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Seven Quick Thursday Takes

Look at me, breaking the rules!

1. Today was better. Not TONS better, but enough better. Also: Phillip and I discussed the difficulties of waiting to eat until he gets home (around 6:30), not least of which is the fact that Molly starts banging on the refrigerator around 4:45 and it's impossible to cook AND occupy/stave off two needy children from end of nap till late-for-them dinner. (If it were up to me I'd eat at 9 or 9:30, because in my heart of hearts I am a Southern European.) So we came up with a plan and a plan B and I feel a lot less despairing about the whole situation. 

2. What I AM feeling despairing about is my debilitating, crippling, panic-inducing foot disease. Two days I woke up and my foot hurt. Like REALLY HURT. It's the spot on the outside edge of your foot, right below your ankle. What the heck? I have absolutely no clue how I did this or even what it is, but I can't put weight on it, not really, not if I want to KEEP walking. I would blame my first run in two months, but that was two days before the foot disease struck. So I don't know. All it means right now is that I probably shouldn't play volleyball tomorrow night (BOO) and that I probably will lose all ability to walk within the next several months (SUPER BOO.) I will have to take myself and my wheelchair on a walkabout in Australia, get rejected by the walkabout director and crash on a mystical island on my way home. 

3. I reactivated my Weight Watchers account. I hate telling you this. MOVING ON.

4. I finally decided on a lipstick color I 1) like and 2) would actually wear at times other than Big Fancy Occasions. I'm just not a lipstick kind of girl. I think it makes the rest of me look washed out or sallow or otherwise unattractive. But a friend gave me a lip color palette a while back and I really like this shade that looks so unlikely in the palette. I keep losing it in different purses, but I found it again today and got annoyed having to use a LIP BRUSH for the zillionth time so I decided: today is the day I buy The Real Thing! So I hopped online aaaaand it seems it only comes in the palette with the lip brush. ANNOYING. (Wildberry Jam by Fresh, for those of you who are interested in such details.)

5. Maureen asked for a bread update and I always do what Maureen says. (Seriously. See: cloth diapers, bread book.) Okay, so after the basic "artisan" bread recipe, I moved on to the American-style white sandwich bread recipe since that's what I wanted in the first place: slices for PBJs. Verdict: SCORE. My very first loaf (in a loaf pan) turned out perfect and, bonus, Jack eats it! Win! It's a lot softer and still yummy. (I prefer the crusty artisan loaves, preferably at 9:30 at night with a hunk of cheese and a glass of wine.) It's interesting to note how quickly homemade bread goes hard/stale when the store bought bread is still sitting there all happy and squishy for weeks. Yay chemicals!

6. I'm writing about Bob Duallies and other Things I Think I Absolutely Must Have at Parenting on Thursday. It's one of those posts where it totally makes sense and sounds funny in my head, but probably didn't come out right and THIS is the post that gets me booted from the world of paid blogging gigs. Facebook fan page: pointless!

7. Scheduled for Friday: a mishmash of thoughts about Facebook fan pages. And other stuff concerning the business end of blogging. I wrote it today but wow does it need an editor. And possibly an entirely different writer. Whatever. You've been warned!


Salome Ellen

You have a joint right there on the side of your foot. (I know this as the mother of dancers...) Stay off it as much as possible, ice if you can, and three ibuprofen three times a day for three days. (That part comes from our friendly neighborhood physicians' assistant.) And it doesn't last forever.
My bet is that you need new running shoes. The old ones were OK when used regularly, but are too shot to start over in....


I would be a fan on Facebook if only for the Lost references. Hope your foot is better!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yup, seems clear you are headed for The Island. My advice to you: watch out for polar bears. (Speaking of which - wasn't there only one polar bear? I want that thread to be picked back up and explained.)

Maybe avoid the walkabout and instead head to Seville for some bread- and cheese-eating at 9:30? That seems more amenable to your ailment anyway.

In all seriousity, hope your foot feels better!


The ankle/foot...try taking Aleve or some other anti-inflammatory medication. I have had the same problem in the past. Once was hard to explain, but I went to the doctor and had an x-ray and everything. They gave me prescription-strength aleve (ten-day supply) and I took one and it was gone. Waste of money on doctor and prescription. Had the same problem when we were on our honeymoon. Spent a whole day in Vegas on our feet walking back and forth on the strip. Couldn't walk at all the next day. Took two Aleve, and it disappeared within two hours. Didn't come back. Which was important considering that we still had three days left of our trip.


I need to start baking some bread again soon. I'm intrigued by this five minutes a day thing. I've just been making regular bread but letting the bread maker do all the kneading.


Hi Maggie! I've been a reader of yours for a while now.. Ok, a couple of years. I've wanted to post a comment a million times but never have. I've recently started a blog and was looking for advice?! eek! I think you are awesome - and I so would have sent you an email but I can't find one for you! Help! Please! xxoo Sheri


My in-laws tend toward the European late dinner. It drive me CRAZY. I think dinner is late if it happens after 6:30 and I hate spending evenings at their house saying, "No, seriously, I have to feed Kalena NOW. It's already past her bedtime."

As for the weight watchers, I'm about to quit. Not that I've lost all the weight, I just count points in my head these days and I don't feel like paying $20 a month to count points in my head. Will have to be re-activating if my head doesn't keep good track.

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