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Single Parenting Day One

So I'm sitting here on the couch with my laptop, just another typical night at the Cheung House when I realize that Phillip is not going to be emerging from The Den Of Homework any time soon, thereby informing me it's time to turn off the internet. In fact, I will have to go downstairs all by myself and check to make sure the door is locked. I will have to turn off all the lights. I will have to go upstairs and move Molly out of my room and into her bedroom. (You may wonder why this is. It's because Molly makes these vaguely warthog-ish sounds while she sleeps, and thrashes around her pack and play like a madman in a padded room. YOU try sleeping with that.) (Oh, and before you can point it out: JACK DOES THE SAME STUFF ONLY WORSE.)

Phillip and I just had a, uh, spirited Google Video Chat with most of our conversation revolving around the requests our buyers made after the house inspection. Tonight's video chat was probably a good representation of the way in which our communication styles are completely... mismatched is a nice word. Or maybe we are just mismatched in general - WHO KNOWS. Either way, I am going to have to paint some trim and I am not happy about it. 

I am drinking wine and MAYBE there is a bag of chocolate chips nearby and the clock is saying yes, I should probably head upstairs and cuddle up with my borrowed copy of Freakonomics. (I'm what, ten years late on that? Still interesting!) But... I don't know. I kinda feel like I should be enjoying myself. I don't have to follow anyone else's schedule! I can watch TV! I can stay up late! 

Except that I do too have to follow someone else's schedule, and they don't always sleep through the night. 

Annie told me I should come up with a few things to do that I wouldn't necessarily do with Phillip around. When HER husband is away she tries new recipes! And to Annie I say HA! Like I am going to COOK. This is my VACATION FROM COOKING. But she has a point and I've made a small list of Things I'm Going To Do Because Phillip Isn't Around To 1) Object 2) Make Fun Of Me or 3) Rain On My Parade. 

  • Eat breakfast for dinner.  
  • Watch New Moon. OH YES. 
  • Watch Big Love. (Although the internet seems very down on Big Love right now, so this is not as exciting to me anymore.)
  • Leave the little rubber handles on the garlic press when I put it in the dishwasher because the fact that Phillip always takes them off AND NEVER PUTS THEM BACK ON drives me absolutely INSANE. Of course, I'm not going to be doing anything that requires a garlic press, so this is probably pointless to list.
  • Immediately recycle any and all mail with the words 'GAMEINFORMER' or 'CRUTCHFIELD' or 'WINDOWS IT' on the cover. 
  • Eat dessert for breakfast.

Actually, I'm probably going to end up 

  • getting up every time a kid makes a noise in the middle of the night
  • taking out the trash
  • entertaining my children after 6pm
  • getting the kids up in the morning
  • putting gas in the car

because those are the things Phillip does that I never have to do and WAH how long till Friday at 10pm?



If you do nothing else, eat dessert for breakfast. Just sayin'. Oh, and New Moon is a definite must-do as well.
Hang in there! You can do it!


Go to the grocery store and buy some of those really good desserts, the chocolate gooey things of death.


Maggie- I had to laugh at your list and your "recycle anything with Windows IT in it" because that was totally me last week! Konrad was in Boston apartment-hunting for three days over spring break, so it was just Little Miss and me. We made 5 trips (yes 5!!!) with the stroller basket full of Wired Magazine/IEEE mailings/PC World etc type junk out to the recycling container on Thurdsday.... why do computer guys keep all that stuff if they are never going to read it? :)

We also ate breakfast for dinner too- breakfast for dinner is awesome!


Good luck with the trim painting! You can do it! I had never painted a room before this weekend and it turned out awesome. Google some video tutorials, get some good blue tape, and you'll be good to go.


The other day while the kids were napping I was watching an episode of Big Love on HBO On Demand and it wasn't until it was over that I realized I'd just watched the season finale and I have NO IDEA when the next season starts! It's like reading a book and not realizing until the end that it's the first book in a series and the rest aren't out yet-- I hate waiting to know what happens!

Also, I would have been like 10 years late on Freakonomics, but instead I just skipped it and went straight to Super Freakonomics.


Matt won't eat breakfast for dinner either. What is wrong with our men?


Oh I love/hate it when the hubbs goes out of town. You're all "I can run around naked and get drunk!" Except, yeah, with kids, it's more like "I have to do everything all by myself, harumph."

Wendy Lai

My husband is currently in the middle of a 2 week business trip. As if it's not hard enough to juggle the daycare pick up and drop off, my son just came down with a fever this morning. I wish I have a list of to-do for when he is gone. But I just don't have the energy after doing my share, and then his share of the daily chores.


I'm reading this on Tuesday, which means that you have survived through TWO days now of single parenting. Yay! Breakfast for dinner is the best thing ever. We've been having waffles every Friday this Lent and it's been simply lovely. You can do this Maggie - and YES! GET RID OF ALL OF THAT STUFF that he will keep around. Tim has BAGS of magazines that are YEARS AND YEARS old. I threw most of them away by the bagful before we moved. Poor guy, I'm sure he thinks they're just hidden amongst the unpacked boxes in the garage. But really. Why do they keep those things? I think this is why God allows our husbands to go away - so we can have some time to clear out all of their clutter. xoxoxo


When my husband is out of town (which is not often, you can go ahead and hate me) I usually end up watching the kind of TV I know he wouldn't like much: Mystery Diagnosis, Hoarders (reminds him too much of his mom), and HOUSE. There is a lot of Houseness going on when I have the TV all to meself.

I also take the opportunity to declutter a bit. Heh.

Heather of the EO

I love how you think :)

I have a travels-for-work husband. Sometimes it's freeing and sometimes it's just exhausting. So your lists are spot on in my mind!


Hmm- I wonder if "Spouse Out of Town" parenting is anything like "Kids Aren't Actually Here So How Much Trouble Can Mom Get In" parenting? It's Spring Break, and my kids are at their father's house. I've done nothing I planned to do, except a night out on the town with my cousin. But when the kids get back, it will be back to "It's all me, all the time." Guess you could focus on how glad you are that he WILL be back, and that you're not on your own permanently, huh?

You can do it. Enjoy the wine and chocolate, and the Me Time. Totally had to smile at the New Moon item. I'd be right there with ya!

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