back to the regularly scheduled churchy meetings, which means it is late and I'm starving and I haven't said five words to Phillip yet, so no post for you tonight. Sorry! Go check out my newest Playground Rant at Parenting.com (and I know it's there because I posted it myself. YAY DRUPAL!)

So there I was, hanging out at the Popular Neighborhood Play Area, minding my own business, by which I mean: MY OWN KIDS. I don't know about you, but I don't want to parent anybody else's children when hanging out at the Popular Neighborhood Play Area. It's been known to happen, of course, and when it does I blog about it. YOU ARE WELCOME. 

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Life of a Doctor's Wife

(Am commenting here in lieu of signing up for Parenting.)

Oh my! What a frustrating morning! The Oblivious Parent has to be one of the most irritating creatures on the planet. But at least you know how to deal with small kids. I was at the pool the other day and this small kid (toddling, but not talking - maybe a 14 months or so? who knows?) kept wandering right up to the edge of the pool and her father (?) would sort of guide her away. But he was sitting on the pool edge, talking. And when the girl wandered away, over to the pool in front of me, his back was to her. And I was trying to read and mind my own business, but come on! If her father is ignoring her, I should pay attention, right?


I didn't reply on Parenting.com, but F the person that wrote that comment! I HATE parents who do the EXACT thing you described. If I had a blog I am sure I would have a post with a similiar story. I can't stand people who don't watch their kids. Being distracted for a minute is one thing. Completely ignoring your kid is another.

Seriously don't even take what the person said to heart. It is not worth your time. Heck it could even be that mother!


Hey, what's the deal with Parenting.com RSS feed? I'm subscribed, but no new posts have shown up in my readers in like 3 or 4 weeks.


Okay, so I just read the column and comments, and I have to say, you do not come across as a haughty know it all. I don't let my two year old climb up/hog the slide, nor do I let her get in situations where all out wailing begins. Even when I am NURSING A BABY. Let alone chatting with a friend.

Also, I really hope the moms who have helped Kalena into a swing and then pushed her while I was busy nursing said baby don't think I'm ignoring her. Thank you, nice helpful moms! I'm not trying to ignore my child!


Wow. What was up w/ the comments earlier on Parenting? They were a bit insane, I think! But in response to the actual post: I have really hard time ignoring my teacher instincts when I see a kid not doing what he/she should be doing, which can definitely make for a few awkward encounters w/ other parents...


DUDE. Those commenters on Parenting are scary scary people. I? Totally agree with you. Totally. Also, this is yet one more reason why I kind of hate public playgrounds. Because I feel like I HAVE to be watching my kids all the time and then I end up watching half the other kids there too. In my own backyard, not so much to worry about. Also? Even in the backyard I don't let the kids climb up the slide when their friends/sibs want to slide down. But then, I admit I'm a bit of a rule nazi. ;-)

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