They are taking away the English degree as I type
Not that I'm DECLARING anything...

Guess how much I care about the Mariners!

Phillip is at a baseball game tonight with his brother. This brother, who only visits Seattle once every seven hundred years or so, will be dropping Phillip off at the house tonight, and quite probably coming inside to have a look around. I know this, yet I have no overwhelming urge to spruce up the kitchen or straighten up the living room. 

And next to where I'm sitting, at the kitchen table, is an empty bottle of Corona and half a cake and not just any cake, but one of those cakes you bake in a bowl and flip over and stick a cheap plastic doll in the top, and then decorate with ten pounds of brightly colored frosting so it looks like a dress. It appears that 1) the beer is mine (it's not) and 2) I've been sitting here eating cake (I haven't). I'm not real motivated to fix that either. 

I took the kids grocery shopping today and they were actually half decent. I suspect this has something to do with the free doughnut hole sample they get upon entering, and the threat of taking away the free doughnut hole sample they MIGHT get upon leaving. Did I tell you I tried to do the playroom thing? Because how can I pass that up, right? But it turns out you have to be at least two, so Molly can't go. Yet. The playroom ladies were SUPER nice and convinced Jack he wouldn't be eaten by bears if he stuck around, so Molly and I crept away while they showered him with Legos or something. 

But I listened for my name on the intercom and there it was, not ten minutes later. When I went back, Jack was just standing there, not crying or anything. The ladies informed me that after a few minutes Jack looked up and realized I wasn't there. He went to the door and looked around. He didn't fuss, just stood very quietly, but the ladies decided to call me anyway, it being his first time and all. 

And now he doesn't want to go back. He likes the idea of the playroom, but he tells me there are "too many kids". If I try talking it up a little more he'll say, "I want Mollymoo to go too." So... yeah. I think we'll just have to wait until Molly turns two (September 1! Gah!) and try again. I try not to let myself envision blissfully shopping alone on the offchance it doesn't work out. 

But what does Jack think he's getting into with this preschool deal? LOTS OF KIDS. 

This is why we don't go to story time. Or any other Large Kiddie Gathering. I re-learned this again, just a few weeks ago when a friend wanted to go this kid-friendly lunchtime concert at a beach park. We went early and spent a good half hour throwing rocks into the water. When it was time for the concert (which ended up being just The Reptile Man and his Team Of Icky Friends), the place looked packed. I just flat out told my friend we were going to stay and throw rocks. That's what my kid was happiest doing.

Jack just... I don't know. It's not like he doesn't dance and sing and get crazy at home. But don't try to make him do the hand motions at story time, or dance at the zoo play area when they hand out the maracas. Are you kidding? No thank you. Too many kids. Too loud. That's enough. 

And not like I'm bummed out or anything. Story time gives me the shakes. I suppose I'd be worried if he wasn't such a crazy wild little dude at home. He just takes a while (months?) to warm up. 

I guess I should start lighting the candles for preschool. 

As for Molly, I'm not sure yet. If Jack is doing it, she will too, but her favorite hangout is my lap. Seriously, we can be doing all sorts of fun awesome stuff at home - sprinklers! baby pool! catch! - but if my lap is available and there's something for her to hold or look at while she's sitting there, that's the fave activity. Apparently I am THAT COMFORTABLE. 

But at story time, she'll stand up and wiggle a bit. She'll dance in public. She'll try the new food or the big slide while her brother stands uncertainly next to me. He's never been as clingy as Molly, though, so I don't know. Darn confusing kids. 

Oh, it occurs to me that I should explain the cake: my nieces made them (TWO dress cakes), in honor of my birthday. And did I notice the frosting crown? And the earrings? And my NAME printed ALL AROUND THE DRESS? Plenty of details, these cakes.

Okay, off to hide in the bedroom before I'm subjected to longwinded, sappy soliloquies on the Mariners. 



I thought of you yesterday. I made a trip to our local grocery store - now I know how lacking it really is! no playroom! - but I went with BOTH KIDS. I rarely do the weekly groceries with both, opting instead to wait until they've gone to bed or the weekend. But were were completely out of the staples so it was no option.


They were monstrous. Or, KT was. Wanted OUT of the cart. RAN down aisles. Neeeeeeeded water at the drinking fountain. Et cetera. I don't know how you do that nonsense on a regular basis.


It will be interesting to see if preschool affects his attitude toward other kiddie gatherings. Perhaps he'll like the playroom after that? Though of course by then Molly will be two so it might be hard to figure out cause and effect.


Maggie, I'm convinced how kids behave is what they are used to. My neighbor tells me she takes her child to the museums (a real on) all the time! We tried that with ours one time, spent five minutes inside and walked right back out. But grocery store? No problem! We live three blocks from one, and I go there at least 3 times a week ever since he was born. My son is so used to grocery shopping, he is happy just to sit in the cart and hold a bag of cheese!


Huh. My daughter thrives in Sunday School, etc. the more kids the better. Hopefully, you won't have any issues w/ the preschool thing. But be prepared that those first few days might not be pretty!

The Mama



Ugg, I just did the grocery store yesterday with both kids. It went okay but the timing was terrible, finishing at 5:00. All three of us were starving and we still needed to get home and unload the groceries before starting dinner. I think I was crankier than the kids. I need to stick with Peapod.

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