Dangerously close to the edge
Oh wow this is long I AM SO SORRY

Your standard photo cop out post

It turns out I am not ready for my All The Great Things About The House Post. Mostly because when my in-laws delivered the kids tonight they were horrible and I just... I just don't know what to do about that. Wait, the kids, not the in-laws. THE KIDS. THEY ARE KILLING ME. ALSO. I busted my jaw at my volleyball game today and I'm oscillating between "Oh, it'll be fine, I'll just take some Advil and it'll feel better tomorrow" and "OMG I NEED TO HAVE RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY." 

This is why I'm just going to post some pictures. OKAY?

Cute, huh?


I do need to record, for posterity and honesty's sake, that he was a total rockstar at his first dentist appointment. Polishing and flouride and everything. 

Rocking the paper bib. 

So we had to celebrate at the lake. 



The kids stayed Saturday night with grandparents, which meant an easy Sunday morning for Phillip and me, plus grown up lunch with Holly and her man! It was a mini Blathering! SO FUN. If I haven't mentioned it before, I highly recommend meeting your blogging buddies. 

Dim sum virgins no longer. 

See how happy I look? Halfway SANE? IT'S ALL AN ACT, INTERNET. SEND WINE.

Wait, I HAVE wine. Also: Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches, the no-longer-eating-her-feelings girl's Coca Cola cake. (Sob.) I think I'm gonna get me some. In the meantime you can check out my Flickr stream where I have posted a you know what ton of New House pictures, all awaiting your decorating brilliance. 

P.S. I did not clean up for these pictures at ALL. Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to post a second batch where things are 1) set up 2) put away 3) on the wall and 4) LOOK DECENT.


Angela Noelle

I couldn't even tell you if your house is clean or not because I am so distracted by the adorableness of those little green galoshes--SQUEE!!!


Love skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. LOVE.


Aww, the cuteness! It has to go some ways in making up for the destructive terrors that kids can be, right?

I'm firmly in the "jaw will be fine!" camp. Here's hoping I'm right!


I think you should do cop out photo posts more often because your kids are just SO CUTE.

The troublesome kids are smarter. Kids that just sit there are just sitting there because they can't think of anything good to do. (Years of teaching school and daycare.)

Moving sucks. And it sucks for months and months. You have my sympathies.


Meanwhile, you look great! So thin! So happy! So obviously not eating out with your children!


Wow, Jack looks so big! So much like a little boy instead of a toddler!

Also, I think your new house looks fab! I love the windows and all the light.

Finally, Lisa is right. You do look great!


Your kids are absolutely adorable! I agree with those who said you look good too- doesn't look like you have any weight to worry about!

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