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Opinions of things I have recently seen on various screens

We just went to peek again at the new house (tomorrow! it is ours!) and I am indecisive all over again about placement of beds/desks/tables. Let's not think about it, shall we? Let's talk about TV!

Oh, and if you are all, "ISN'T THIS A MOMMYBLOG? WHERE IS MY MOMMYBLOGNESS?" head on over to Parenting sometime tomorrow (Thursday) where I tried very hard to say something I've been trying to figure out how to say, failed miserably (natch) and will try again at some further point in this space. Stay tuned.

I was really excited about this Parenthood show once NBC (is it NBC?) started super hyping it during the Olympics, and by "super hyping" I mean "flashing Lorelai Gilmore's face at me every three seconds". Which is not at all a bad thing. Of course my TiFaux didn't catch the first episode and I sort of forgot about it, but I've been catching up with On Demand and it's official, I love this show. There are a couple of Annoying Characters/Situations - control freak working mom, I'm looking at you - but there are some really genuine moments and I love the actors. I love Peter Krause and I think he fits his role so well and you KNOW I love Lorelai Gilmore whose character is a bit more believable than her last, but still has that cheeky, snarky, un-filtered mouth. People, I even love Dax Shepard. I did not think that was possible. Also, I thought Amber (Lorelai's delinquent daughter) was going to be my favorite teenage girl character, but so far Haddie (Peter Krause's perfect daughter) is winning my heart. When she told her mom that her boyfriend apologized for being totally wrong about 'Love Actually' and now they're back together again, and did this with the Sincerest Swooniest Face In The World, I just about died.

The other show I make a point to watch is The Good Wife. Perhaps you've heard me plug it before? RIGHT? I know Nurse Carol has all the trophies, but it's the supporting parts that make this show shine. Christine Baranski makes anything she's in about ten times more awesome and I've had a crush on Josh Charles since Dead Poets Society. I love the inner workings of the law firm, I love the judges, and even though I would have kicked him to the curb LONG ago, I love Chris Noth as the sneaky Bad Husband. I think Matt Czuchry's character is more of what he should have been on Gilmore Girls. And this is a crime procedural, which I normally hate, but it is all so COMPELLING and also FUNNY. I point you to the episode in which Matt Czuchry's junior associate is high in every scene. 

I've also been watching Veronica Mars. Again. IT INSPIRES ME. 

Phillip and I watch a handful of shows together: The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and Lost. The first two are "let's wind down with a show before we trudge on up to bed" and the second is Date Night Television. We watched the most recent episode last night and I almost clocked my husband for talking through the entire thing. Sometimes I cannot stand you Out Loud Processor Types. 

I also record The Biggest Loser and Project Runway, though both of those are boring me lately. They're the kind of show I turn on towards the end of nap time, when I've reached the end of the internet and can't bring myself to do anything useful. Oh, and I started watching bits and pieces of The Real Housewives and this is why my eyes are turning to leaky green goop. And yet! I can't turn away! Aaauugghh!

Phillip really likes 30 Rock, which... I just can't get into it. I KNOW. AM FIRED FROM THE INTERNET. But there's something just sort of SOULLESS about it. They're all these self-interested neurotic head cases and while you'd THINK I'd get along with them JUST FINE, I can't root for any of these characters. Maybe a little bit of Kenneth, but not enough to sustain my viewership.

We've kind of sort of dropped a whole bunch of shows. Grad school homework just sort of does that to you. One of those was The Office. We thought it stopped being funny. I haven't seen the baby episodes. I KNOW. FIRED.

But I also stopped watching Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, House, Scrubs, Gossip Girl and Brothers and Sisters. We'll watch Glee (OBVS) and I'm a devoted Burn Notice and Mad Men fan. But I'm not really interested in anything else out there. Except maybe Castle, because MMM, CAPTAIN MAL, DELICIOUS. 

Think I should change my mind on anything? Relevant info: we are giving up cable when we move. I AM ALREADY GETTING THE SHAKES. More on that later, after the detox. 



We should turn The Blathering into the Veronica Mars marathon weekend. I'd be absolutely fine with that and I'm sure the others would too. No need to run it by them.


I have never seen Veronica Mars! Although I think my sister has the boxed sets...?

And I'm with you on The Office losing its Funny. But! It DID get better like around the episode before the baby. Not every single episode has been like the good ol' days funny, but definitely better than the beginning of the season. That was just sad.

And Lost... last night I told Adam that they sure have a lot of _____ to wrap up in only six more episodes!

Sarah in Ottawa

Yet another reason to be distraught about missing the Blathering! As you know, I love VM more than I have ever loved a TV show (and I have loved many). OWN the rewatch, Maggie. It is tempting me to begin MY umpteenth VM session; I need a Logan Echolls fix.

I am WAAAY behind on The Office, too. It just isn't doing it for me this year. I do love, 30 Rock, though. Despite their neuroses, I think many of the characters do have heart and boy - are they ever funny!

I couldn't get into "The Good Wife" at the beginning of the season, by maybe I will give it a shot again. But I LOVE Castle -- it got picked up for a third season. I am so proud that Nathan Filion is Canadian!!

Finally - the Biggest Loser is starting to annoy me, too. Did you watch the last episode? I hate Melissa!! Did you know that Sam and Stephanie are dating? It makes the Koli behaviour all the more sketchy.


I finally got how i met your mother from net flix yesterday and I am so excited to watch. I sometimes wish we could cut the cable and get internet that only works an hour a day. Or I could get willpower and keep the status quo but just not be such an addict...


I am so with you on Veronica Mars... I've been dying to pop in my DVDs lately, but we're still on this media diet... :(

Anyhow, we've really pared down. I've been wanting to watch both Good Wife and Parenthood (hello, Lorelai!) but they conflicted with White Collar when it was on (I loved it and so did my husband). Right now we're recording House and NCIS and watching Lost weekly and I'm watching Life, Unexpected online with some of my online time. (I think you might want to consider this one - plenty of teen-angst for your novels, plus a young-adult (like us! only still single) aspect of things! CW Monday nights.

We've also been renting Boston Legal on DVD from and loving it. (Denny Crane.)

We watched our first episode of Undercover Boss the other night when my SIL was over. We really aren't big fans of "reality" TV (I know, I am also fired from the internet, but I can't help it. 1 1/2 seasons of American Idol, 3 of ANTM and I'm out) and it was good, but not something we will watch every week.


I TOTALLY agree about 30 Rock! I was afraid I was all alone in this. I actually love Tina Fey in other things but (cringes) 30 Rock is just not funny. P.S. I have never like The Office either so I guess take my opinion with a grain of salt.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Am loving Parenthood and agree completely with your list of favorite characters. I really need to watch The Good Wife - am waiting to Netflix it at some point. I could talk for hours about TV. It is my stand-in-husband when my real husband is on call.

You should watch The Middle and Modern Family. The Middle is quite charming, if not the "best" show on TV. Which title just might have to go to Modern Family. That show is Hil. Air. Eee. Us. Oh man I love it. (Plus, it's on a network channel so you can watch it!)

I love your comment about Out Loud Processors. I am totally an OLP. Sometimes in the middle of my fascinating commentary, I have a moment of self-awareness and wonder, "Could this possibly be annoying to my sweet husband?" The answer is YES.

Jen @ The Short Years

I used to love the Office but I agree, it has stopped being as funny. We are still watching out of loyalty, but it's no longer the fav that it used to be. I adore 30 Rock. And Modern Family? Have you seen that? It cracks me up.

Also, we haven't had cable in years and we're doing just fine. Get your techie husband to hook a computer up to your TV and you can watch nearly anything either online or through Netflix. There are certain shows we end up being a week or an entire season behind on...but like I said, we have survived.


I never watched Veronica Mars, so I may just have to do some Netflixing. Between you and Jennie and both of your recommendations I am pretty sure I'd love it. When Amy got kicked off Project Runway I kind of lost interest -- well actually I kind of lost interest when it moved from Bravo to Lifetime because I never watch Lifetime so I never know when it's on, but that being said, I can't really get into it.
And don't tell the internet, but I can't get into 30 Rock either. Even though I think Tina Fey is so damn funny. Oh well...going to update the netflix queue!


SO Glad that you think the Captain is delicious, too!

Kate P

Parenthood is a bit weird to me but I can't stop watching it--same thing happened to me with Six Feet Under so I'm blaming Peter Krause.

Have you seen White Collar? It's so good! (Cute leading men!) It just started hiatus and I've got withdrawal.


We love Modern Family! I have only caught one ep of Parenthood and I thought I would've been instantly smitten because I love Lorelei so...but um, I wasn't. I might give it another shot, but I dunno.


We have a laptop hooked directly up to our TV and watch everything on that. We haven't had more than limited cable for 2 years (that's channels 2-30, the one that costs $10/month). Everything is online, on hulu or on the channel's webpage. Ethan's even watching Disney channel shows right now! You'll get the hang of it, I promise :)


The first episode of Parenthood wasn't that great, but I thought there was something there if they just practiced a little more. And I think it is getting better.

30 Rock is totally not any good anymore. I used to really like it and now I only watch it for Jack and Tracy, who are not in it nearly enough. We'll probably drop it soon.

Matt and I are watching Dinner Impossible and Mythbusters and Food Network Challenge together for our wind down before bed shows.

Sonya in San Antonio

Parenthood has been growing on me with each episode, although I agree with you...I want overachiever working mom to stop trying so hard! She drives me nuts, although I like the actress a lot.

I discovered Modern Family recently and am now addicted to it and trying to catch up on all the episodes. So funny! Loved the episode where the gay couple were supposed to be Ferberizing the baby and Cameron kept running to comfort her! That reminded me of my husband, who can't stand to hear our daughter cry!

I'm going to have to check out the Good Wife...I didn't realize Josh Charles was in that and I love him! Other must-see TV for me is Castle, Chuck, Grey's Anatomy (I'm still hanging in with this show), and Glee (as soon as it returns!).

Ellen W

Had not made the connection of Josh Charles from DPS. Is it wrong that I want Alicia and Will to hook up? I also love Lost and Mad Men and enjoy Castle as well. Cable wise my favorites are The Closer and Psych.


Ooh, I definitely recommend getting into Castle. SO GOOD. Funny and suspenseful. I love it.


We are LOVING Parenthood around here. I have to disagree with you about Haddie, though. She mostly makes me want to slap her, probably because that's what would have happened to me if I'd ever spoken to my parents like that.

Is no one else watching Chuck? That is definitely one of my favorite shows at the moment and I need to make sure other people watch it so it doesn't get canceled! I would be so sad!

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