Oh wow this is long I AM SO SORRY
As promised, the good stuff

Triumph? Sort of?

I hung a dozen pictures on the wall today and my husband has not said a damn thing. 


I just want to say that none of your comments on the last post made me the tiniest bit defensive or insecure or bummed out and THANK YOU FOR THAT. Group hug!

Today was much better. SO MUCH BETTER. Not completely perfect, as it involved a full hour of bawling for maaaaawwwwmeeeee but the force was with me, by which I mean I shut myself in the kitchen with the laptop and the iPod playing The Moth podcasts. The Moth is my favorite. 

See, I decided that the boy still needs a nap. And I know I can't physically force him to take a nap. But I can sort of insist that he give it the ole college try and I can do that by 1) putting him in his crib and 2) not going to get him when he starts the daily manipulation fest. He had some books in his crib, he went potty, he had his drink of water, I told him over and over that I would not come back until it was time to get up. And so it wasn't MY problem if he wanted to wail and carry on for over an hour, was it? I THINK NOT. 

And then he fell asleep. TRIUMPH! I think? And Molly woke up pretty soon after that, so, yeah, not the greatest afternoon in the world, but dude, I will TAKE IT. You are all right: the worst part is fighting a losing battle every single stupid day. We'll see what happens tomorrow. 

Oh, and thanks for the Quiet Time ideas. While I'm pretty sure Jack needs to nap MOST days, I know he also is totally fine skipping the nap on SOME days. And the sucky part is deciding what kind of day it is, but if I DO decide it's a skip day, I am very much in love with the TV In Mommy's Room While She Pecks Away At Her Silly Blawg plan. I can do that. Jack is a very good play-by-himselfer, but I think letting him play in his room was a little too much freedom. For now, anyway. Poor kid. He's going to be thirty-seven before we let him ride his bike down the street. Don't even talk to me about the big boy bed. That sucker is on HOLD.

ANYWAY. Friends came over this morning, which always makes a difference. I realized it's been about two weeks since we played with other people and man do I miss other people. And did I tell you Phillip is leaving again on Sunday afternoon? And not getting home till midnight on Thursday which is technically not Thursday at all since the kids will be good and asleep by then? Sigh.

Didn't I say I was going to write an Awesome Things About Moving post? OH RIGHT. Maybe tomorrow! Who knows! 



You win!

When I taught daycare, we got all the kids Jack's age to take a midday nap. It took some perseverance though before they were all good at it.


At least here, they still put Kindergarten age children down for naps at school, so I'd say 3 yr olds need naptime, for sure. Only you can determine if he needs to actually sleep, or if he can simply play quietly.

A girlfriend of mine had an in-home daycare and kept her 4-yr-old, 3-yr-old and a couple of other younger (2 and 3 yr olds) kids all day. When the younger kids went down for naptime, her 4-yr-old had to lay down quietly. She was given the choice of her bed, the couch, or mommy's bed, but she had to be lying down, and she had to BE QUIET. This was mommy's sanity time. It worked well, and often resulted in a short nap at least for said 4-yr-old. She couldn't get up until the other kids woke up (1-2 hours) so mommy had some me time (or time to get laundry done, etc.)

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