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Going back to the grocery posts...

Christiana said: "And I thought we were the only ones! But you didn't mention eating out a gazillion times a week instead of cooking, so maybe that was just us..." Oh, we ate out all the time. I can't believe I forgot to say that. I can't really remember where or how often, but I know we did. And neither of us ever made the effort to bring lunch to work. I can't even imagine how much money we spent on lunch when we were DINKs. 

Raven said: "If you like eggs so much have you thought about trying quiche or a frittata just to change it up a bit?" YES. But then I went on this whole Weight Watchers kick where Eggs Are Two Points Each, OMG. And all the "light" recipes want you to use egg substitute, which: YUCK. I have been kicking around an entirely new post about "diet-friendly" food... I think that's one of those posts where I'd need a degree first. Anyway. When my family used to go to Spain all the time (and I'm sorry, I know how that sounds, BUT WE DID) we ate tortillas, which were basically giant omelettes with potatoes and MMM, I think I better google that.

Jen said: "I am not yet into the circular. I always buy off brand stuff anyway, so I rarely find coupons for anything we actually use." Oh but JEN! My grocery store circular has coupons FOR the off brand stuff! And sometimes they have, like, coupons for Breakfast, where eggs and bacon and milk and all these other things I buy all the time are another dollar off. 

Lenadeeanne said: "When I get home from work and the Three Munchketeers are waiting with their beaks open..." There's nothing to really say about that except "beaks open" made me laugh out loud. 

Blogless Kathleen said: "Although I think my husband finds me weird that I get excited to show him my receipt and say, "Look, I saved $23.02!" It makes me feel like I won an award though." Kathleen, I do this EVERY SINGLE WEEK. And every week I wonder where my medal is. Or at least my free doughnut.

Sarah said: "Bread, dairy, produce, look for sales in processed foods, get out!" Yep, that's pretty much how I attack Costco too, although substitute "Freezer Section" for bread. And do not pass the 72 oz bag of chocolate chips, go directly to checkout.

Elizabeth said: "It's physically impossible for me to shop with a cart and only spend $100. I might have to stalk you and figure out how you do it." Oh, Elizabeth-san, it's because I am a Grocery Store Ninja. Come visit me and I will teach you my ways.

A different Jen said: "I totally appreciate you "going there" because I always want to know what other people's budgets are like and how mine compares!" I am here to serve. You are welcome. On the next post the same Jen said: "Do you have a WinCo in Seattle? It's my favorite grocery store." No, I do not have a WinCo in Seattle. (Or do I? Locals?) But there is a WinCo near my in-laws and I went there once and just the LIGHTING in that store was enough to make me sob with depression. It was a very dismal despondent sort of store and I've never been back. The problem with where I live is that even the average grocery store is swankier than the ones in the suburbs. (This I base on visiting Safeways in my parents' town vs. Safeways in a 5 mile radius of my house. We Seattleites are store snobs.)

Marie said: "Do you have a Trader Joe's?" I DO have a Trader Joe's. Off the top of my head I can think of about three of them within easy driving distance. BUT (and I realize I may be breaking some sort of Unwritten Internet Law here) I don't quite get the TJ fascination. It was even something people were talking about when we were planning the Blathering last year - "oooh! They have TJs in Sacramento!" I mean, I like TJs, but I don't buy frozen prepared meals that often and their Treat Aisle is the death of me. Everything else I can get at my other store for a decent prize and less hassle. SORRY, INTERNET!

The lovely Maureen said: "But on the bread front, can I suggest you buy "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day"?" and to that I say: why do you want me to weigh nine hundred pounds, Maureen? WHY?

Jessica said: "I live in Iowa, am the daughter of a farmer, and the wife of a commodities (corn/soybean) broker. You should get my family started on organics!" This reminded me of my stint working amongst Local Crotchety Fishermen Types and how we could get them going on farmed fish and government regulations and oh, those were some fun times.

My real life friend Janey said: "What I think my grandparents got right was that home cooking is usually healthier than eating processed foods and eating a wide variety of foods is good, too." This is part of what I'd write about in my as-yet-unwritten diet food post, which probably originated the moment I found that Weight Watchers is Anti-Cheese. 

Lindsay said: "I think organic food does taste better in a lot of cases. there are lots of reasons well explained in the comments and by you as to why to not buy organic, but certainly there are some non yuppy, non pretentious reasons to buy organic too." Yes. Agreed. I want to be better informed about what I'm buying and why I'm buying it instead of something else. I fully cop to the fact that I have been Ignorant On Purpose - I'd like to work on that.

Gosh that was a lot. I hope you weren't bored to death. I really appreciated EVERYONE'S thoughts on this subject and you would not believe how many real life conversations your comments spawned! I'm also so grateful for the utter lack of anything even remotely mean or snide or snarky. You guys are just the best, and super funny to boot. I've been in a funk for a few weeks now (maybe you've noticed!) and I'm just so thankful to have this place for hammering it all out, even if I'm just nattering on about GROCERY STORES. 

Have a nice weekend. Oh, and for those of you who wanted to come eat hot pot - just let me know when you're in town!



Thanks for the answers. And now I want to know what "Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day" is... sounds like heaven.

My local grocery store, Publix, has their regional bakery in my closest store. Each store has a mini-bakery, but this one runs 24 hours baking breads and what not. When I can afford it, I love to buy their breads, because - yum! But they are at least twice as much as the basic loaves by the national companies.


But my grocery store doesn't actually have coupons. The only circulars with coupons are those general Red Plums or whatever. But I live in the boonies.

I've started trying to just buy ingredients and make things from scratch. I've gotten the spaghetti sauce (although I'm still buying the tomato sauce in cans, not tomatoes just yet) and I actually started making the pasta out of flour and eggs. I know! (My heavens it is wonderful, by the way. But it takes me like an extra 45 minutes to make dinner. Maybe when I get faster at it?) But then my husband looks at the pantry and tells me we don't have any food and I want to smack him with the bag of flour.


I think YOU GUYS should come to MY town and cook hot pot in my house! I know, could I GET any more selfish? Probably not.


OMG. I would totally have to kick Weight Watchers to the curb if it took away cheese.

But I am one of those everything in moderation people that believes that just not eating processed as much as possible is the best thing for your body anyway.

I totally enjoyed your grocery series. I think I might do a post of my own about this now.


Confession time - I don't get the Trader Joe's thing either. I went there for the first time a few weeks ago and after wandering the store for a loooong time I bought like two things. I think I'm not a good enough cook to get the draw of that place or something.

Kate P

You are not kidding about the amount of "adjustments" (bending this way and that) for "diet-friendly food." There are still some foods that I just don't even think to buy or eat ever because they weren't on the diet I was on for such a long time, long ago. So I totally would be nodding my head along with a post about that. Or co-writing it.

BTW last night I took my mom to the new Whole Foods that opened near my parents' house. . . she had been intimidated by it but was very impressed. She bought locally produced milk (in a glass bottle!) and ricotta cheese that she thought my dad would like.


All this talk about grocery shopping has prompted me to suggest that you watch Food Inc. It will make you rethink your approach to food; it certainly made me.

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