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At least I'll be busy

Did I forget to mention the sequins?

Phillip and I are splitting the rest of what's in the vodka bottle and watching the Olympics. I think there is figure skating? I half watch this stuff and Phillip is channel surfing anyway. We are both wondering why there are no Olympics on Canada TV. (That's how I think of it: Canada TV.) Also! The kids are singing to each other upstairs - so much for the curtain.

Oh yes. Ice dancing. Snore.

We threw a party Saturday night: sequins, poker chips, gin. I think my favorite part was turning our garage (!) into a speakeasy card room, with blacked over walls and Christmas lights strung across the garage door rails. I think a good time was had? Props to my new brother-in-law who appears to have missed his calling in the casino industry. Without him, the rest of us would have stood stupidly around the craps table scratching our chins. I talked Phillip and two other friends into "working" the other games so all I had to do was walk around in my sequin dress, drinking my g & t and passing out extra chips to anyone looking especially desperate.

Phillip just said, "No one's falling," in a very disappointed voice. 

But I think I'm not going to send real invitations anymore. No one RSVPs and because I am who I am, I go around in a Neurotic Funk for weeks, worried that 1) no one is going to come and 2) no one wants to come. WOE. It's stupid, because I have a fabulous group of committed Party Attendees who always show up AND dress the part AND rent 'The Sting' in preparation for calling fake horse races. It shouldn't bum me out, but it does. 

Phillip just asked, "Could we participate in a competitive sport together?" The answer, we agree, is OMG ARE YOU KIDDING.

So I give up. You win, Evite.

Phillip just looked over my shoulder and said, "That wasn't ice dancing. Ice dancing is when there's no jumping at all, so there are even fewer opportunities to fall. Ice dancing would be: 'SNOORRRRRRRRRRRE'." 

Pairs skating? Is that what it is? WHATEVER. Okay, now we're watching skiers going over those little bumpy things. MUCH more interesting. MUCH more falling. We are happy. 

Anyway, we had flappers galore, a cop, homemade spats and mustaches grown especially for the occasion. I wore a sequin dress with a sequin headband. Phillip piped a 20s and 30s music station he found online into the garage. You can drum up a surprising amount of excitement for a "horse race" run by Jack's plastic barnyard animals. There are, as per usual, no pictures of Phillip and none of us together. And I still don't know how to play craps. 

There's always next year!

And you know what we did today? With the kids gone? For Valentine's Day? We drove around town dropping into open houses. Because, you know, there's nothing like ramping up your House Fever with open houses when you're still deciding whether or not you can sell your CURRENT house and have ALREADY decided you are not going to BUY for at LEAST another YEAR. 

WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? (We needed to finish off the vodka, OBVS.)

Oh, AND! We are ALL! SICK! Before I sign off, do I have any other tales of woe? OH! I DO! You will have to wait until tomorrow for THAT whinefest, but I'll give you a hint. It involves the dreaded phrase, "Business Trip." YIPPY SKIPPY!


Sarah in Ottawa

Sadly, Canada TV (aka CBC) was outbid for the Olympics by a major Canadian network (CTV). They are showing near-continuous coverage, and they're streaming it online (live) so that's another option if you are bored of NBC coverage. Maybe you get CTV, though? For pairs skating, they have Jamie Sale and David Pelletier as commentators (remember SkateGate back in 2002?) and he is snarky!

We had out of town guests (with an active, defiant toddler) over the weekend, so our V-day was not terribly romantic. I had a baby shower to attend, then we went skating on the canal. We also watched Alex Bilodeau win GOLD, of course -- his Dad works in the same firm as Dave, and he's such a great kid (his inspiration? His brother with CP). Go Canada!


Maggie, your party sounds like it was so much fun! I would never have the... what, guts, nerve, balls, creativity? to throw an all-the-way theme party like that. jEALOUS! I bet your friends love you and think you're the coolest person they know.

Re: skating- used to watch it ALL the time during the post-Lillehammer era, 94-2002, but have been unable to keep up in recent years. You didn't really mean you wanted to see a Human-Zamboni-fest at the Olympics, though, right? Athletes at the high point of their careers, we want them to do really well and fall as little as possbile, right? Kidding- sometimes an Agony of Defeat-worthy fall is just unavoidably entertaining. We'll all forgive each other for laughing. Maybe.


We spent Valentine's day running errands, looking for a new end table for our living room. One with storage.

Matt was extremely disappointed in the lack of falling too. We had a conversation about how he can't see how ice skating is pretty and therefore only finds it interesting when someone falls.


But Maggie! Figure skating is the best part of the Olympics! I get so nervous for the people - my heart rate goes sky-high and a sit there hoping the whole time they won't fall. Although, I agree, pairs skating isn't as interesting as individual.

And my husband was on a business trip ON Valentine's Day. He's still gone and my daughter is sick. But he bought me beautiful tulips before he left, so I guess its OK...


We were up in Canada this weekend, where we saw one event live and watched a TON on CTV. I'm so sad that CBC (the channel that we get here in Seattle) lost the contract. US coverage bites.

Sounds like the party was fun- I'm so sad to have missed it and demand an invite (email or otherwise) to your next big shindig :)

Kate P

Hey, no complaining about Olympics coverage--at least you're not in an earlier time zone. I'm about to conk out here. :)

Skiing is where the falling is, BTW! I would have paid good money to watch some plastic ponies race at your party. Sounded like fun. I hope you feel better. . . maybe the vodka will kill the germs?


Speakeasy in the garage? Barnyard animal races? Sequins? I don't think any of us really believe it happened (even though I was there...shh). I think you need to post pictures of proof! Show me the fun, baby! Pictures are worth a thousand words! ;)

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