Why Phillip doesn't have a blog
I bet someone's post topic will be, "Um, how about you just don't WRITE when you can't think of anything to write?" And then I'll have to be, "Hmm. Point taken."

Seven quick Friday takes from a dark Thursday living room

1. I am watching, from my living room window, a lady park, get out of her car and retrieve her things from the trunk. She's wearing very tall black heels, a short skirt and a fitted jacket. Her hair is in a neat updo. And the bag she just pulled out of the trunk is a very rectangular, very shiny leather thing. Like, I might call it an attache case, if I had any idea what an attache case IS. The point being: I am wearing the jeans I've been wearing all week, a t-shirt that stinks because I never put on deodorant, stringy flat hair, no makeup and the only things I pull out of the back of my car are strollers and bags of laundry soap and clearance shorts in size 24 months from Target. 

2. My house looks just like I do. And yet, here I sit, dorking around on the internet, snooping on my neighbors. I don't know why I thought it'd be easier to keep this house clean. More rooms just means more rooms to fill with crap.

3. The FPC is graduating tomorrow. We will now have to refer to her as the PC. Well, not really. Apparently she still has to suffer through summer quarter? But for whatever reason, tomorrow is her Big Important Project, but unlike thesis papers and dissertations, you can EAT the FPC's final. She's baking and serving something like ten different items tomorrow and guess who gets to HELP eat the final once it's all graded? Unfortunately, it doesn't start till 12:30 and I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing with the kids (actually, I'm pretty sure i'm bringing them WITH me, which is SO going to suck later when I am Single Parenting on a school night, BLEAH) but I am obviously not going to pass up a menu that includes peaches and maple ice cream crepes and berry tarts and petit fours and fresh croissants... although now that I'm listing it out, it appears there might be a serious lack of chocolate. I'm SURE I'm mistaken. The FPC and I have very similar feelings on chocolate. 

4. This is the FPC's graduation present. I stole it from a Style Lush post. FPC: don't click. 

5. We finally broke up with Comcast (although we are still using their [crappy] internet) and now the TV is this giant mystery. It annoys Phillip when I say that, because it is not a mystery to HIM, here, just click this and this and then go here and then click this and BAM! TV! And I'm not saying I'm not a FAN of our new system, I'm just still figuring it out. We have the Xbox, we have the TiFaux, we have the Wii and then there's still a 'Watch TV' button that I keep pushing because I forget to push a different button... Anyway, I'm getting used to it, but so far so good. I can still watch all my shows. I watched the Good Wife finale yesterday on CBS.com because Phillip didn't set it to record on the TiFaux and I don't know how to do it myself. (YET!) I love that show. I really love that show. And tonight I have big plans for Friday Night Lights - I have two or three episodes to catch up. My big TV plan for the summer is Modern Family. I haven't seen a single episode and I'm pretty sure I can find them all online. 

6. We also, after YEARS of saying we were going to do it, gave up the landline. So far this is not as painful and annoying as I thought it would be. Maybe because people I don't want to talk to are still calling the house number. I'm not a big phone talker and I hated the idea of getting random calls on my cell, but it's not a problem. (YET!) What IS a problem is that when my phone broke (the day after we put our house on the market! convenient!) one of Phillip's classmates gave me his old Blackberry and now I have a phone that makes it verrrrry easy to send text messages. I may or may not have received a Text Message Talking To last night. Gak.

7. In the last two or three days, Jack has gone from seventy-four "accidents" a day to maybe one or two. And half the time those are my fault. I am cautiously optimistic. CAUTIOUSLY. 


Jen @ The Short Years

LOVE the FPC present. Love Modern Family. But: here's why I keep clinging to the landline even though husband want's give it up. What about 911? What if you fall down and break your leg and you need to make your kids dial 911 and they can't find your cell phone?

Maybe you aren't prone to losing your phone like I am.


RE: Modern family - I believe ABC is replaying them all summer on Wednesday nights - you might be able to catch up there. Congrats FPC!


May I ask why you broke up with us? Also, what is wrong with your internet? Let me know. I'm here to help, I work for Comcast. 

Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations


That is the best graduation gift ever. How adorable!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Love Modern Family! Love Friday Night Lights! Yay for both!

Why is it that husbands find these remote things to be so easy? I am a well-educated person - and it is NOT easy. I mean, once someone explains it to me in great detail, several times, I can get it. But for pete's sake, why the condescension? (Not bitter at all about our all-in-one remote am I?)


We broke up with Comcast after living here two weeks. We are still using their internet and phone but (NOTE TO COMCAST GUY ABOVE) they have not yet managed to get our router out of our garage. There is no other high speed internet here, but as soon as FIOS makes it here...

I hate my cell phone and I require a landline. I would get rid of the cell phone if I were allowed to.


1. Tell yourself this: If I had an outside job full-time, didn't have 2 toddlers, etc. I would look as good as the neighbor lady. But I do, so I don't. I am focusing my energies on molding young minds instead.

6. We dumped the land line when we moved here 4 years ago and I really haven't missed it (except for the rare occasions when I cannot find my cell phone and it would be so simple to pick up the land line and dial and locate it so much quicker.) And I'm a text-message-aholic. Maybe you and P should update your plan to include a certain number of texts so you don't get charged for each one? (And then send me your number so we can text during the day via something more direct than Twitter. :) Your tweets come direct to my phone via text msg)


Modern Family-- YES. I hope you like it!

We've been contemplating the land line thing too. For years. It's dumb. The only non automated person/telemarketer that calls it is my MIL, and she knows we have cell phones so I'm sure she could make the switch. Maybe you could use some of your former landline $ to up your texting plan! In my opinion, texting = the best thing that ever happened to phoneaphobes.

Sonya in San Antonio aka Glam-O-Mommy

You could be like me, Maggie. I'm a mother of one who originally went back to work full-time but got to reduce my schedule (and pay LOL) to four days a week after nine months. What this means is that I am often dressed business-y like the gal in your first take, carrying my computer bag and my purse on one arm, and my kid and her diaper bag in the other arm, and sweating up a storm with my sunglasses sliding down my nose and praying not to drop anything/one. Or there was the day I went to feed my daughter at day school on my lunch break and a boy in her class threw up something bright orange near me, and it got on my Michael Kors dress pants and I had to wear that back to the office for the afternoon. I mean, it wiped off, but EWWW. I still knew it was there, and if I'm going to be wearing vomit, I'd at least prefer it to be that of my own child LOL. So while I'm often dressed somewhat put together like a professional woman, if you look closely at me, something is always off in that haggard, I-need-to-run-four-loads-of-laundry-and-wipe-the-sweat-from-my-braline kind of way. Very glamorous.

A few other random thoughts: I haven't had a landline in about six years and would not go back to having one! I just have to remember to keep the phone charged and there isn't a problem. If I forget, I just borrow my husband's cell. Last year, I got a Blackberry and upgraded our cell plan to include a data plan and got unlimited texting, which I'd never had before, and love it...texting rocks! So I agree with other posters that mention you should add some texting to your plan...I actually think it's saving me on minutes, because sometimes I text instead of talk, so I use less minutes now! Finally, Modern Family rocks...one of my favorite shows! You will really like it!


My rents just dropped their landline yeaterday and my mom is now texting. I love not having a landline!


We broke up with our landline phone three years ago. Never looked back. In fact, when I know it's someone I don't want calling me- like a silly telemarketer- I give them my OLD landline number. Works like a charm. Only the people I know and like call my cell- the rest can just email me. Either my real email addy or my spam email addy.


Dear Maggie,
Husband made me break up with Twitter via txt message because I racked up an overage in texting of $50+ this month. Now I really need your cell number. :)



Ooh, if you figure out how to find all the Modern Family episodes online, please let us know where they are! I'd like to start watching it, but abc.com and Hulu only have the five most recent episodes available. If the DVDs come out this summer, I'll probably start watching via Netflix and then pick back up this fall with the new season.

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