Poetry Saturday

Seven really quick questions

1. Did you read my post at Parenting? No? Because my editors would LOVE IT if you did.

2. Be my Genius Playlist: if I like Taylor Swift, who else should I be listening to? And in this specific instance, I'm looking for content rather than melody. Who else speaks teenage girl?

3. Do you know what Twitter Lists are? If so, can you fill me in?

4. So I'm sitting here thinking of other questions I want to ask you and this just occurred to me: does anyone remember a post I wrote recently where one of the comments suggested I was about to announce I was pregnant? I am thinking VERY HARD about which post this was, but I can't remember, and I am realizing with no small amount of horror that I did not address that comment so I shall do so now: NO. NOT PREGNANT. DEAR GOD.

5. On the same topic, do you realize that when Jack was Molly's age, I was 7 months pregnant? CANNOT. EVEN. FATHOM. Stay tuned for related post 2 months from now, where I continue to not fathom.

6. Do you have a good (AND PG RATED) driving-in-a-car-with-a-boy story? DO TELL. I might want to steal it. 

7. You haven't written a single word of your daily 1,667 word quota. You are looking at a blank computer screen. You feel lost, bereft, panicked. You consider jumping out the window, hiding under the bed, quitting this stupid write-a-novel-in-one-month party, whose idea was that anyway, because it is the STUPIDEST IDEA YOU HAVE EVER HEARD. Then you think about how many people you told you were writing a novel in November and decide to eat your sorrows instead. You have a choice of 1) the four Lays potato chips your husband left in the bag or 2) store brand chocolate chips or 3) Weight Watchers vanilla yogurt or 4) leftover pot roast or 5) toaster waffles or 6) your two-year-old's fruit snacks. WHICH DO YOU CHOOSE?



Oddly enough I have a lot of driving in cars with a boy stories. None scandalous. Maybe I'll email you. Snap I have two minutes to post....ahhh


Maggie, I emailed you after the post about the painting (or cards?) you got from the nuns. I thought I was the only one who thought that cause I didn't see any other comments that picked up on the theme of the card :) Sorry!! Meghan

Amy --- Just A Titch

Um, as far as the snacks go...all of the above.

Morgan S.

I just bought the Glee Volume One soundtrack at target and supplemented it with the two mashup songs from itunes. LOVE x 1,000,000. I am sad I take the train to work cause MAN would I be belting out those tunes on my commute. Brooke has even relented enough to allow the Glee version of Gold Digger to be added to the endless repeat playlist of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on the car stereo.


7) sadly, all of the above. Which is why you are hot by 30, and I... am not. was not. will never be (since I'm long past 30).

Jen @ The Short Years

Store brand chocolate chips.

Driving in a car with a boy story:

I am 19. Have been dating the guy who would one day become my husband for about two months. We're in very giddy teenage infatuation. We're in his little grey Nissan pickup, and because it's a pickup and has a bench seat I am snuggled up right next to him as he drives. At a stop light, I lean even closer to him, if that was possible, and give him a little kiss on his neck. He suddenly flinches as if this were a horrible thing, and I sit up a little, and I see that his eyes are focused on the rear view mirror, and I look behind us, and my PARENTS have pulled up behind us at the stop sign. They were, luckily, just giggling at us and were apparently not horrified by the snuggling and neck kissing, but I was mortified.


Toaster waffles. DEFINITELY.


1. Yes I did! And I was going to comment and then the baby woke up from her nap.

2. Not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for, but how about Colbie Caillat or Miranda Lambert?

3. No.

4. Ha ha! Did anyone really think that?

5. Kalena is 18 months on the 18th and I STILL cannot fathom that next month I'll have another one. WHOA.

6. What kind of stories are you looking for?

7. If those are my ONLY choices I go with the chocolate chips. But if there's microwave popcorn anywhere in the house then I'm sold on that. And maybe I'm crazy, but I think diet coke would be great with either of those.


Um. First the four potato chips. Then the fruit snacks. I KNOW.

She Likes Purple

I *think* Twitter lists are the new thing to making us feel crappy about ourselves. Also I have no idea how to actually make one of my own.


hahahaha, I choose the choc chips, the kids' fruit snacks, then the chips. Then a few more choc chips.

I hate even thinking about my boy-and-car story, even tho' it's PG. *shudder* Embarrassing. ;)


7. The choco chips, for sure.

I don't remember what number but - do you EVER want a 3rd child? Or do you think you're done? I'm curious.


Take a scoop of peanut butter and then stick the chocolate chips in them. The poor woman's Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.


Make the Peanut Butter Cups Sarah suggested, then scoop it up with the chips.

Boy(s) in car story. I was 17 and it was Memorial Day weekend. My parents gave me permission to go to a friend's house and STAY there. We immediately picked up another friend and headed for Lake Chelan 30 min away. We ran into some boys we'd met, but didn't really know. So, we moved the giant speakers into the trunk and the 3 of them piled in the back (yes, that equals 6 people in a car). Apparently, that's illegal. But, what's more illegal is having non-medicinal herbal substances not hidden well under the seat. We all had to take breathalyzers (which we passed)and were about to be arrested, when one of the boys admitted to it being his! We drove home, feeling very guilty, but the folks never found out we'd even left town!


I think the "Oh my God, are you pregnant?" blog was back when you got home from Vegas? Disney? One of the two trips. You mentioned that you had a surprise... I think you definitely cleared that up though, because EVERYbody was asking. Including Mr. Cheung.


This one :)

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