Not that I'm DECLARING anything...
The last day of the busyness

He is STILL picking up crayons

I left drop in volleyball about an hour early last night because I was slammed in the face by an errant ball, not even the GAME ball, and it made me queasy. Well, first it shocked me and as I stumbled off the court I told myself, "Do NOT start crying, you big wuss, do NOT start crying at freaking VOLLEYBALL." And then I stood against the wall for a while, just blinking and breathing, and THEN I got nauseous. 

I feel okay this morning, except I'm of the opinion the kids should have let me sleep about an hour longer. 

We're going to my parents' house today. We're going to swim in their park wading pool and get lunch in their downtown and eat birthday cake (I haven't had ANY birthday cake yet!) after dinner. Tomorrow we're going to Phillip's parents' house. And Sunday, because that's the last day we have family in town. And then I think I will sleep all day on Monday. Who wants to watch the kids? 

I hate how when I tell Jack to do something or clean something up, he moves at the speed of You Will Die Of Old Age Before I Pick Up All Of These Crayons. 

I feel like all I've (we've) been doing is having gobs and gobs of fun, but I'm so tired and keep wondering when I'm going to have time to write again or clean a bathroom. All right, truthfully, I could have all the time in the world and I still would save cleaning the bathroom for last. So that's not a great example. But I've figured out two large-ish things about my main character (yes, I am still working on "the novel", I know, sigh) but I haven't had a quiet moment to sit down and write those things and figure out if they really work. Maybe they don't! On the other hand, I figured those things out because I've gone back to running a couple times a week and people, running = writing. When my brain is stuck I wish I didn't try everything else first to unstick it. 

And does anyone even care about an Anniversary of Hot By Thirty post? I do, I think. I just haven't written it yet. 

In other news I've made blueberry scones (from and a blueberry crumble cake (from Everyday Food) in pathetic attempts to use up the two pounds of blueberries I bought because I assumed that the kids loving blueberries last summer meant they would love them this summer. Fool! Although my sister informs me they are sour-ish, so maybe that's it. In which case I have two pounds of sour-ish blueberries to deal with. Liz sent me a recipe for a blueberry peach cobbler, but it requires five pounds of peaches and I hate peeling and slicing stone fruit and have I mentioned I am lazy as all get out? AND I don't like blueberries? 

I made smoothies one morning. People keep saying, "Give Jack smoothies! That's a great way to give him vegetables and fruit!" Except that Jack wants nothing to do with smoothies. (And these same People don't believe me. What kid doesn't like a smoothie?! MINE.) I made them with every kind of fruit in the house, plus the vanilla yogurt that no one will eat, plus sugar to make up for the sour-ish vanilla yogurt. They ended up purple and Molly would have kept drinking "purple milk" until the blender was empty. But I don't like blueberries and Jack doesn't like smoothies. 

MAN this blog post is One Hot Mess. We'll try again next week, yes?



My kid won't touch any beverage that isn't milk or water. And he was incubated on smoothies (I burned out the blender, what does that tell you?) and Special K. Likes neither. Does like yogurt, though. And some fruit, provided it is freeze-dried or a banana.


I echo Redbecca. Asher drinks water, milk or chocolate milk. Smoothes? NO. Orange juice? NO. Apple juice? He'll ask for it sometimes, but NEVER DRINKS IT.

I did a horrible thing and tricked him into drinking some Sprite the other night and he GAGGED. On Sprite! SPRITE.


I think we could tie for pickiest kid ever. Just saying.

Kate P

"You Will Die Of Old Age Before I Pick Up All Of These Crayons"--that's because he will have to stop to move you into the old folks' home and then go back to picking up crayons.

To me, writing in your head counts as writing; I am confident you will get your moment to write it all out. As will I. :)


I care about the Anniversary of Hot By Thirty post!

I've never made my kids smoothies, but I really should try it since I know they have deep, borderline inappropriate feelings for milkshakes. I can't believe some of the above commenters have kids who don't drink juice. Mine are juice FIENDS. I water it down so much that they're pretty much just drinking flavored water, but they will drink it all the live long day if I let them (I don't!).


I don't like blueberries either. Or any kind of berries, really, except for strawberries. And I like raspberry FLAVOR but not the berries themselves. (Give me a raspberry cream from See's Candy and I'll be your BFFandeverandeveramen) But tonight! TONIGHT! The restaurant that fed me Anniversary Dinner put a little pot of berries sitting in sweet cream next to a little (LITTLE) piece of chocolate cake and gave it to me for free. And it was so delicious that I ate every last berry....even the little tiny blueberry floating in the cream pot at the very end. I. KNOW.

That is all.


My kid would probably eat smoothies but my husband definitely won't. No fruit! NONE! Is that better or worse do you think?

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