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A few weeks ago I met up with Blogless Reader Megan at a fancypants mall. She was in town for a family wedding and OBVS we had to hang out and it was super fun and her crazy energetic kid made sure my enthralled-by-older-kids kid got his first nap in weeks and it was a Grand Time. Even though we are only BLOG-RELATED and even though her husband was all, "Um, you're going to meet someone from... the... INTERNET?"


And then this weekend I met up with MORE friends from the internet and had yet ANOTHER smashing time. 

Two of these people are gorgeous and glowing, one of them is rocking the always in fashion I Was Squeezed Into A Flying Tin Can Today look. 

And! And! I'D MET THEM BEFORE. You know what that means, right? It means we'd hung out once and had a good enough time that we decided, of our own free will, to do it again. Craziness! 

This was something like my zillionth time hanging out with Internet Friends, but you guys, it seriously isn't lost on me that I wouldn't know you if it weren't for this stupid dorkalicious website. And we AREN'T strange, semi-creepy Internet Weirdos, we are totally people who would be friends In Real Life. So it totally works when we DO meet in real life. We can all get dinner together and talk about kids and jobs and, okay, the internet. It's so much fun. It's especially fun to walk along Manhattan Beach and point out which house you'd like @shelbyraymond and @darrenoia to purchase for the next time you visit Southern California. (I want the one with a turret!)

If I haven't said it before, I HIGHLY recommend getting thyself a blog. 



I loved hanging with you guys! Seattle trip is COMING!! If it's the last thing I do I'm coming to Seattle!!


I had dinner just last night with a blog friend turned real life friend. Yay, blogs!


I have lots of friends that I met through THE internet! And we are all friends in real life now too! But it IS because of your blog that I started mine. Maggie you inspired me!


LOVE Internet Friends. LOVE. Some of my best in-person friends were met through the blog. And, the blog is basically the only reason we have any semblance of a social network here in Denver.


I love your blog too! And if you're ever in Las Vegas, let me know! (you seem to have the bravery for traveling which I lack)
Your writing makes me laugh, makes me cry, makes me feel like I'm not alone on this swirling rollercoaster of parenting puking off the sides occasionally.


Outrageously jealous! Especially as I'll be missing the Blathering 2.0. Sadness!


I want to go out with you guys too! If only you didn't live fifty bazillion miles away. I'm not sure my husband would understand the airfare to go visit people from the internet. He already thinks I'm crazy!


I love your blog too! Yay for bloggy meetups! Your picture came out nicer than ours, by the way. In ours, I looked like a crazy giant, and you and Manda looked like little dwarves, all because I was standing closer to the camera.


I'm jealous! I want some bloggy meetups, but I'm pretty sure nobody is ever going to come to western Colorado. Makes me sad:( (Obviously I never go anywhere.)


Hey that's me! It was fun to meet up...sort of cosmopolitan in a dorky way (I have friends in other cities! from the INTERNET!!) We should have done it after the wedding instead of before as lots of wedding drama ensued, and that is always fun to talk about! (In the end they got married and are now happily packing up all thier stuff to move here, so it was good). We even made it into the city to do touristy type things. Thanks Maggie for letting me prove my husband wrong :)

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