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The gory details will just have to wait

At least there is plenty of candy

Internet, I love you. You know I do. Even though I haven't been READING your posts let alone COMMENTING. And then Phillip just informed me that we will be without internet access from Tuesday till Friday, which does not bode well for the Reading and Commenting OR my general wellbeing. Sob.

Why stand next to each other and smile for the camera when we can stuff these marshmallows into our mouths?

Seriously, Mom. You are clearly not getting it. 

Just admit it. Easter is a bust this year. SAY IT. 

And while I'm posting pictures...

Looking down at Molly from the top floor of the house, through the stairwell, to the bottom. Hello blue carpet!

Living room, glimpse of Wide Hallway and Indoor Kitchen Window.

Kitchen. We're hoping our table doesn't completely swallow the eating space. The little roof you see out the window is the top of the detached garage. 

Jack, having just been caught hiding in the closet. There are many places to hide in this house. I'm afraid.

Label on one of the boxes my MIL scored from her hospital workplace. I'm hopeful one of the boys helping us move tomorrow night notices. Because I am twelve. 



Dude that house looks awesome. Cannot believe how quick this move has happened. Good luck with the internet less life.


Snicker. Love the maxi pad box!!! Love it!

And, there is NO Easter candy in my house. I thought I could make it through without it, since the kids are too young to care. I have been whimpering and in sugar-withdrawal ALL day. Am so hitting the Easter clearance sales at the grocery store tomorrow and stuffing my face with peeps then.

Good luck with the move!!


mac's ipads! i was hoping to pick one of those up. and you got a whole box?


Your kids are so adorable! I really love Molly's pouffy dress! Also, I think the new house looks fantastic. And the carpet may be blue, but it's not the blue shag I was picturing. I will miss you during your internet darkness!


Happy Easter Maggie and family! Look forward to hearing more about the move and the new/old place.


The house looks really nice! Good luck with the move!


NO internet? But how will you live-blog the move? Oh, you weren't going to live-blog the move? Well, okay. Hurry back. (and may your move go smoothly!)


I love the pictures! They look great!

And the blue carpet is cool! I was also imagining shag or something, but it's not. It's nice. Our townhouse has light purple carpet- it's wild. But no one really notices it, really. And I predict that no one will notice the blue either.

Marie Green

Your new house looks wonderful! And the blue carpet isn't all that blue. It's fairly neutral, almost gray... Totally doable, I say. Good luck moving and settling in... and surviving w/o the internets!


Sign up for Twitter on your phone and at least you can tweet your stresses and hear those of your favorite tweeters (this is how I get your tweets in the middle of the night... time difference, etc.)

Good luck!


First of all, you're kids are adorable. I love Molly's bow.

Secondly, that box is awesome. I always end up using liquor boxes when I move because seriously? Liquor stores are the BEST place to get small/medium boxes for free. But I always wonder what people moving me think since I don't drink.


The blue carpet isn't half bad! I was expecting something along the lines of 1970s swinger shag, but nope.

You're such a good mum for actually letting them have their Easter candy as opposed to having the bunny 'accidentally' eat it on his way to your house.


They look so cute in their Easter pictures!

The blue carpet reminds me of those moving blankets the movers wrap your stuff in. We used a couple of those for curtains for the first three-ish months that we lived in this house.


The house looks so big! And not as old as I was imagining it.
FWIW, we moved into an older house... and well, it has its downsides, but there are a few positives too. Like the trees are all bigger. And um... give me a minute, I'll think of something. Well anyway, it's a bigger house and we've adapted and I only get weepy for my old kitchen every now and again... And besides, your new/old house is a rental so whatever you don't like you can be sure to avoid when you buy your next house!
Wow am I babbly today.
Anyway, hope the move went/is going well and I can't wait until you are back online!!

Jen @ The Short Years

The house looks great!

Last time we moved my sister was working at a nursing home. She hooked us up with a ton of Depends boxes. Awesome.

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