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10 pm, starving, want brownies, writing inane blog post instead

This afternoon a giant package showed up on my doorstep and why NO it WASN'T a surprise present from my thoughtful husband away on his business trip, it was for (I think) the previous tenant. Is the mailman reading my blog? We get a lot of mail for [many different] old tenants. Most of it is junk and I toss it, but if it looks important I scribble on the envelope and put it back in the mailbox. Can't do that with a package, though. I will be calling the landlord in the morning and seeing if Previous Tenant has a current phone number. Let it be known I am doing my part for mis-delivered packages!

It was sunny this morning for the first time in ages, so we packed ourselves into the stroller and went for a nice long sweaty walk. The stroller has developed an inconsistent squeak, like sometimes it doesn't make any noise and other times it sounds like I am beating one of my children and everyone on the trail is turning to look at us. So I thought about buying Phillip a double jogging stroller for Father's Day. You know, I haven't been running since I hurt my foot. It's all better now, as far as I can tell, and I briefly considered picking up the running habit again last week, but then I remembered: Hawaii. What if I bust my foot again? I can't be gimping around Hawaii! OBVS I need to take it easy! (Bummer!) But I actually sort of miss it. And I really think I would JOG while using a jogging stroller. I do! So that's back on one of the burners. Not necessarily a FRONT burner, but definitely not the BACK burner. 

And Phillip is gone again, which means I haven't washed the dishes and I attempt to spend all of our waking hours with friends, by which I mean MY friends who just happen to have children. I strongly recommend finding yourself some friends who 1) feed your children and 2) beg you to stay until all the kids are ready to crash into bed. Good times! And when I got home I called my husband and I can't believe I'm saying this, but all this work nonsense could turn out half decent. Maybe even better. I'll believe it when I see it, of course, but it was nice to have some good news. Blog Assignment: Cross fingers!

Oh, and now it's pouring again. That's the nice thing about skylights. It's easy to decipher levels of rainyness.

I keep thinking about our trip next week, and how it's 85 degrees in Honolulu and how fan freaking tastic it was the first time we went, right before we got pregnant with Jack. My friend is FROM Hawaii - lots of Hawaii kids head to the mainland for college - and we were sort of set up by a mutual friend because we both needed a summer roommate after freshman year. It was the best time, you guys, and we lived together every summer after that. (I just realized that sounded kind of strange. See, we were in the Non-Denominational College Fellowship, in which it was a given that you would live on campus in a DORM, which is why I lived in a DORM until I GRADUATED, OMG. With a different roommate every year!) ANYWAY. The day my friend moved back to Hawaii was a sad one indeed, and I bawled the entire way home from the airport. Sorry, freeway drivers! 


Man, I am all over the place tonight, huh?! And I should probably go to bed. Last night I didn't go to bed until midnight because 1) Phillip is not here and 2) I hadn't seen the last two episodes of Friday Night Lights and YOU GUYS. THIS SHOW. I mean, I've always loved this show, but I didn't think getting rid of half the characters and moving Coach Taylor to East Dillon would make it BETTER. But all the girl characters I kind of hated went off to college and all the boy characters I loved are still around and I watch that show knowing that Kyle Chandler is an actor, I KNOW, but I have to think he is a Texas high school football coach who also acts in a TV show about Texas high school football. I mean, HE IS COACH TAYLOR. And same goes for 99% of the other actors on that show. SWOON. I don't know if it's the acting or the writing or the way it's filmed or what, but someone needs to give that sweetheart Matt Saracen a freaking Emmy THAT'S WHAT. SOB.

(When Phillip gets home we are starting up Modern Family and Burn Notice. Oh Michael Weston! I've missed you!) 

Okay. Yeah. Just skip this one. Sorry if you got this far. LATER.



Ah, Michael Westen. He has been missed. And we just purchased the first season on DVD to relive it all over again, so I'm getting a double dose lately. :)

I so think Phillip needs a double jogging stroller for Father's Day. And maybe a nice bottle of wine.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Oh Friday Night Lights! I love it so very much!

Coach Taylor might be my favorite TV character ever? Or at least top 5. Along with Mrs. Taylor. LOVE.

I bawled the whole way through last week's episode (poor Matt! the heartbreak!) and I am with you - I think getting rid of some of the old characters and relationships and keeping the really good people (Lance! Matt! Timmy!) has made it so much better.

(I know his name isn't really Lance. But - like Coach Taylor - I like to call him that.)


I definitely enjoy the traveling husband days-- Jeremy isn't overly social, and doesn't like to have people over late at night. Whenever he's gone, I whip up a feast and invite all my childless friends over. We sat out on my back porch with food and beers until 3:30 this morning... and then I woke at 7 with the son. No regrets, though!


I used to use Friday Night Lights to explain to people where I lived. Saying Midland Texas usually just gets a blank look, so I'd have to follow up with, "It's right next to Odessa, where Friday Night Lights takes place."

In college I'd get the same blank look when I'd say Golden Colorado, so I always had to follow that up with, "It's where the Coors brewery is." I guess people only pay attention to the important things-- football and beer.

Sonya in San Antonio aka Glam-O-Mommy

I love Friday Night Lights! I went to a big football high school here in San Antonio that had a very Coach Taylor-esque coach back in my day, and so I love how very real and Texas the show is, with all the people acting like football's the gospel and all that. That's true! It's just like the show, folks! It is shot around Austin and I totally geek out on recognizing places and stuff. And the actor playing Matt Saracen is amazing! And Riggins! Hot. Enough said.

I am going to be single parenting it next week for the first time husband's going to Dallas for a training class, so I am taking your advice Maggie and lining up dinner with friends and stuff to occupy our evenings!


Nothing better on TV than Friday Night Lights. That includes Mad Men and whatever else people are giving awards to.


Wait, you buying a double jogging stroller for Phillip sounds suspiciously like you're really buying it for you, and how many people hate it when their spouses buy them a present that isn't really for them at all? (and here, I am thinking of that episode of The Simpsons in which Homer buys Marge a bowling ball.)


If only everyone did their part for mis-delivered packages! The world would be a better place.


This trip sounds awesome and I am jealous. Fingers crossed about the work stuff! Though of course I am Very Curious about exactly what it is I am crossing my fingers for.

Kate P

Michael Weston = Hotness. I'd ignore my dairy allergy just to have yogurt with him.

Also, my 80-something great-aunt LOVES Friday Night Lights. Raving about it Memorial Day weekend. Who would've guessed?


Okay, thanks to your (many) recommendations, I am now going over to netflix and putting season 1 of Friday Night Lights in my queu (how does one spell that word??). Thank you!


You ARE still watching Friday Night Lights! Oh, that Matt Saracen episode broke my heart. I don't even blame it on pregnancy hormones. It just broke my heart!

I might be the only person who doesn't think Michael Westen is hot. I think he's good-looking, in an odd sort of way, but not hot.

By any chance, did you watch Justified? Possibly the most unlikely tv show I would find myself interested in, but I loved it!


I do not miss hubby's work travel days. His old job reuired him to travel Monday through Thursday every single week. ugh. hang in there! cool drinks and sandy beaches are on the way!

Sounds like I need to add Friday Night Lights to the Netflix queue for summer viewing. You will L-O-V-E Modern family. hilarious!

OMG I have actually commented twice on your blog! I feel so brave! Your post asking for ideas and comments is turning me from a lurker into commenter. I might actually keep this up.

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